What’s In Your Jersey Pockets For A Race? | GCN Ask The Pros

– It’s been a while since we
asked the pros this question but we’ve got to revisit
it, let’s face it. What do they carry in their
pockets during a race? What are they gonna have for lunch? Let’s go and find out. (upbeat electronic music) Okay, Dan, what’s in your
pockets for today’s stage? – Well, I’ve got a couple
of OTE caffeine gels – Yeah. and a
– Diggin’ around in there. – Maurten gel.
– Yeah. – Two rice cakes I think.
– Aw, nice. – Rice cakes. – What’s your favorite? – What ever Suwanee has
decided to make, honestly. – You’re not fussy? – Not too fussy. I was a bit dubious on the
pineapple choice yesterday, it was a good concept but
not sure about the execution. (laughs) But today we’re looking up
it’s strawberry and something. (Upbeat Electronic Music) – I’ve five bars and three gels – Blimey, hungry? – No, but maybe I don’t have, time for the peats-on.
– Yeah, exactly, yeah. – It’s always better to
have a little bit more food, especially windy days. – Yeah exactly, right, well good luck and enjoy lunch.
– Thank you. – What have you got in
your pockets for today? What’s for lunch? – Some bars, some rice
cakes and some juice. – What’s your favorite
thing to have on the bike? – Sorry? – What’s your favorite
thing to have for lunch when you’re out riding? – Actually, rice cake, or a banana. Just something fresh, I mean, bars you are riding
the whole year with so, it’s also nice then to
have something fresh and something else. – Bernie, what’s for lunch today? What’s in your pockets? – We’ve got some, some rice bars – Yep – Some gels, that’s it pretty much. – Yeah. What are you
looking forward to the most? – Today? – Yeah. Apart from the hill and the finish. – Nah its all good, I
mean its a nice stage. Today if I have a bit of transfers so I think at the moment
when we’re back in the hotel. I’ll have a shower. – That’s a nicest part of the day? – Yeah. – I agree actually. – Agree. Just some rest. Nah but it’s a good
stage, looking forward. – For lunch? – Yeah, or a snack maybe – Maybe slam down a brownie, oh okay. – [Interviewer] What’s that, what’s this? – [Maxime] Kind of cake, Something
different to a sport bar. – [Interviewer] Okay, a blueberry cake, I like the sound of that. – [Maxime] And we have
a normal endurance bar. – [Interviewer] Salted caramel. – And some gels, for later or maybe for earlier if it’s cross wind. – Yeah – Easier to eat in a cross wind. – Cool. Nice, I’ll tell you what, Bernie
looked a bit jealous there when he saw your blueberry cake. – Yeah, I was like, but
it’s still revved up. Still like homemade cake. (Calm Electronic Music) – What’s for lunch today? I’ve seen what the other
Adam’s got for lunch, he’s got a big bottle of
gel, what have you got? – I’ve just got, I haven’t got a bottle, I’ve just got the same thing,
just like, six gels mate. – Oh, down your back? – No no, that’s my radio in my pocket. – Oh okay, so six gels for lunch. – Six gels, mate. That’s it. – I’ll tell you what, I’ve just seen Maxime Monfort, your team mate, he’s got a nice looking blueberry cake. – Belgium, innit. All about that pastry life, mate. – Will you try to get some off him or not? – I’ve got black pudding
in my pocket as well mate. [Laughs] And a pork pie. [Laughing]
– And haggis. – And haggis, lovely. – Brilliant, right,
well enjoy your dinner. – Cheers, mate. (Upbeat Electronic Music) – Hey what’s in your pockets?
– What? – What’s for lunch today?
– What? – What’s in your pockets? – I can’t hear ya! No, I’ve got this. – Yeah what’s that? High energy carbs, fine, strawberry. – Love a strawberry. – You love strawberries. – (Laughs) I could take
this to another level, but I’m not, I’m not goin’ to. – I’m glad, I’m glad for once that we don’t take it to another level. – There’s a line, and I’m
going to stay behind it. – Yeah, you always cross it though, right? – Always. – Well we haven’t crossed
the start-line yet. What else have you got for lunch today? – Got some gels. I think someone stole something. It was in here. Yeah, someone stole it. – Another rider who likes
the race against the clock. Alex, what’s in your pockets for lunch? – One of these. – Voltage energy cake. Voltage, there we are. – Coconut flavor though. – Oh. – And and
– I do like coconut. – And
– what else? A raw bar. – Apricot and almond. – No milk, no gluten.
– Nah – Apricot and almond. Rohan, you like the
look of that don’t you? – Its raw. – Raw, yeah. (Laughs) – Nah that’s about it, some rice. – And some rice? – Yeah yeah, just a little bowl. – [Laughs] A little bowl,
yeah a little sushi bowl. – Chopsticks, yeah. – Nice, right well enjoy lunch boys. – What’s for lunch today? What’s in your pockets? – In my pockets? – Yeah. – Ah, some lizard skin, a potion of toad warts, something like that. I’ve got some rice bars. – Sushi? That says sushi. – Yeah, I prefer salmon,
as opposed to tuna myself. – There we are, dinnertime when it comes to being a professional cyclist. Let me know though, what do
you carry in your pockets when you go out for a ride? The wild and the wonderful,
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