What Mountain Biking Discipline Is For You? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 121

– Alright, it’s Friday,
this is the Dirt Shed Show. – Yes, I haven’t been in here for awhile. – Me neither. – Been in here on my own with Ashton. – You have, yeah? – Nice, so what are we
talking about this week boys? – Slope style. – Bit of racing at Trans Provence. – Some cross-country
marathon world champs. – It’s the Dirt Shed Show. (upbeat music) – Okay, so the third round
of the Crankworx Tour took place in Innsbruck at the weekend. – [Doddy] It did, yeah, and the level of riding
was incredibly high. What I heard was that all
the riders loved this course. It was super good, super chilled for them to do all those massive tricks and Rogatkin put down clearly the best run of the
whole event, it was insane. – [Neil] It was pretty nice. He brought it out on
the second run, as well. I actually only watched
the first runs live but Brett Rheeder looked pretty
happy with his first run. – Yeah.
– Then Rogatkin came– – [Blake] Then Rogatkin
came up and punched him. – [Doddy] Whip Cash Roll – [Blake] I know, it’s ridiculous, crazy. – So twisters that look actually nice Such a big jump, as
well, to actually slow, watch it in slow motion is mental. – Yeah, but watching the event, video doesn’t give it
justice on how big it is. When you look at the photos that goes on, they are pretty high up there. – So, it’s a pretty
big rivalry between now Rheeder and Regatkin.
– Yes. – [Neil] Obviously, the last
round is in Crankworx Whistler. – Yes.
– We’re going to that. – [Neil] Sevenoak is
gonna show up to that one. – [Blake] Yes, yeah, yeah. – It’s gonna be a pretty incredible competition.
– Well, hopefully– – [Blake] Well my money is on Emil. ‘Cause he is number one
– Yep. – In FMB.
– In World Car now isn’t he? – [Blake] Yeah. He’s number one in the
world ranking at the moment, so we’ll see. – Also, downhill took
place over the weekend, Danny Hart won! – Oh, yes! – [Doddy] On small wheels. – [Blake] Yeah, on small wheels, yeah. – It’s a bath at 27.5. – Might’ve just been for that race. – It’s crazy, isn’t it? So we got Andor World Cup
coming up this weekend, on one of the most notoriously
steep technical tracks. I wonder if they’re just
gonna choose to bike them together. – Mmm.
– Who knows? – [Neil] Tracey Hannah, also
on the women’s downhill. – Probably one of the
world’s gruelingest race took pass last weekend. It was the XE Marathan World Champs. Doddy, shed some light on all this. – That’s right, Blake. It was the Sin-gyn in Germany. The men’s was 100K, and
the women’s was 80K. Both colossal races. In the men’s, it was Alvin
Akata that took the win, that was a sprint finish
and it was actually his 38th birthday, which
was pretty cool for him. – No way!
– Sprint finish after 90.
– After that, many miles, yeah. And it was Daniel Geismayr in second, and Tiago Ferreira in third. And in the women’s race, it
was also a sprint finish, again, which is crazy. It was Anika Langvad, off in first, and Sabine Spitz in second, and then Gunn Rita Dahle in third. – Still bitter.
– Still there. – Also, Big Enduro race
took place in south France, the Trans-Provence, always fast, this one was off, looks amazin’. – It’s got your name written all over it. – Hard work, epic scenery it was really hot racin, Francois Bailly-Maitre
sent me a bit of a diary of how it all went for him. And he narrowly lost to Marco Oborne, who took the win by 21 seconds over six days worth of racing. (Blake laughs)
– Look at that. – Stats were 23 hours and 40 minutes actually spent on the bike, 291K in 24 stages. – Wow.
(whistles) – Ines Thoma took the win in the women’s and Anka Martin took second place. – Nice – Alright, so the poll from last week, you’re talking about E-bikes and gizmos, how’s it gone? – Yeah, well, what is the E Future? According to you guys, E Bikes was 12%, so not a lot of people. – Oh, it’s quite a lot.
– Yeah, e-suspension, 54%, so – Oh, yeah, I reckon
that is a go, actually. That’d be a good idea, get rid of all these massive lockouts – Yeah.
– So you have a little button, – Sort of starting,
– Get rid of cables – There’s some secret stuff – Ohh,
– yeah, – Coming from a few of the big brands. – I wanna see it
– Down the line Um, E Brakes, 13%
– Ehh, – And Martin’s favourite, E Knees at 19%
(laughter) – Well, that’s just an
e-vite, really, isn’t it? If you don’t have to pad your knees, – Pretty much,
– Yeah, yeah. Right, this week’s poll, we’ve been talking a lot
about different disciplines on the show, and I’ve come up with three. Slope style, XE, or Downhill. – So what’s your favourite? – Slope style. I’m gonna click slope style. – What about the funny one? Martin always likes himself
on those one, doesn’t he? – Oh yeah, trials. – Let’s have trials, then
– Or trials. – Yeah, who’s gonna pick that one? – Click up here. (heavy drumbeat) – Alright, so what’s been happening in the comments section of
our videos this week, Doddy? – Okay, so up first
we’ve got Bence Antonya “E-Bikes won’t be the future, because we love riding
bikes, not motorcycles.” – Ooohh
– Ooohh – I mean, I don’t think
they’re motorcycles meself, – Nah, no
– No. – There’s a lot more to ’em than that. – Yeah – And there’s no fossil fuels involved. – What do you think, you’ve
been out riding them loads. – Yeah, I’ve heard that a lot of times, I ride motorbikes, I ride mountain bikes, it’s definitely a mountain bike, it’s just giving you a bit of a bump helping you along the way. But I guess this is gonna happen for quite a long time with bikes, definitely a controversial subject, and I don’t blame people at all for sort of not liking them. I see why they wouldn’t. Johnny Hopkins wants to talk about this, “The only reason Ebikes have exploded is because companies know that there are millions out there who are out
of shape that will buy one, because it’s not a bike, it’s
a motor powered vehicle.” – Mmm. – Which, I don’t, again, I don’t see that. They’re definitely really
good bikes to ride, they definitely help you up as well. I see it now, in places
with big mountains, that’s where they really, really do work. I can imagine just riding
up one massive hill, set the gas and the engine, and you know, riding up 3000
metres and dropping back down, for me, would be amazing. And it’s proper work. – Oh, definitely work. Anyway, away from Ebikes. Martin’s been called out.
(laughter) ‘Cause he said, “Les
Gets was the first stop” by Swich69. It wasn’t. – Oh, it was Rotorua!
– It was Rotorua Exactly, Martin. – Uh, and in one round left, and in Crankworx Westoff, I already said this, are we going? – I think we are going.
– I think we are – I think us three are going, – I think we’re all going
– Can’t wait – If you’re going, come find us, say hello, love to see you, love to meet some GMBM fans there. – You might get a sticker. Or some swag. – Alright, Morgan MTB says, “Magura have already made an
electric, electronic dropper.” T-post. – Ooh.
– Yeah, a bluetooth one – KM2, as well.
– Yeah. I guess they’re not the, they’re a little bit clunky, I think. They could do with making it
a little bit smaller, I guess, – I think it’s gonna be refined this year, with all that tech, I reckon,
at Eurobike this year. – Ooohh,
– Ooohh, – Yeah,
– Mmm, big trade show coming up. – Mmm. Benjamin Samardzic says, “I feel the pictures in the
bike vault lose quality, for me it seems that 70% of the people just throw their bikes next
to a tree and take a photo. Why don’t you start a ‘best
bike photography’ part in the Dirt Shed Show?” Like, looking for good
composition, nice colours, that sort of thing? – Um, that’s a good idea, I suppose. – I really agree with it. – Yeah, you boys are into photography. – I love photography, yeah.
– yeah. – Getting nerdy on the peeps, help em out. – Yeah, yep. – I agree with just leaning
the bike up against the fence. You could do better than that, guys. So let’s start seeing
some decent backdrops. Maybe prop your bike up with a stick and hide it behind the rear wheel axle. Let’s see what you’ve got. – You’ve gotta do a lot of work to get your bike in the bike vault. So popular, thanks for
sending us your bikes. – Send ’em in. (intense guitar riff) – Progression session is in progression. – It’s in session. – Miranda Boyd sends the first one, says, “Dad is progressin!” – Hey, I’m Dad, and today I’m progressin on jumps. – A little high in,
– I was, I was wanting some rear
(laughing) – Oh! That’s a pretty
decent jump right there. – Little bit of speed. – He’s gonna go it again, – Fast on the beat, but,
– fast, yeah – Well done, Dad. – That was cleanly landed. (clapping)
– He’s certainly progressin. – Mhm. – Um, Michael Meade, this is a little dude from Cannagh, I know this one. It’s kinda dangerous, this. So he’s riding a log, trying
to make it to the end, he’s a bit fancy, he’s trying
to bunny hop over the log where they fenced it off. – [Blake] Oh, look at this progression, he could fall off into that hole. – [Neil] That’s quite a
dangerous hole, isn’t it. – [Blake] Yeah. – [Neil] People love running logs, we get a lot of these
on progression session. – [Blake] Yeah. It’s a bit trials-y, isn’t it? – [Martin] It is. – [Blake] It’s a bit of bike skill, that. – [Neil] It takes a few go’s, but, if you watch it til the very end, – Oh!
– Ah! – [Neil] He done it. – [Blake] Nice! – [Neil] Finish with a victory wheelie. – [Blake] Well done, nice one. – Do you have a first-try Friday, Blake? – Yes, we, do. – Do you want me to tell you what the first-try Friday is. – If, please. – Janos Basher says he loves the show, wants to show you a little video of havin a first try
on quite a scary jump. – Ooh! – So he’s in the FTF
club, thumbs up emoji. – [Blake] Look at that! – [Neil] Where is that, Switzerland? – [Blake] Switzerland, yeah, but that’s pretty intimidating. Woah! Nailed it! – [Martin] That’s quite a construction. – [Blake] That is quite a construction. – Wow, nice one Janosh. Thanks for sending your video, keep sending them at [email protected], we’ll take a look. – You get one of these (blows raspberry) (intense guitar riff) – Over to Doddy for tech of the week. – Yeah, so this week, we’re seeing a bit of cool
new product from Camelbak. And they, you know how
you get the chest mounts for your GoPro? – Yes, – They kind of wobble around sometimes and people get worried about crashing if it’s gonna hurt, so Camelbak have built out this, it’s like a sternum protector with the base plate on
– Oh! – You can see the screen image here. – Wow, look at that!
– Give it here. – Yeah, so it also stabilises the camera – That’s a good idea,
– as well as making it safe – Yeah. – Yeah, that’s gonna be a
really popular product, I think, when that hits the shelves. And it’s gonna be compatible with all the standards for Camelbak and other brands’ hydration
bladders and stuff. So also, Rose Bikes launching their new Carbon Fibre Enduro bikes,
called the Pike’s Peak, it’s a pretty cool name, I think. So it’s got 115 travel at the back, also adjustable up to 165. Takes up to 117 of fork, and it’s got this cool pro geo feature, so the lower linkage, you can like, it’s got four positions on it, and that affects, like, the rate of the rear suspension, so it firms it up and raises the BB. – [Blake] Nice – And steepens up the head angle. – That’s really nice to
have an easy adjustability, ’cause then it’s almost all done, that’s quite genius, actually. But there’s another new
Enduro bike on the market, well, it’s a new version
of the old Orbea Reange. It’s 29 on wheels, it’s 150 on travel, looks really cool, it’s
got that asymmetric frame, so you can fit the shock with a piggyback and a bottle cage in there as well, – [Doddy] Nice – Nice carbon fibre frame. – Nice wheel size for that. (intense guitar riff and drumbeat) – So we’ve got a competition going, if you correctly predict the winners for the cross country and Diana world cups at Vallnord this weekend, you win a GMBM goodie bag. – Yes, the link is in
the description below and on our Faccebook page, so good luck. (intense guitar riff) – [Together] Hacks and
Bodges, hacks and bodges, hacks and bodges
(banging table) – Bodges, well done
(Doddy and Blake laughing) I tried me best – They’re all singing it, I sing it. – Yeah, I could hear him, – I always sing it, I don’t
know what you’re crying about. Alright, Guy Wars at Deere do it show, I believe I found one of the first the first
E Bikes in production, even if it’s pedal powered. – Let me see? – Um, how is that E Bike? – [Neil] Um, I know this bike
is like this out of the box, but I feel this was bodged
by the manufacturer, regardless. – Yeah, imagine sumping
there, on the curb. – What is that, 1955? 32 Ccs? Woah, that’s pretty cool. – Do you reckon they got quite a long travel, like, you won’t go quite far on that, – What do the E-bike haters
think about this one? Let us know in the
comment section, alright? A Bodge. – Oh, my, gosh!
(all laughing) – This one’s giddy. Have a look at this one. – Oh, look at that. – His cassette came loose, and he didn’t have a cassette tool, so he bodged one out of
an old barbecue tool. – Look at that! – [Neil] Out of an old barbecue tool? – [Doddy] Actually genius, – [Blake] An old spatula. – It’s a thing isn’t it, a homemade chain whip is a thing. – Yes, – If it works as well
as a professional one, – That is definitely a hack – You could probably still use it on your barbecue as well. – You can hold your burger, you can tie your burger up, wrap it around it. – Send us your hacks and bodges! [email protected], love hacks and bodges. – Love it, more bodges please. – Careful! (intense guitar riff) – The caption contest from last week, is a picture of me. (laughing) – Got some good ones here,
– Yeah, love it. – Brilliant. – [Doddy] Edward Reed: “Here we see the Don
in his natural habitat, displaying his mating call.” (laughter) – Out there in the woods. – Right. – Freeriders unleashed: “When you finally get Doddy
to bleed your brakes.” Yes! Do you actually bleed brakes – That’s pretty funny, actually. That’s good. Samuel Shneider: “When Neil sees a fat bike and a dog in one bike vault submission.” – Oooohh
– Holy Grail – That’s not funny, that’s
pretty accurate, isn’t it? – Yeah. – You probably would laugh at that. – I would. – Um, Ned Banford: “When Neil finds out Martyn
gave bar ends a super nice” (laughter) Got some bar ends in the posts today. – You did, yeah. Four carbon ones. – Johnny Borg: “When Neil sees how bad Doddy’s throw is.” Which is kind of ironic,
after your throw a minute ago. (laughter) – Let’s, I reckon, Edward
Reed should win that one. Send us your captions
– Yeah, definitely. – And make sure we get a gem, we have popped back. – Well, this week’s photo
is a photo of myself, in Neil Donahue’s skin suit. – Yeah, don’t want it back, you keep that one. – Oh, – On a road bike. – It was on a road bike. A cycling cross-bike, actually. So like,
– on the road – Nearly, yeah, on the road there. – It works right out with GCM, – Yeah. – Leave us your comments down below. (intense guitar riff) – Okay, so now it’s
time for fails and bails (Blake laughs) So, always look forward to watching this. – Yeah. – Send us your crashes. To get us in the mood,
we’ve got James Killiday, “Here’s a fail bail I filmed with my GoPro from the Batch Burner
long lens short shot.” – Batch Burner, that was a race I took part in a couple of weekends ago. My first ever cross-country race, 50K, all to raise money
for a local school. – [Blake] Did you fail and bail? – [Neil] I did, actually, fail. ‘Cause it was a 50K race, and I exploded at 30K. – [Blake] Oh, – [Neil] But not as bad as James Killiday. – Oh!
– Oh my gosh! – [Doddy] Had a drag. – [Blake] Yeah, he ditched his pedal. – [Neil] That’s a wicked
part of the trail, lucky he did it there, ’cause if he did it another
five foot further on, he’d have landed in the stream. – [Blake] In the puddle. – [Doddy] Also, it’s not a puddle. – Nice one James. Another one, this one comes from Charlie, who’s from Belgium, this was in Chatel last year. – Ooh
– oohh, this could be bad – Yeah, that’s not a good place to crash. – Oh!
– Oohhh! – [Neil] Oh no, hit the bank! – [Blake] Oh, and his
goggle, it bounces off. – [Neil] Oh! I didn’t see that! – [Doddy] Where’s the wheel gone? – [Neil] His wheel, this is
another angle, from his mate. Now look out to the right, here it’s coming. – [Blake] Dunk, dunk, dunk, dunk – Oh! (laughter) – What the heck? – How the hell did that come out? – Does your wheel ever come
out your bike from crashes? – Oh no. – It’s gotta, it must’ve
been a loose quick release or something, surely. – I know someone’s wheel
does come off quite often – Or a broken axle
– back in the day. – But what was that, that was a real wheel – It was Martin Ashton – Ah, it was for a while. – Was that on purpose? He does a wheelie. – Mm, yeah. – Right, let’s see some
more fails and bails Run DT. – Agghhh! (smooth jazz) – Ooohh! You alright? (man groans) (woman laughing) (intense guitar riff) – Instabangerz! This week I’m gonna
throw to Taylor Vernon, a young downhill rider, he’s well worth checking out on Instagram, because it’s insane. Check this huck out. – Senzer. So big. Nice. Right, my Instagram Banger, whatever it’s called this week is The Eskapee. Really cool mountain bike
lifestyle Instagram feed. So check it out. – And I’m gonna give a
massive shout out, actually. It’s not to a person, it’s a place. It’s Chatel bike park. – Ooh, nice! – And Nico Vink’s new line, have you seen that? – [Blake] Oh, I’ve seen, yes. – [Doddy] Big crazy jump line. If you look on Remy
Morton’s Instagram page, there’s some video footage
of him shredding it, and it looks nuts. Gotta watch that, really cool. (intense guitar riff) – Are we ready to get into the bike vault? – Yes, we are. – Favourite part of the show. – Let’s see what surprises
we got this week. First one, – First one, yeah
– Alright – Jesse from Alberta. – Mighty looking bike. – Yes, I put this one in personally. – Nice, it’s a nice bike. The tail support for me, is a bit off. – Yeah, I do like the bike. It’s super nice! – There we go!
– Okay, right. – Extreme
– Gassy pedals? – Canon drive
– Good, I like it – Canons always look good – They do, don’t they? – Not sure about the white grips meself, – The bars look very wide, don’t they? Ah, let’s give it a Nice. – Ooh, look at the sun killin it, man. – Good order,
– Very cool. – That’s old school, that thing, eh? – It’s lookin a bit old, yeah, isn’t it? – Yeah, 2005 you say? – Well, no, I didn’t say that. – I just said it looks nice. – Pretty cool, – I thought that was taken 2017 – 575
– Oh! – 26-inch wheel, – Woah!
– Nice! – Alright, from Alberta, Italy. Uphill something Lacoma. – Look at that view! – Amazing place, that is. Lacoma is rad. – Lacoma is lovely,
– Oh there it is! – Oh boys, I’m to Italy next week, to a horrendous cross-country race. – Super nice? – It’s not gonna be, but that bike is! (laughter) – Oh, wow! – Ooh, look at this. – It’s from Croatia, what is that? – Scott?
– Scott, yeah. – Nice,
– Not bad. – Nice that is, cool. – Give it a Super Nice, it’s hard top. – Oh, look at that view! – What’s that, a plus bike? – Or a wide-trail tyre. – Plus bike 2.8, I think. – 2.8, yeah. – Okay, Nice, or Super Nice? – Super Nice? – Cannon Cara, Transylvania! – Woah, where’s the vampires? – I really like that, that’s cool. – That is really cool. – Let’s give that a super nice. – Super Nice! Gosh, a lot of Super Nice’s today! – Danga bike. – That’s just, – Happy days, happy days even there. – But who’s that guy? – Malaga. – Angelo Reez? – Is that, what do you call those things? – I mean, it’s almost like a mannequin. – Yeah. – Shot here. – What bike is that? I can’t work it out. – It’s called go, – It’s like a four-bar, – Mm, Nice! – Blastoff, – Yeah, – James Williams, Sintessy. – Woah. – This May Sintessy, right? It’s like Wales? – Haven’t seen one of those, Nice. – Oh, look at that Thomas Chapman, that is zesty. – I like, I like. – I’m well into that. – Fairfax, Virginia. – Give it a Super Nice. – Super Nice! – Tristan from Wyoming – Ooh!
– Single speed. – Ooh,
– I bet he’s got a beard. (laughter) – Yes, – And there’s a beer in that
bottle cage, if he had one. – Um, Nice! – Ooh, look at that. – That’s a good shot, that’s exactly what we
were talking about earlier. – That’s exactly what we’re talking about. – Give a Super Nice on that. Track feel. – Super Nice? – Yeah.
– Yes! – Robert Fulcher, White? – Yeah, 42129? – Yeah.
– 29-inch wheels, huh? – That’s right, yeah. – 130 with travel. – Yeah, that’s nice. – That is nice. – Ooh, – Eh, if you see something there, that’s like the same trail. – Oh, is it? – That’s just – How did he get in? – Well spotted. – Wow, what does that deserve? – That’s Super Nice. – Give it a honk. – Agghhh woah! – We love seeing your bikes, send them to [email protected] We love to see them. And you can get a chance
to get in the vault. (heavy drumbeat and guitar riff) – I wonder if anyone can tell me what’s coming up on the channel this week. – Oh!
– Oh yeah, who is it? – Coming up on the channel this week, On Saturday, we’ve got a pro-bike
chat with Rach Waffelton, and then Sunday is epic rider Forte Bell. – And Monday is mechanical, and on Tuesday is top ten future tech. – Alright, Wednesday is
how to ride steep ascent. Thursday, ask GMBM, we’re gonna answer your
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