Will E-Bikes Kill Road Bikes? | The GCN Show Ep. 215

– From Berkeley, California,
welcome to the GCN Show. – From the beautiful
island of Antigua, welcome to the GCN Show. – From the Planche De Belle
Fille, we have a puncture at 83km, welcome to the GCN Show. (upbeat music) – Welcome to the GCN Show. This week we speculate as
to whether e-bikes are set to take over the cycling world. Plus we wrap up all the biggest races from the last seven days. – And in-race motorbikes are causing yet, more controversy, but don’t
worry, after last week’s peace edition, this isn’t
all about controversy, we have a couple of very well
deserved wattage bazookas, some great hacks and bodges and some very lovely new tech. – Well if you’re wondering where Matt is, he is over in Abu Dhabi. His first visit to the Middle East, since Dubai in 2014. Let’s hope that this time,
he keeps his t-shirt on. E-bikes are quite controversial
amongst many of us cyclists and lets face it, there can
be few things more frustrating in life than watching
someone visibly overweight and unfit overtake you on a
climb, on a mountain bike. At least, I’d imagine that
would be very frustrating. – Have you got something
you want to share Dan? – No, no, just somebody
that was telling me a story. – Oh, yeah, yeah, right. For many people though, e-bikes are great. They take away the worst bits of cycling and leave the best bits. So for example, you don’t
need to build up a sweat on your commute to work, and
you can carry more stuff, like your kids, or indeed a GCN filmmaker as we actually found out. Plus they allow you to ride
longer on leisure rides or they let less-fit people,
keep up with fitter people or older people keep riding longer and you still get a sense
of freedom, you still get to keep pedaling, you still
have and almost silent bike and you still are doing your
bit for the environment. – With all that in mind
then, is it really a surprise that figures are suggesting
that sales of e-bikes are going to overtake that of
standard pedal powered bikes in the not too distant future? So take Spain as an
example, they are seeing 40% year on year increases in e-bike sales. And there is in fact a
country where e-bikes are already outselling
standard pedal powered bikes and that is, the
Netherlands, where of course bikes are really a tool
and a mode of transport for getting to work, or
getting to school or even going for nights out. According to a trade
organization in the Netherlands, last year they accounted
for 57% of bike sales. – All bike sales? – Yeah, it really is quite remarkable. So are they set to take
over the cycling industry? – Yeah, to be fair, that
has genuinely taken me by surprise. That is a very interesting stat there. Are e-bikes then a good
thing or bad thing? Make sure you let us know your thoughts. My opinion on it, I think
is that, if an e-bike gets someone out of a
car, and onto a bike, which still requires
pedaling, then that has to be a good thing. And from a sporting perspective,
I think if we try and take the moral high ground,
someone else riding an e-bike as long as you can see
that it’s an e-bike, shouldn’t affect, your
enjoyment, of your own personal bike ride, I don’t think. And also, let’s face it, there
are plenty ways to cheat, GPS files, if that’s your thing. – I came close to beating the
record at the Cote La Moderno, if you do not remember. Although my favourite thing about e-bikes is that I couldn’t beat
my own Strava record at Old Bristol Road on an
e-bike which I had done on a normal bike. – Yeah, although Dan,
the jury is still out as to whether or not, it was your fault or the bike with the hidden motors fault as to whether or not– – I don’t think the jury is still out, I think people know. Anyway, if you’re worried
about e-bikes potentially ruining our very beautiful
sport, we should point out that sales of mid to high-end road bikes, only account for a very small percentage of overall bike sales,
so we’re not suggesting and those figures aren’t
suggesting, that e-bikes and e-road bikes are
going to be something seen on a load of club runs local to you. Anyway, we’d love to hear your thoughts and your experiences on
e-bikes which you can leave in the comments section down below. Are they a good thing or
are they just another way for the industry to sell more bikes? – Yeah, make sure you do let us know. And before we leave the
subject once and for all, given that e-bikes are
becoming more and more popular, what is the future for them? Could it be something like
this, the Iris e-trike. Oh yeah, take a look at
that, it mimics itself on the fastest human powered vehicles in the world but it’s also got a 750W motor thrown in
there for good measure and let’s not beat around the bush here, that’s going to keep me
dry and warm, one bonus. – The end of wind-stopper
clothing perhaps. I can’t see Matt in one
of those things though. – No, that’s a good point,
although, you don’t want to be able to see him not able to clip in. – [Dan] (bleep) sake (talking over each other) – We are actually
getting our hands on one, let’s have a little play around with. – Cool.
– Hell yeah. (upbeat music) It’s time now for caption of the week. And as ever, first, we’ll
give you the results of the last week’s caption competition, where the winner gets a
GCN CamelBak water bottle. The photo we gave you was
this one of Jerome Cousin warming up and the winner is, Harry. No idea what your surname
is Harry and no idea what you look like because
your avatar is just a black blob, then you have won. So congratulations to you. Your caption was this, “Hold
up, I’m still TACXting” – [Dan] I see what you did there. – [Simon] Genius – Get in touch on Facebook
Harry and we’ll get this bottle to you as quickly as possible. This week’s photo is this
one of Jen Debusschere on the floor at the Volta Algarve. I shall get you started with the caption. Greipel told me to go flat out. – That is genius mate, grab
yourself another bottle. Yeah, you and Harry,
both winners this week. If you think you can give Dan a run for his money though, and
potentially win yourself a GCN bottle then make
sure you put your caption in the comments section down below. – It’s now time, for Cycling Shorts. – A new controversy is
building among pro cyclists and to be fair this is an
issue that we can actually get on board with as well. Motor bikes in races, and
not for safety reasons, this time but for sporting ones. – Yeah, the UCI has recently
released new legislation, aimed at both removing the
risk that can be associated with motorbike within races but also at minimizing the effect that they can have on
the outcome of races. And although over the
last week, thankfully it seems that the riders
have all remained safe, it seems that many of the
pros are still concerned about the motorbikes that
are allowing other riders to draft behind them. – Yeah, there has been a
rush of tweets actually from pro cyclists. Dan Martin was one of the first. Dear @UCL_cycling, Rules are
worthless without enforcement. Nothing has changed regarding motorbikes. Sep Vanmarcke then tweeted Dan Martin, or retweeted it, and added his own thing which was that Ryan
Mullen was caught 1 1/2km from the finish and he
says that the peloton was chasing camera motors
for 50km and he also used the hashtag #notfair. Tosh Van Der Sande also
tweeted this photo, saying this has to stop. You have to buy a telelens, tv motorbikes or ride on the other side of the road. Well Dan you made the
point just a moment ago that if the motor was on
the other side of the road most pro cyclists would
probably just follow it across the road. – Yeah, I think they would,
so I guess it’s a two part thing isn’t it? Motorbikes have tried to
keep more of a distance but perhaps amongst the
pros, they should decide, if there’s a moto caught
just in front of them, maybe don’t ride behind it. – Exactly, but they really should because who would honestly
draft behind a motorbike to make themselves look faster, honestly. – This is better than the
steep, there’s a steep here coming up. – Amstel Gold Race, one of the
big World Tour one day races of the Spring. This last week, organizers
revealed they’re going to change the par course and in
particular the finish for the 2017 edition. – More controversy? – Perhaps, we’ll get on to that. They have changed the finish. It doesn’t finish up the Cauberg anymore, at least, over the top of it. The last ascent of the Cauberg will come with 19km to go and the
organizers have done this with the aim of making the race more open, which I actually agree with. It has caused some controversy
among certain riders. Mainly the riders of the course who are very suited to
that finish where it was. I am in agreement with the organizer. I think having the climbs
a little bit further out should force those types of riders to attacking a lot
earlier, so we should have a more exciting race to watch on TV. – Hey, could it be one for Sagan now, could he get the triple,
Flanders, Roubaix, Amstel, you never know. – Actually, given that you
will be slightly fatigued it might entice him to
at it, because he’s only going to have to get over the
last climb in touching distance to the leaders and he’s
probably still going to be able to outsprint them at the finish. – That’s pretty cool, certainly one for our cycling fans to
anticipate with interest. Now another seamless segway
here, talking of cycling fans, it’s a pretty good sport
to follow, pro cycling, you can get pretty close to the action. Either the side of the road,
or at the start of races. But one fan in Portugal
got closer than most. Somehow he managed to
help out the organizers of the Volta Algarve and
drove a following car behind Astana’s Pello
Bilbao and lucky for Bilbao turns out this cycling fan
had a megaphone strapped to the roof of his car and he provided inspirational commentary
for every one of the 18km of his time trial. Check it out, this is brilliant. (speaking in foreign language) – That is quite cool, old school in fact, you used to get the proper
teams giving their directions and motivation like that, didn’t you. – Think them people who
speak Spanish understand people who speak Portuguese? – No I think it’s quite
a different language isn’t it? Portuguese always to
me, sound like Russian. – Does it?
– Yeah, slightly. Anyway, moving on. We should finish this
week’s Cycling Shorts with a call to action because we think if you live over in the US, you should take the
People for Bikes survey. People for Bikes being an organization with aims to make cycling
better for everyone which has got to be a good thing. – [Simon] Admirable aim. – And this survey aims to
compile a data driven list of cities in the US, how
safe they are, how good the cycling infrastructure is et cetera. So that’s got to be a
worthwhile 10 minutes of your time. So head over there, after
the show’s finished. – Absolutely, and apparently
they’re giving away a Trek bike as well. – Oh really? – Yeah, at random for
people who take part in– So added incentive as well
as making cycling better for everyone. Dom has chosen, an Instagram
and a tweet for us this week and this first one comes
from the Bahrain Merida Instagram account. And I can’t get enough of this. This is Vincenzo Nibali
nailing a one-handed wheelie, who knew that he could do it. – [Dan] This almost got
into extreme corner. – Yeah, he makes it look so easy, it’s just not even extreme but genuinely, what a modest chap. Grand Tour winner, one handed wheelie– – All I’m seeing is, Sagan wheeling about, and who would have known
that Vincenzo Nibali is far smoother– – Yeah.
– On one wheel. Very impressive indeed. And the tweet actually
comes in from Frenchman, Thomas Voeckler. He had quite a nasty
accident recently and he put, “Crash on the first stage, a nasty scratch “to my tibia, but it’s not quite as bad “as it looks, even though it’s not pretty. “And hats off to our
very own, Bryan Coquard” who one the stage. It does look quite nasty doesn’t it? Get well soon Thomas. – I still can’t get over Vincenzo Nibali. You know I’ve always been a big supporter of Vincenzo, always. Vincenzo Nibali is not
going to make the podium. (laughs) – It is that time of the week, which we all look forward to, hopefully. It is hack, forward
slash, bodge of the week and we’re going to begin
with a couple of updates from last week and in fact
the previous week too. Starting with this from Trov who said, “I was less amazed with
the guy who shimmed “his BMX bars with rusted nails than how “he actually got those
bars into that stem. “Is he some sort of magician,
because there is no gap “in the bars.” And that’s a very good point
and one that we missed out on last week. – [Simon] Very good point. – [Dan] Assume he leave it open, the gap. – [Simon] Yeah, maybe
that’s why he needs to shim with rusty nails– (talking over each other) Still, inventive there,
and very inventive. – We’ve also got update
on Simon’s DeLorean. He’s been sending us a link to his website which puts a very large
description about his bike. On the handlebars there, is a voltmeter, a thermometer, analog clock, an ammeter and air pressure gauge, loads more stuff and perhaps my favourite is this, the World War II Lancaster
Bomber Map Light. – Nice, nice, well I was completely taken with the rear-view camera
and also the panic switch, which just genius, every
bike needs a panic switch. And it turns out all this
extra kit only adds 18kg to the weight of his bike. I want heated grips– – Yeah, I would like some heated grips. Maybe some insoles that
heated as well or something. – Yeah, I don’t know how that works. – Right, we’ve gots this one as well which is a video which came
in from Callum McDonald. This is a rider named Brandon Hutton. His belt broke on his rollers
when he was warming up for a track league and so he did this, he put his front wheel
between, down a seat, have a listen. – [Callum] That’s definitely a hack. – As you can see, whoever was filming, who might have been Callum,
already has deemed that, a hack. – I’m sorry. – I think you’ll find
we are the adjudicators of hack, forward slash, bodges
and we’re going to deem it – [Simon] A bodge. – A bodge.
– For sure that’s a bodge. A hack would have been to fix the rollers with some ingenious thing
that you found lying around like maybe a leg warmer or something. Thanks for sending it anyway. – We’ve got a historical hack,
forward slash, bodge now. This is from our friend at
the Channel Jon Cannings and this is Martin Loni,
former Junior Scottish Road Race Champion way back in 1997. Had an awful accident which
meant he broke his elbow and he couldn’t straighten
it so he did this. – That is definitely, I mean
it initially looks like a bodge but it’s probably quite an
ingenious hack I suppose. Like you can’t argue with that. That’s two pairs of
handle bars he’s cut off to make that work so it’s
not even kind of like a budget hack that’s yeah,
two sets of handle bars. Normal service rarely
much resumes with hack, forward slash, bodge . With this next one, how
amazing is that bike, that was sent in by Jack Maddison. He spotted it in Coppenhagen. I’ve not got much room
for bikes in my house but I would make room for one of those. – [Dan] I’ve always
been a fan of bar rings. That’s the perfect bar ring. – Yeah, but the whole
thing’s just covered in fur, like a bison bike. I mean, rocking up at the
station in the morning locking that up before
you jump on the train to go to work, that’s genius. – [Dan] Hack. – [Simon] Oh, for sure hack. The next one was actually
spotted by our very own Tom Last. Lasty walking around Bath spotted this. That’s horrific. – [Dan] Yeah, that’s a definite bodge. It might even be multiple
bodges on the same bike. – [Simon] You got to look closely but ya. What are even are those handle bars? Anyway, this one sent in by Joshua Charles who says, “Is your car
broken, is your bike broken? “Here’s the solution, put
the two and two together.” That’s a prop-drive bike. That’s not a hack or a bodge
I think that’s a proper job someone’s done. – [Dan] Yeah, genius. – [Simon] Does that work, presume it does. – [Dan] Presumably. – [Simon] Next up, Van Sloane. This is a decent hack,
forward slash, bodge that was posted by a Amazon reviewer of this saddle bag. (laughs) That’s just fantastic,
that’s neither a hack nor a bodge that’s just plain wrong. – [Dan] I mean there are
some viewers out there who hate saddle bags on
bikes and if they’re all done like that, I can see why. – [Simon] To be fair
though, it’s less visible when you’re in the saddle isn’t it. It’s been hidden by your thighs. – [Dan] Imagine the chafage – [Simon] Oh, imagine the chafage. Alright, now the last one this week is sent in by Circle Co-op who is midway through spraying up a
pair of Specialized shoes, presumably for Peter Sagan. – [Dan] Yeah, rainbow coloured. I’d say hack, I quite like that. – [Simon] Yeah, because
that is a reasonably old pair of shoes by the look of them. So yeah– – [Dan] Didn’t want to
experiment on new ones you see. – [Simon] Fair enough, now
these are better than new. – Don’t forget to continue sending in your hacks and bodges because we
do absolutely love them all. #GCNHACK is the hashtag
and you can use Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. – Oh, and remember, we decide
what’s a hack or a bodge. – Yeah. (upbeat music) We do love a set of wheels here at GCN so it’s with great
excitement that we heard ENVE have released a new set of wheels. These are their revised 3.4s
which are their mid-depth super lightweight climbing wheels, or in their own words, “a climbing wheel “with aero advantages.” – Yeah, load of features. First up, they are feathery
light so the rim weight is 432g for the front
and 439g for the rear. They’ve changed the
rim profile so the rear is now a little bit shallower and the front is a little bit deeper and they’ve also got wider. So internally, the rim width is now 21mm which makes them, I believe,
aero dynamic optimal for a 25C wide tire now. And then, if that’s not all, they’re also tubeless compatible as well. Which is pretty cool isn’t it? From wheels Dan, to a first on
the tech of the week segment. I’ve got a present for ya. Check it out, that just
arrived in the post. – Yeah, you might recognize these graphics as I do because hey come
from our good friend, Rich Mitch, who is
responsible for bringing domestique to life as well as
our fridge which is just over in the corner there. – I thought you’re a peak
down kind of guy normally Dan. – Normally, it very much
depends on the peak. Anyway, if you like this design you can head over to his online shop where you will find this as well as some other cool things as well. (upbeat music) – This week, we get to
announce the winner, of the quite frankly, fantastic Maratona dles Dolomites
competition, where the winner will get a pair of tickets
to the now sold out event, plus accommodation. Right, you ready?
– Yeah. – Should do a drum roll.
– Okay. (drum roll) That very lucky winner is, Martin Parsons. I wonder who Martin’s going to
take with him to the Dolomites? – If you think you’re one
of Martin’s best mates make sure you send him a text message now. – You might be about to
find out you’re not one of his best mates. Anyway, we’ll be in touch with you Martin, very shortly via the e-mail that you left in the competition. – Hopefully he’s got a partner, he can take them and it’s fine. – Yeah, what if he
doesn’t take his partner? – Sorry to put you in this
awful position Martin. You can still enjoy
your competition prize. Oh dear, let us know
what happens by the way. (upbeat music) – It’s been a busy old
week of top level racing with most of the Classics
stars and Grand Tour contenders stretching their legs
in one race or another. We’ll start off with
Volta Algarve in Portugal. There it was pretty much
Roglic of LottoNl-Jumbo who took his first overall stage race win since entering the World Tour around about 14 months ago. The former ski jumper came second on the hill-top finish of
stage two behind Dan Martin and in third in the individual time trial behind Jonathan Castroviejo
and Tony Martin, so some impressive riding and that consistency saw him take quite a comfortable win overall. – Incidentally by the way,
we should also give a shout to Dan Martin who in taking
a stage win at Algarve, took Quick Step’s 12th
win over the 2017 season, which is not bad given that it’s what, five, six weeks old. – They didn’t take any wins
in the Ruta Del Sol though, the Vuelta Andalucia. That was very much a
battle of the old guard with Alejandro Valverde just
pipping Alberto Contador, his first outing for
Trek-Segafredo by a single second after five days of racing. And that incidentally was
Valverde’s 100th career win. That’s mighty impressive. Ominous though from
Contador, given that it was his first race. He will now go on and
compete in the Abu Dhabi Tour but apparently he’s
going to be working there for Bauke Mollema. – Alright, getting insider noise there. Tour of Oman saw a pretty
good field line up didn’t it? And it was Ben Herman’s
who took but two stages and the overall in fact
which was pretty impressive when you consider the
quality of the field. It was also a breakthrough
ride for Søren Kragh Andersen the 22 year old Danish
rider who took Sunweb’s second win of the year. – Yeah, notable also
though was the performance of, what’s his name? – Kristoff? – Alexander Kristoff, that’s the one. He took three of the six stage wins so very much back to his best. And that’s quite ominous
as well for the classics which are very much
bearing down on us now. Not too long til Flanders and Roubaix but already this weekend we’ve got some cobbles coming in, in the form of Kuurne-Brussel-Kuurne and
also Omloop Het Nieuwsblad. – Het Nieuwsblad is such
a cool race isn’t it? – It is, fantastic. – Hopefully the weather’s
going to be terrible, we’re going to get some amazing racing. I’m super excited. – It’s that time of the show, where we have a wattage bazooka! Not really, no. Okay, this week’s pro
wattage bazooka goes to Lotto-Soudal’s Tim Wellens. He threw a fantastic sprint finish from a day long break away on final stage of the Vuelta Andalucia where he blasted Simon Clarke into second place. But the whole week, he’s been blasting off wattage bazookas left, right and centre. He did a day long breakaway on stage two, was the last man standing and the day after that,
still came in the top 10 of the individual time trial. That is a man on form. He’s on eight race days so far this year and won three of them. – Wow, that’s pretty impressive isn’t it? Loads of wattage bazooka in fact then. Congratulations Tim! Viewer wattage bazaooka time now. We’ve had some great submissions this week but this one is going to take the biscuit. The nomination comes in from Graham. Do you have any idea what his surname was? – No. – Graham, thanks to you
Graham, who has nominated his friend, Pat Henry who he said he’s been trying to
convince to don race numbers for a while now. He finally went for it
and in his first race who’s actually very local
to us, here in Bath, he unleashed a wattage
bazooka on the final lap, gapped the field and took his first win. Better stats than Tim Wellens in fact. He’s got– – [Dan] One race, one win. – That’s very good, I hope
the momentum keeps going. – Yeah, I’m surprised he is quite keen to continue racing, so
best of luck with that. If you got any nominations for next week’s viewer wattage bazooka all you have to do is use this hashtag here, #wattagebazooka on Instagram or Twitter. (upbeat music So many fantastic comments
underneath the videos over the last week, but we
come up with our favorites. Starting with this one
underneath last week’s GCN Show from Gravity. He said “Matt’s heart at
1:03 looks like a potato.” – [Simon] It does look like a potato. – Do you reckon a potato
probably would fit in that hole wouldn’t it? Should we try it?
– Yeah. Hell yeah! – Perfect fit. Gravity’s completely right. What one earth was he doing. I can do a heart, there you
go Matt, that’s how you do it. – Right, moving on. Jack Newman said, “Please
straighten your jumper strings” to which Euan Walker replied,
“Finally someone said it” and Detailing Fanatic says,
“I’m starting to think “they do it simply to
annoy us! #Jumpergate” – What ever gave you that idea guys? – It’s our wardrobe department’s fault and we’ve got this one under
how fast does a professional rider go, from CRTN, “I
managed to get to 112kmh “and everyone “was cheering me on. “One guy was so happy with me “he started flashing his
red and blue lights.” – See what you did there. Let’s go, good. And finally, we got this
one from Ian Kitchen under Shimano Durace video. He said, “black shoes, black
tights and white socks, “smooth criminal” I was channelling my inner
Michael Jackson there. – Can you moonwalk? Not even in that outfit? – Well in that outfit– – Give it a go, go on next time. (upbeat music) Plenty more content coming up for you on the channel this week,
starting on Wednesday where we show you how to sit on a wheel, a vital skill to have. You really want to save as
much energy as possible. – If you want to get anywhere in cycling, you’re going to learn to sit on a wheel. – And then on Thursday,
we give you our top five Martona, Grand Fondo
hacks and Friday, as ever, is ask GCAnything. – Saturday, we have got a
pro bike coming up for you. Potentially Adam Blythe’s Ridley Noah and then on Sunday we try and find out, what is the best type
of bike for city riding. Dan, Matt and I become
delivery riders for the day. That’s pretty good. And then Monday, is back in the workshop with Maintenance Monday. – Oh, and then Tuesday… (update music) Before we finish with the show, we’re going to give a plug to our shop, shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com. Our recent best seller
is this phone cover, available in two sizes. And as you can see, it’s clear on one side so you can actually use it
when it’s inside the cover. That’s me with my son Jude. – Oh yeah, so it is. It’s worth heading over
to shop actually full-stop because actually a load
of items like t-shirts and hoodies that may
have been out of stock are now back in stock. We just had a massive delivery. And there’s also, some new
stuff on there as well. So yeah, definitley
worth heading over there. – Including some GCN mechanic overalls. Here’s a picture of them now. Soon we’re going to get
Matt to model in one without anything underneath, don’t we. – [Simon] Yeah, that was suggested – Actually, we want to sell some don’t we, leave that out. – It’s time now for extreme corner and this week, it’s a belter isn’t it. This is Jackson Goldstone who
is one of the predigiously talented kids out there. He’s 13 years old, have a look. (upbeat music) – Mighty impressive for
his age you have to say, or for any age really. I couldn’t do that for sure. – Although, to be fair
Danny, it’s a long time ago, I got a feeling we were
probably going stuff like that back when we were kids. – Yeah, I did a back flip in my time. – Yeah, I thought you might have done. Right, unforutnately,
that does bring us to the end of the GCN show for this week. Make sure you subscribe to
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