What’s The Fastest You’ve Ever Been On The Bike? | GCN Asks The Pros

– I’ve been reading through the comments to find out exactly what you
would like us to ask the pros. So I’m gonna do just that
and hopefully try and catch a few napping too
because a lot of them have just arrived after a long flight. Wonder what they’re gonna say. What’s the fastest you’ve
ever been on your bike? – Its funny you actually say that, the other day I got 115K an hour down a climb here in Sterling. It’s probably not the right road to do it, I won’t say which road it is. But we’d always on the way to
a bunch ride here in Adelaide we used to go for that and it just goes straight down like that, we were pretty happy but mum and dad weren’t. – Fastest you’ve ever been? – 132k an hour. Sierra Nevada, downhill. – What was going through
your mind, nothing? – Nothing just (bleep)
I hope I don’t crash. (laughter) – I think like 100k an
hour. The annoying thing, actually I got a story about this. So I’ve never seen 100k an
hour on my computer before. Last year in Torino, we
were going down a descent and I hit 100k an hour and then about 10ks later my Garmin fell off the bike. So I never actually got to
record it (laughs nervously). – You can’t prove it?
– (laughs) yeah – Get this Blythe, 132k an hour. – I reckon he might be telling
some fibs there. We’ll see. – I remember 106/7 somewhere
in California, in some races. Big roads
– Wide open roads right? – Over 100 something,
Tour of Swiss I think, on a descent Tour of Swiss somewhere. – That’s a popular
place, the Tour of Swiss? – Yeah Tour of Swiss,
one of those big ones. Dunno what it was but I
do also remember one time looking down over the
edge in Tour of Swiss and actually just thinking
about all the consequences. That’s never a good idea. Most of the time you
feel pretty comfortable, even at that speed but you don’t want to start thinking about what could happen. – That’s right, you’d rather
just follow the bunch. – And once you start thinking that, the rest of that descent’s over. – I always get asked that question, but I’m never really
looking down to check. I’ve answered this question before, probably about, its over
100, I think its like 109 and it was in the Tour of Britain. – Really?
– I wish I knew where it was but there was these
hills, it was really safe because you could see the
other side of the hill. I think that’s the key,
if you can see where you’re going you can
just let the brakes go and we were fanging down there, you’re like “Oh yeah we’re going quick” and then its so steep
that you’re just like “I’m just gonna go airborne
over the next hill” Halfway up I was like ” Ah
(bleep) this hill is steep as” (laughs) – Good question, two
times stand out for me. The 2012 Tour of Colorado, we
went down Independence Pass and we hit 121ks an hour,
going in a straight line. The whole peloton after
this big, long, straight dip actually all calmed down a lot and we all looked at each other and said “What are we doing? We’re
in a non-important part “of the stage, we just went over 120k “and if one of us clipped
it, we’re all dead”. The second time which
was probably even scarier was I caught 123 in a Tour of Austria coming down, I forget
the name of the climb, I hit 123 and Matej Mohorič
came past me like a steam train. We were all talking about it that night and I never actually asked Mohorič what his final top speed was but he was on the top chute and we
were all freaking out, couldn’t believe what happened. So 123 is my max, but it’s
not the fastest I’ve seen. – So there we are, the
answers of the pros. Let me know though
exactly you would answer to those questions down there
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