Your DIY Custom Cycling Tech + Bike Bling | GCN Tech Show Ep.63

– Right this week on the GCN tech show, I’m gonna check out
Cav’s new Custom Kicks, two very special edition bikes, plus a 20th anniversary Pantani bike, which is very cool indeed. Not to mention, bits of custom tech that you’ve been submitting
for me to check out as well as all the usual favorites. Let’s do it. (frenetic pop music) (logo whooshing) First up this week is
news from Mark Cavendish, and specifically, some new footwear I saw on his feet at the UAE Tour. Now, I did say to Cav, “Nice shoes, mate.” And he did commend me on my
eagle eyes for spotting them, but at the same time did say to me, “Keep them sealed up until Paris-Nice.” And I did Mark, so there you are, and he did actually reveal them first on his Instagram page. So as you can see, they are a knitted style upper, so similar to that of the DMT K1 shoes that people like Elia Viviani are using. And what’s ultra cool about them, is that he appears to have both a high-top and a low-top
version there too. So the picture on his Instagram page, that’s with the high-top and while I actually managed to snap a picture myself sneakily of the low-top ones. Now, all we need is for Nike to actually release these for public sale because I think they look absolutely cool, and while Nike used to make cycling shoes in the past, a great finishing touch though I must just say, is that inside of the Nike swoosh or swish or tick, whatever you want to call it, is the names of every single person whose been involved in
the production of them along that production line. Nice little nod to them,
for I think 15 years now they’ve been sponsoring Cav. Sticking with very cool things that can be bought is this
Bianchi Specialissima. Now it’s a 20th anniversary replica or modern-day equivalent if you like of the Mega Pro Concept which Marco Pantani used back in 1999. Now what’s so special about this is it commemorate almost the stage, stage number 15 of that year’s Giro d’Italia when
Pantani lost 30 seconds, ten kilometers to go and then went on to actually win the stage
without even realizing, ‘cos he thought there were
still people ahead of him. It’s certainly a
featherweight, just 780 grams, so it’s nothing to be
sniffed at whatsoever ‘cos that is majorly
light and importantly too, I’ve got somewhere – one of those saddles. I will have to dig it out and bring it in ‘cos it was so cool, the embroidery and all of that. Right, anyway, price wise, ‘cos I know you’re all keen to find out; 4,699 Euros for the frame and fork, so it is a pretty special price for a special edition bike. But well, it is available right now, and I think it looks cool. I do love anniversary bikes. More tech later. (logo slamming) Now the subject of homemade cycling tech and things that you could be doing from the comfort of your own home is very fresh in my mind because whilst at the UAE Tour and at the top of Jebel Hafeet, I bumped into a GCN viewer, Raymund Afoakwa, and he told me that he was absolutely loving the videos I did with Adam Hansen and Rob Hayles, all about working with custom carbon fiber. And well he told me he
was even planning on making a pair of his own shoes. Now, I have to be honest with you, when I left you that
day I thought to myself, ‘That’s a big tall order.’ Because well it took Adam Hansen three years to actually develop his. But, less than a week later, you sent me through
the first initial molds of shoes you’ve been making in the casts and stuff,
so fair play to you. You’ve got the bit between
your teeth, I reckon, and a fellow tech nerd out there, because then you sent me some pictures of a skinsuit you’ve been developing, which is waterproof, windproof, and ideal for really cold weather conditions. So Raymond, I doff my cap to you. And then, totally unannounced, I had some emails from someone called Chet Langford in Indianapolis, over there in the United States. And well, they’ve been
really letting loose with the custom airbrushing on their girlfriend’s bike, just check out these pictures. So Chet, well, he’s painted the frame, the forks, the wheels, the dray leer cage, and what Chet thinks is the first pair of custom painted Ultegra R8000 cranks in the world… That is mind-blowing. I really want a pair of
cranks that look like that, although I don’t know how long it’d stay looking so shiny. Either way, it’s cool,
it’s custom and it’s yours. But what have you been doing to customize your tech? Are you like Raymund, an adept hand with carbon fiber, or are you like Chet, pretty good at airbrushing? Either way, I wanna see your custom tech. So, make sure you use the uploader tool down there in the description below and upload it for us to checkout and who knows, maybe you’ll make it onto a future episode of the Tech Show. Plus, I must just give a quick shout out to a new Facebook group we’ve got, the link to it is in
the description below – GCN Tech Upgrades, so you can show off now the latest project or little bit of custom tech you’re working on so the rest of us tech nerds can well, geek out on it. (logo slamming) More tech of the week now, an Irish bike brand, FiftyOne Bikes, a brand which I really admire for their designs and ideas, have just recently announced that they’re going to be showing off two very special bikes. Now the first one is a modern-day remake of this Bianchi time trial bike, That Afgeni Berzin was
using in the mid-nineties, does have a quite similar look to it, the Old Faithful that
Graham Ovary designed, but this one is called, Berzin meets Brooklyn, and you can see just why, can’t you? And I love it. It does take a lot of guts to do something quite so outrageous as this. Now it’s got a 12 speed, one bi-group set on there, so you can guess who that’s come from, as well as Bluetooth control gearing. Apparently they even had to redesign the frame gig in order to build this frame because of where the
different tubes were going because it’s nothing like
a conventional frame. Don’t reckon they’re gonna sell many, but something they are gonna do is turn many heads with
a design like this. And also, they’ve been
busy making this bike for heavyweight boxing
champion, Anthony Joshua, who, he definitely
needs a custom bike ‘cos he’s six foot five tall which is just under two meters, weighs 113 kilos and naturally he wanted some finishing touches on there. So he’s got 25 7 apparently, because he’s well, going the extra mile from 24 7. He’s got a custom, gold
painted lion on the head tube, and then on the chains stay, which stands for second to no one. And that custom bike is built fully out of NV composite carbon tubes. Now these bikes will be on display at the North American Hand built Bike Show and we aim to get a closer look at them. Now sadly, I can’t actually go because of some Visa
problems out of my control. But the good news is,
Catherine my colleague, she will be going over
to actually check out all the latest and greatest of hand built tech from that show. I’m so excited, and I know she’s chomping at the bit too. So keep an eye on the channel, because we’re gonna have some
cracking videos coming out. (screwdriver whistle) (cash register bell) Right now, time for the part of the show called ‘Screw Riding Up
Grades, Buy Upgrades’. So the idea behind this is that you submit pictures using the uploader tool down there in the description, of before and after photos of bits of tech that you’ve upgraded, for the chance of winning your very
own GCN workshop apron. The eagle-eyed of you will have noticed, new design going on there, designed by yours truly I must add. Right, first up though, we need to announce last week’s winner. It was between Sebastian and Tim, a Pinarello versus a Hercules, and the winner – 65% of the votes, was Sebastian with that Pinarello. So well done Sebastian, I had you on the edge of your seat there didn’t I? Get in touch with us on Facebook to arrange delivery of your apron. Right then, let’s crack on to this week’s contenders, are you ready? Right first up is Jolie, from Norfolk in England. Jolie bought a pair of physique R1 shoes, Jolie’s cousin, whose an artist, did the bespoke design on them, for Jolie. There’s the biggest climbs they’ve done, Magthai at 7144 feet, highest speed of 57 miles per hour. Number of Britain’s
greatest climbs completed and the KOM crams, one for
every 30 KOMs they have. Look at those, they’ve
gone from white to well, a pretty decorated pair, I must say. Right Jolie, you’re up against Chris though this week, from Banbury in Western Australia. One of my favorite places. (cash register bell) Right though, Chris
wanted to start riding, so he bought a Look KG
76 frame all beaten up with a seat post stuck in it for just 70 Australian dollars. 800 dollars later and
it’s a fully working, running Ultegra, 6800
group set bike with fulcrum three wheels and it’s super
light at just seven kilos. Chris this is a beauty in a bike frame, which I’m extremely jealous of you having. Because you got that for just 70 dollars, those things sell for hundreds and hundreds of pounds normally. I do hope you’re not trying to pull my heartstrings here and trying to get me to vote for you. Either way, what I’m also interested, how on earth did you get a 130 diameter over lock nut diameter hub inside of a 126 millimeter over lock nut diameter frame? You could well be doing a bit of damage there, but you did tell me Chris that it is working all okay. But who is it gonna be? Is it gonna be Jolie and
those customized shoes, or Chris and that, well
bargain-look frame, you decide. Votes up there, next week we’ll reveal the results and have two more battling it out here. (logo swooshing) Right, bike of the week time. The part of the show where you get to vote on your favorite bike, out of two that we’ve put head to head. And well, let’s have a little recap on last week’s contenders. First up, we have that
super light Cannondale of Dan Evans and Ollie’s Orbea Orca. And well, you’ll notice that this week, Ollie’s not with me. Presumably he’s sulking,
because Dan Evans’ bike, well it well and truly
kicked Ollie into touch. With 63 percent of the votes, congratulations Dan Evans! Right let’s move on then to this week’s contenders. Two bikes from Strada
Bianchi from last week and first up is the Scotvor RC from Annemi Von Vleuten. It’s got full shimano dura ASDI groupset, durace wheels, Pirelli
tires, a great looking bike it’s up against the Cervelo R5 of Nicholas Roach of Team Sunweb. Now the bike again has full shimano dura-ace groupset, dura-ace
wheels on there too and some really nice-looking paintwork. Whose it gonna be though? It it gonna be the bike of Van Vleuten or the bike of Roach, you decide, vote up there top right hand corner, next week the results will be announced and two more are gonna fight it out. (logo slamming) Right, bike vault time, so you know what that means, the bell is back
(loud clanging) the bell is back, I’m back, I’m on my own so I don’t even have to consult with anyone else this week. So if you want your bike to go into the bike vault, you know what to do by now. If you’re not well aware what to do, simply use the uploader tool down below and include pictures of your bike where you’re from, details about the bike. Anything, you think can convince the judge to give you a super nice… Only joking. Right, anyway, let’s crack on. The first entrant this week is Uma Mouille from Eringenden, in Switzerland. Now it’s an Orbea Orca Aero, what’s it got on there, Shimano DI2, got pretty deep-sectioned wheels on there, a nice cotton, sidewalk ties, looks like they’re specialized, fancy goldchain, awkward, yeah great looking bike. The only thing, I’m a bit hesitant about this one, Uma Mouille is the saddle. I know it’s not really far back on the rails but because
of the drop nose of it it’s one of those Sally SMP’s I think it looks like it’s really
far back on the rails. So I don’t know, sorry
nice bike, nice bike. So moving on, Tom from Warwickshire, now Tom says this is their
latest pride and joy, which Sigma sports which
is a bike shop in the UK, managed to get hold of
them despite specialized not actually releasing
the team frame in the UK so it is as you can
see, it is one of those beautiful, specialized
S-works. I love that. It looks really great Got your over wheels on their too. To match it nicely Apparently S-works the helluva North clincher tires too. And well, Tom reckons, this is the only one
of its kind in the UK. That is such a traditional
British backdrop, Tom from Warwickshire. Yeah, it’s gonna get it. (Clanging) Whoooooo! Ring the bell! Next up is Neil, from Estepona in Spain. Beautiful part of the world Neil. Right it’s a special edition 2014 Mark Cavendish specialized frame set. Built up as a replica including
custom zip 404 decals, check that out. We’ve got DI2, sick. Rotor chain set, really
cut away rings on that one. Pedals! I’ll have to geek out a bit on this one. Zips, stem matching. Is that an adamo saddle with
the green bits on the back too. I like the backdrop of that too. Yeah, do you know what? You’re gonna get, Neil, you’re
gonna get super nice, mate. (bell clanging) Congratulations. Right, next up is Maika in Australia. Now Maika, classic case,
you need to give a bit more description of where you’re
from than just Australia. Big ol’ place that, both me and Quacker, the cameraman we went down there for
the tour down under, we know just how big the place is. Anyway, Scott Foil DI2. It looks to have some old
school Zip wheels on there too, wow, they are really old in fact, they’re probably one of the
first or second generations with those logos. It’s got a skinny old chain set on there, looks like a Campag
chain set or something. Nice graffiti in the background. Always a big fan of graffiti
as long as it’s legal. Yeah, it’s a nice looking bike! I would like to see the bars
rotated a little bit more, but I do understand
that your comfort is key so you’re getting a ring of my bell. (bell clanging)
Super nice! Right, next up is Rhead from Rhode Island in the
United States of America. Apparently it’s a 1987 Bianchi Brava. It’s got a Shimano Dura
Ace 7400 group set, I love that group set so much. It’s probably my favorite Dura Ace ever. Apparently though, it
does have the 7800 brakes so a couple of generations on. And that is a whopping 552
chain ring on there too. I love those! You know, big, full of logos, but it’s just a great looking chain ring. We’ve got a downward facing stem, looks like a Nitto one
or something like that, like an NJS style quill stem. Quesque saddle so gone
pretty modern with that. And then we’ve got some modern hunt wheels it looks like too. So, they’re gonna probably
be running tubeless tires. It’s like a retro bike, but
still looks absolutely bang on, so good news, you’re getting (bell clanging)
a ring of the bell! You know what to do by now, submit pictures of your
bike using the uploader tool down there in the description below, and who knows, maybe just maybe you’ll get the most coveted award of them
all and that is, super nice. (logo slamming) Right, there we are, nearly
time for the end of the show, but don’t worry, we’ve got
heaps more content coming up! Including, I’m going
to be building up that cheap super bike from scratch, a video which loads of
you have wanted from us for a very long time. Also, footage from
Catharine who’s out there at the North American
hand-built bicycle show. I’m very excited to see what
she’s going to be sending back! So make sure you do subscribe
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