World’s Smallest Electric Scooter

Making videos is fun. It can be fun. It doesn’t need to be a whole thing you know? And that’s how it starts out in the beginning that’s the whole… Game plan you know You make videos you want to make videos. This is one of those times. Jack! You know I’m holding a V-Tol right now I feel great man. Tom I feel alive man. So recently, On unboxtherapy you’ve seen a video, In which I am spinning around this space moving around gliding around the Evolve carbon fiber electric skateboard is fast it got me motivated in-in a whole new way. Just fun, actually having fun. If it’s got wheels if it’s got a motor we should be flying around this place. This is called the. What is it? The URB-E? U R B-E, E for electric. Tell Tom in the comments how beautifull he is, ok? Please! Far from professional today we’re working with a plastic knife will it get the job done? maybe will we be riding that electric vehicle at all costs. 100% Today is about the URB-E oh my goodness this is far more serious, than the other stuff we looked at AH! Oh! Wow! There we go, Oh! spring-loaded it’s got some kind of shocks on it, Sort of confused right now. made in the USA. Drink holder, So there it is When it’s folded up eventually you get to here and that’s what it looks like when it’s ready to ride. Handlebars, a break lever, Ignition switch, Breaks obviously, and there is a shock absorber I feel like maybe we can figure this out. without getting too crazy. Tom there’s like warnings everywhere on here. You know what? I’m gonna see if I can get this shit Rid off! Warning! You will die! You might die! You’re probably dead already! You’re dead right now. These rails here look like carbon fiber I’m pretty sure they are there we go, Here we go! Now we’re doing something here This pin up here Kinda locks in, see? That’s what’s going on with that part. Here we are! This is pretty much, All the construction you have to do I mean the thing completely folds out. You have to just basically bolt on, The handlebars. It’s way smaller in person than you expect it to be? it’s like wow that thing is compact That was it! it was, it was, basically four screws. Got brakes. Here’s your throttle. There’s even a little kickstand on it, A hardcore phone mount spring-loaded to kind of fold it down I think you just lift this up, Just goes like that and then when you’re ready to ride you pull this out pull that out lock it in there we go whoa oh man Oh! baby oh! Let me tell ya
You need a play like still Dre right now bling bling bling bling bling ling-ling still gotta love for the streets is to D R E This is the last time I checked where hair with all my (Jee) Mary You’re right on my tail Ohhhh! Jack attack is flying,Hey! Tom, Go get some groceries or something maybe something for the grill a little bit later on Even when you feel like you’re gonna bail out, You don’t bail that’s the thing I like it, This thing is fun man this thing is fun it’s fast it’s nimble I mean I’m cutting in and out i mean work, Woah eeh!! It’s tiny so you’re getting in and out look at this let’s see how nimble I can be real quick look at this let’s look at that OH! I’m hittin that gap, I’m hittin that gap! whoa!! Check me check me with the le- oooooh! Humans, People of the
world it’s the future right here electricity is going to move you around was peddling these days i got the URB-E I’m all over the place how fast was I going fast look at me I’m gone we have a light on the back as well, I thought was a reflector but if you press it look how bright that thing is Security purposes, Safety purposes and you can make a flash too, this thing can go how far Tom? 20 miles? 20 mile range at 15 miles an hour and then it takes about four hours to charge it up from there alright! Tom, it’s your turn. *Laughs* Oh! Man! that’s what I look like? Wow! *Music Plays* It’s Probably easier to ride this for super long periods of time like my legs are not sore right now at all it’s really just like sitting down you’re just like on a chair that happens to move so I don’t know you’re probably gonna have to wait for our showdown video because I’m thinking now that we got all this space we should be doing an electric vehicle showdown it could be the vehicle that Jack is riding it could be the hoverboard it could be the electric skateboard the URB-E and God knows what other electric vehicle that’s out there if you and your company has an electric vehicle send it out here and i will ride into oblivion where did? what was that about?