Why you need to try a tri. Triathlon’s better with friends.  // Challenge 2020

Why you need to try a tri. Triathlon’s better with friends. // Challenge 2020

I want to better the time so badly. My name is Courtney and I live in Essex. No never.
At school, I always dodged PE. I never wanted to do sport.
I never wanted to even put on a sports kit. I just found that it was very everybody
had a certain athletic flair it wasn’t the friendliest place and I didn’t
really enjoy it. I like being outside. Cycling gave me that. I could get
outside meet friends it was really social. I think I’d probably hide in our
bike shed it’s got enough food and snacks and things that could be used as
weapons I think I’d be okay. The bike I’ve got now is still the one I did ride
London on. I bought the cheapest frame I could find. My brother and his friends
gave me group sets and handlebars and things like that. He built it for me and
that’s still the bike I ride. It’s had a few upgrades. The handlebars have been
changed and better saddles and components but it’s still the same
bargain frame. I just turned up at a pool in a bikini thinking I’ll just hop
in and see how I do and it took me about 45 minutes to do 400 meters breaststroke
and I just dedicated three times a week to perfect it. I would buy a brand new
bike that would be first on my list My friend Layla does run and she said
start with couch to 5k so I downloaded the app and that’s how I got into
running and I built it up from there. Hanningfield triathlon I want to better
the time so badly yeah because I ended up..the water was terrifying it’s
literally just behind us. You do the lap there and you come out of the water up
there and I was one of the last ones out of the water and I don’t want to do
that again. So that’s my main goal – not to be last out of the water again. I wanted to
be a vet I yeah I just loved animals and from when I was little that’s all I
wanted to do. So myself and Layla when we decided to attempt a triathlon and she
didn’t even own a bike and I didn’t swim or run and we were
like we started in the triathlon world and we’re thinking my goodness we’re never
going to be able to do this but then we realized people were so friendly in
triathlon and we thought let’s record our journey through it let’s
record our journey see if we can get some other people to enjoy it show that
it’s not all wonderful and it’s not all happy and fun all the time
and then yeah we we kind of love doing it. We’ve had so many people message us
saying this is really nice to see it’s nice to see not to see you struggle but
it’s nice to see that you don’t always smash a session and you’re not always on
top form and not everything goes to plan and yeah we just we really enjoy it. Breeze is run by British Cycling and myself and a group of friends completed
a course to become ride leaders and Breeze champions. We’re trying to get
lots of women out cycling. It doesn’t matter what level they are we’re all
volunteers so we give up our time to lead rides in the local area for free for
ladies who want to get out we cater for all levels so we have the right
beginners some ladies haven’t been on a bike for 20 years and turn up with a
really heavy mountain bike but by the end they’re loving it because no one
gets dropped we go at the speed of all the riders and it’s just fab.
We didn’t realize how many there were. On Monday we had 30 women turn up to
come and meet us all and learn how to fix punctures and we were like wow. Where have they all come from? We regularly have our rides are fully
booked and we’re having to put on loads we literally have such a laugh just so
nice to see and it’s nice to see the people that started coming out with this
and now they’re feeling so much more confident