What Kind Of Mountain Biker Are You? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 109

– Big news, the rat’s back. But before we get to that, Scott, cross country or enduro? – Martin, of course it’s gonna be enduro. You’re gonna have bigger
travel and baggy shorts. – Well, he’s made his mind up, but let’s get to you. It’s the Dirt Shed Show! (upbeat, exciting music) Okay, so the international race season has just kicked off and it’s got me thinking, ’cause the enduro series
now, Scott, it’s massive. It’s pretty cool. And back in the day, you used to be either a
downhill rider, generally, or a cross country rider. But now there’s these more disciplines coming in, slope-style, enduro. And I was thinking has enduro kind of crept in on the middle ground to how people see themselves
as a mountain bike rider? – But we’re not talking
about competing, are we? It’s just if you’re going out for a Sunday ride, sort of a leisurely ride
with all your mates, and you’re trying to decide what you are, or what they are.
– Yeah. How do you define yourself? ‘Cause if I went out riding, if honestly was going out
for a mountain bike ride on a Sunday, I’d be thinking in my head, I’m going for a cross country ride. Now that’s different to what
you think about yourself. – Yeah. So if I was going for
a cross country ride, I’m gonna say that I’d kind
of be in on a hard tail or a really short travel mountain bike. And I’d be going for a big, one-day epic, so it could be up to 50k. You might be thinking
about a couple of stops where you could get a coffee on the way. – Yeah, yeah. – Enduro mountain biking, no. I think it’s slightly different, because you’ve got a climb in mind. But then you’ve got a descent in mind, that’s a reward for having done that climb. – Yeah. – And then you would
do that multiple times throughout the day. – Yeah, so it can be about the terrain you’re about to go and ride, or it can be about the
bike that you’re on, or just your general attitude. Quite, it’s a big question, and I really wanna know, has enduro crept in on that middle ground that was the generic
mountain bike or the XC guy. So, I’ve set up a poll just up there above Scott’s head. I wanna know are you an XC man? Is it enduro all the way or what’s a third one? What’s a good third one? Don’t define me! Don’t you dare define me! That’s the third choice. Let us know. And let us know in the comments as well, because I really wanna know why you’ve made the pick that you have. I’ve just noticed actually, Scott, that it’s pretty quiet
in the shed this week. It’s just us. – Just the two of us. – Where are the other two? – Well, they’re in Stockholm. – What? – And you know what’s in Stockholm? – Lots of good things. – Martin Sundström, and Pock. – Aw nice, nice. Having a bit of a jaunt, are they? – Yeah, so they’re doing a factory tour, and then there’s rumour that Blake might be having a game of bike. – With Martin Sundström? – Yeah. (laughs) – Blake’s gonna get cooked. (laughs) Can you imagine? – No.
– He’s got no chance. – Yeah, sorry we’re not
in the shed this week. But we’re in Stockholm. – Yeah, we’re in Stockholm
and we’re visiting Pock. The HQ. – Yeah, take a look, Ryan. Hopefully getting some
swag take home as well. – Like these and those? – And we’re meeting one of
your old friends, aren’t we? – Oh yeah. Good old friend Mr. Martin Sundström. – Go for a ride in the woods. – Can’t wait. – So last week’s poll, Scott, was all about punctures. Does it ruin your ride or
is it just part of the game? And I’ve got the results.
– Right, okay. – Do you wanna hear them? – I’m interested, yeah, very interested. – Well, it was a massive win, 62%, it’s just part of the game. – Wow. – All you mountain bikers
out there are like, hey, that’s just how it goes, punctures are all part of it. 33% said it ruins the ride. I’m kinda with those guys. – I’m with those guys, too. – Yeah, and then 4%, thank goodness, said that they were too
busy to answer this poll, which is good, because that means everyone
had a bit of a play with it. But it’s really interesting, innit? I didn’t think so many people would just take punctures on board because I get quite frustrated by them. – There’s nothing worse for me. Now there’s been some
comments about these, haven’t there? – Yes. – So let’s get into that. – Yeah, Allen Sangma says, Punctures are great! They give your riding
buddies more opportunities to take photos for bike vault. That is a very positive spin on it. – Okay, so that is one good one. – Yes. – Okay, and then we’ve got Larry David, and he says, tubeless for the wine, I don’t even remember how to place a tube on a tyre anymore. – What? That’s like you, ’cause you don’t even
take a tube out with you. – Yeah, I mean, I don’t wanna say that. Quite that. But I do sometimes carry one on the bigger rides, definitely. – Yeah, okay, I’ve got, sorry. I’ve got another one here
from the Chaosengine. It says, punctures only spoil a ride if you’re not prepared for them. I got two last weekend in Torridon and it was all just part of having fun. – I can actually relate to that one. – Yeah.
– Chaos, because, Torridon is really, really rocky. It’s a massive big loop. And if you did not have a tube out there? – You’d be in trouble. – You would really. You would be in trouble. There’s no bike shops, there’s nothing anywhere nearby, so. Glad he had those two tubes with him. – Yeah, last one here, kind of supporting Chaos saying, punctures can only ruin the ride if you’re not prepared. I guess that’s the big thing here, innit? You gotta be ready for them, and they might not mess your day up. – Yeah.
– But, you know. – Do you know the worst
thing that I’ve done with a puncture? – Go on. – Taken a tube but not a pump. (laughs) – Did you really? That’s a good one. (exciting guitar riff) And now it’s time for the news. What’s been happening in mountain biking. So we’re heading over to Scotty Larkin. – I thought you were gonna say we’re heading over to Rotorua. – No, just to you.
– Because Crankworx has been going on, and it’s been one massive festival. So it’s all about almost
having a good time celebrating bikes with your
buddies who’ve been racing. There’s been competitions and I’m gonna kick it off by talking about the Pump Track Battle. – Oh, awesome, awesome looking stuff. – And this was really cool. So it’s almost like the
old Jules Sloan style, because the riders have to pump their way around the track, and see who gets there the fastest time. They do it on both sides of the track, and then the times are added together to find your winner. Now there were some
absolutely awesome battles. In the men’s, it was Keegan Wright, New Zealand who took the win, just ahead of Adrian Lauren. And then in the women’s, there were some amazing battles between Caroline Buchanan and Joel Kintler. – Yeah, amazing job beating
Joel Kintler in that, actually, ’cause she is so quick on the pump track. It’s a really popular event now as well, and it’s a bit of a beer party as well for the crowd watching. – Yeah, you see everyone on the sidelines cheering, ganging balls, and there’s some aggressive racing. And then that wasn’t it
for the week, though, ’cause we can move to the Air DH. And it was Matt Walker who took the win, but a notable mention was the fact that Richie Rood was competing. – Yeah.
– So an enduro specialist in the Air DH, and he finished fourth, so great result for him. In the women, though, it was Vera Verbic, and then Joel Kintler. Sort of different result. – Vera Verbic creeping in there. No one saw her coming. And I thought, actually,
the Air DH looked awesome. I wasn’t actually that into that when I read about it, but it looked awesome. Absolutely amazing jump. So a great event. Something that’s becoming a real bell ringer at the
start of the season now, I think.
– Yeah. And then, of course, we saw the first Diamond FMV tour stop, so that was Crankworx. What can we say? Come on, it’s… – Nicholi Rogatkin took the win, and we were talking
about it in the office, and it was just like, man, that guy, nailed it, he nailed it. There was no one else. – The run that he just threw down was, I don’t even think, you know, if Semenuk had a bad day, I think if Semenuk had been on his A game, I’m not convinced he
could have done anything. – No, I’m agreeing with you. I think Rogatkin this year is gonna be maybe nearly impossible to beat if he sticks a run in? So, you know, good luck everyone! More news? – Yeah, because have you
seen Brendan Fairclough’s Death Grip movie trailer? – Aw, so good. I was like this, ah! Brilliant. – His ambition with the movie, right, is within the first ten
minutes, you’re watching that, and then you just go out to the garage and you want to grab your bike. – I’m sure it is gonna do that. I mean, listen to some of these names. Brandon Semenuk, Josh
Bryceland, Andreu Lacondeguy, Sam Reynolds, Ryan Howard, Nico Vink, Andrew Nieveling, Olly Wilkins, wow! – So basically just
all the raddest riders. – Yes. – On the planet, come
together and make a movie. – Game changer, I think. This film is gonna be a game changer. And Brendan’s gonna do such
an amazing job of this. I’m already looking
forward to Death Grip 2. – Yeah, global releases are made, so we’re psyched for it, and you guys should be, too. – Time to look at what
you guys have been saying on the channel this week
through your comments. We’re gonna start with
last week’s Dirt Shed show. If you remember, we showed in last week’s
show a progression session, progression session, from Yuen Armour, all right, where he did that jump and
he backpedalled in the air. And we’re like, oh, it’s a reverse DT. – Yeah, yeah. – But it’s not, actually, because we’ve had comments
from Marcus Chandler, Adam, Arenecamore, a few people. It’s actually called a chainsaw. – Huh. – That’s it’s name. – Did you know that? – I didn’t know that, actually. – I didn’t know that.
– I didn’t know that at all. I didn’t know that at all. Pat Hurley said, a lot of
super nice thrown around in last week’s bike vault for bikes with the pedals
in the wrong position. Now you’re a bit of a
stickler for that, aren’t you? They weren’t at three o’clock, and he’s saying the super
nices shouldn’t be going out. You know, Pat is not happy. Do you remember last week, the hack with the knitted mudguard? – Mhm. – Yeah? Now, um, Att La says actually, that’s called, it’s a lady, it’s a lady’s bike, and
it’s called a skirt guard. And it’s actually to stop a lady’s skirt going into the back wheel when they’re riding along
with their skirt on. It’s actually a thing. – I never knew. – I never knew, and I
wish it wasn’t a thing. It’s a knitted mudguard. Nobody needs that in their life. – I guess you’d think, I should know, because I wear a kilt. (laughs) (exciting guitar riff) – Now, Blake “Bing Bong”
Sampson is not here this week. He’s in Sweden, as you know, so it comes down to me and you, Scott, to do Progression Session. So I’m gonna take it from here. – Okay, what we got first? – First one is from Chris Brown. It’s Holden, his seven-year-old
son, in the garden, progressing his jump training. Yeah, so he’s starting off pretty steady. He’s not going quick enough. Okay, he’s just getting used to the ramp. – Yeah. – You know, working his way through it. – A bit faster. – Yeah. – Now, he really wants
to go for a trail ride, but they couldn’t, could they? – No, dad wanted him to have
certain skills nailed first, which is a good idea. – Oh, he nails it. – He’s totally got it now. – And look at the grin on his face. – Ah, that’s great. – That is a good one. – Great progression, that one. Okay, next one is from Brian Sanders, progressing his jumping skills. The first bit of this is one of the worst
crashes I’ve ever seen. All right?
– Okay, I’ll brace myself. – But amazingly,
amazingly he does progress to having another go, look at this. Coming in. – Oh, in slow. – Oh my goodness me, this could have won the
fails and bails contest. Oh. How harsh was that crash? – That was. – So he was brave to come in
and progress to another go. Kind of lovely, actually. Bit of style coming in there. – A bit too much speed limit over a jump. – Yeah a bit, a bit too far. But pretty good. Right, so pretty good
progressions this week. – Time for the big question, though. (laughs) Is someone new going to join
that First Try Friday club? – We have got… (coughs) I’m so excited my voice is gone. We have got James Attawell, who has sent us in a really
good First Try Friday, actually. – Hi, my name is Jack Attawell and this is my First Try Friday. – Coming in hot. Woo, I like how it slowed
it down at the edge. – Whereabouts is this, do you know? – Big old jump. Does that look familiar? – I think that’s Forest Adena, actually. – Yeah, it’s pretty scary. It’s pretty scary.
– It is, actually. – But you know what that means, James. You have made it into the
First Try Friday club, and you join all of
those very special people that me and Scott are not. (puckering sound) There’s your badge, well done. If you want to get into
the First Try Friday club, or you wanna do a progression session, send them, you can see it just down there, to [email protected] and we will be ready and
waiting to receive your gift. That sounded weird. (guitar riff) Right, it’s competition time! – Yes!
– Yes. (chain clinking) We have got some amazing
stuff here from Ergon. We got a set of grips. Got this lovely seat, and, I want one of these, one of these backpacks. We’ve got this little package
for three lucky winners. So this is the deal, you’ve
got to answer this question. Follow the link in the
description down below. Can you answer this? Which Ergon rider won
the EWS series last year? (inhales) – It was? – Was it? Was it? Give it a try, see if you can win it. Three lucky winners. (guitar riff) – Right Martin, it’s one of my favourite times of week, and it’s Hacks and Bodges time. – You need to get out more. – Okay, well, I’ll get
on with this first one from William McCarty, and
he’s used a handle bar and an old stand to be a bog roll holder. – Aw, I like it. I like that ’cause it’s
a bike themed shed. That’s good use of bike parts that are no longer on the bike. – Right, what have you got? – I’ve got, Jasper Goff has sent this in. Now I know Bing Bong
Sampson has done this, where he’s mounted his bike
on the back of his motorcycle so he can go and ride. In our all fog, like, get
finding anyway to go out riding, but this seems extreme to me. This seems dangerous. – Yeah, looks pretty high. Crosswind, not so much fun. – I’m not sure about that one, Jasper, but you know, thanks for trying. That was bad. Okay, now lastly, prepare yourself for this, Scott, it’s… – Am I gonna be impressed? – Not impressed, you’re gonna be scared. Allister Fair sent this
picture in of this bike. – Oh my god. – What’s with all the
knitted things on bikes? We don’t understand it! Knitted bikes! – No. – Honestly. He said that could possibly my
Pinerello from Robot Party 1. It was a film I was in,
you may have heard of it. (guitar riff) Caption contest time. Remember Neil in a big van? – Yeah. – Okay, Dennis Leskovar says, “I think Neil is
compensating for something.” – That’s true, you know what
they say about big trucks in Canada and America. – Yeah, could be, could be. Not the winner though. – I’m gonna say Alex
Cel Bun is the winner. He said, “Honey, I shrunk the Neil!” (laughs) – Nice play on the Hollywood film there. You are a winner. Send us your details and
we are gonna send you one of those little pocket packet things. – You put your phone in it, it keeps it warm and dry. – Champion, look at that. – And if you really want one, you can also get it in the shop. – Good catch. (packet crashes) Ow. – Almost took my eye out. What have we got this week
for the caption contest? – This week, we’ve got those
two clowns over in Sweden. Here they are, give us
your captions for this. Let us know what you think. Give us your captions down below. And we’ll see, maybe one
of you will be a winner. Maybe, can’t promise it. Can’t promise it. (guitar riff) Nothing more satisfying than
making you guys out there movie stars guaranteed a million hits on the videos coming up. Not guaranteed. Viewer edits, here we go, we don’t got any popcorn this week, cause Blake’s not here. – I mean, we could put the
lights out, though, couldn’t we? – Should we put the lights out? – Yeah, put the lights out. – It’s movie time, right, okay. – Bring that in, bring that in a little. – Starting in with Andreas Roebeck. Here he goes. Rainy day with his mate. – On a nico sight two, where is it? – Oh, that’s cool. Look at this. – All right, it looks like
he’s put in some effort. – It’s absolutely hammering down. Absolutely hammering down. Oh, a bit of pushing up there. – Yeah, getting to the top of the trail. ‘Cause it’s obviously pretty high. – This guy’s an enduro
guy, he’s defined himself. Pushed to the top. – He has, yeah. So he’s making, he’s just there
for the downhills, really. – He is. – He’s kinda like how I am. – That’s a good edit. That is a good edit to start with. – What a weapon track. – Yeah, I am pretty pleased with that one. Next one, million views coming this way, to Andrea, Andrew Needzilla. I wanna call people Andrea today. I don’t know why. In California. – Nice, I’m hoping this is
gonna be drier one, though. Bit more of summer vibes. – It’s really good one. Oh, he’s cruising now, he’s cruising. He needs get to get something
pretty exciting here. Looks like we’re building up something. – Yeah, is this gonna… – Oh yeah, ladder section.
– Ladder drop. Bit of zoom, too. – Nice, I like it. I like it a lot. They just got a million views. If you want the same, then send your video
in to [email protected] and you could be a movie star. – And you know what, with movies in mind? Let’s get straight into Fails and Bails. (guitar riff) – I tell you what, I’ve got
a cracker for start off with. – Show me. – You know what, this is
actually a bit of a movie of itself. So I think we should possibly
dim the lights again, because you’re gonna, you
are gonna start laughing because this is crazy. Watch this. It’s two minutes long, so we’re not gonna be
able to see all of it. Right, he’s down. This hill must look
steeper than it is, right? – He’s struggling to get out of the bike. – Yeah. (laughs) He’s sliding down.
– Oh no, he is. – Now honestly this goes on for ages. Like, look how, it looks bone dry. – This is the Philippines.
– It looks bone dry. – Another guy, there’s three of them. – Look how he really struck that bike. – Oh, he’s down, he’s down. – That bit’s got to be
steeper than it looks, innit? ‘Cause look, these guys, this guy can’t get back up the hill. – Yeah, carnage corner, this one is. – I’m writing all year looking
at a minute and a half now of this guy not being
able to get to his bike. – Oh my god. (laughs) Get those lights back on, and let’s tell them where they can send their videos if they want
to be in Fails and Bails. – Well if you wanna be in Fails and Bails. He’s still stuck. (laughs) Send them in to [email protected] – Why’s he still stuck? – It doesn’t even look that steep. – Right let’s just, we’ll watch the rest of it, and for these guys, let’s run VT. (upbeat rock music) (man yells) (man groans) (leaves crunch) (guitar riff) – Time for Instabangerz, and Scott, I’m gonna start
you out with this one. Wynmasters and Billy Drivistky doing a pretty wicked
wheelchair manual next to him. Now that is a good wheelie Wednesday. – That is cool.
– Very cool. And I just wanna keep everyone up to date with Trials Wizardry, because I know everyone out there is a bit stressed that they
don’t get to see enough trials on the channel. I know that’s true. So I just wanna shove you to this. Rafa, everyone’s sniggering
in the background, I don’t know why. Rafa here showing just what’s possible on those tiny little trials bike, so check this out. Yeesh. – Wow. – I don’t even know
what a word for that is. But it’s good. (guitar riff) Scott! – Mart! (laughs) (squeaks) – Scott! – Mart! – It’s time for a Bike Vault high. Let’s get in there. Let’s have a look at the
bikes you’ve been sending in. First one up, ooh, Cube, up on the rocks. Oh, where’s that? I don’t know where that is, actually. Could be Argentina. – Give it a nice. – It’s a nice to start. Nice start. – Ooh, Anthony here, with
a, what bike is that? – High tail?
– Specialised. – Should we give the high tails, no, the pedals aren’t straight. – The pedals aren’t straight. It’s not getting, it’s
a nice, it’s a nice. – Onto the next. – Ah, a nice vudu in Kendall. Ben Nightengale’s vudu, it’s… – Pedals again, so it’s not a super nice. – I don’t know if we can be
that strict on that rule. I mean, it’s a lovely shot. It’s a nice. (mumbles) It’s a nice. – Aw! Okay, I’m gonna bend the
rules here, because… – Yeah, ’cause Javier in Argentina… – Has nailed it. – He’s smashed it. – Yeah, that is a super nice. (squeaks) – Look at the effort he’s
gone into lighting that. Aw, brilliant. – He’s got it perfect. – John Garcia following
it up with his cona out in the trails in Edmunds, Washington. – That’s a super nice ’cause the pedals are in the right place. (squeaks) – Super nice. We’re back on form now. Oh, Neil, where are
you when you’re needed? – Is that a scott as well? – No, I’m gonna override anything that Scott says at this point. This is Mike Mills in Parahar
Valley in New Zealand. That is a super nice fat bike. (squeaks) – The pedals aren’t even straight. (laughs) – Okay, Mauritz Balchausen in Cannondale. Rush in I don’t know where. – He has defined himself. He is definitely a cross country rider. No drop or post-shot travel. – Yeah, like it, good decisions, what are you giving him? – Nice. – Oh, I would have gone more than that, but there we are. Paul Graham, Ball Hill in Lancashire. It’s not a super nice. – No, it’s definitely.
– Could have been, though. – No, it’s definitely just a nice. – He had everything he needed. Pedals in the right place, but, you know. – No, they’re actually
the wrong way round, but. – He had everything, oh, yes. (whistles) That’s good, innit? – Five hours could have been it. Wonder what way if he’s
going up the trail or down. And that’s a high tail, so I’m gonna give it some high
tail love with a super nice. (squeaks) – There are all round the
bike vault, a good one there. – That was. – That was a great bike vault. – I feel like we had a
little bit more with us, but the people that got
them, deserved them. – Yes, it was very good. If you want your bike to
star in the bike vault, it can if you take the right shot, then send them in to
[email protected] down there, look. (crashes) And you could be in the
bike vault, good luck. (guitar riff) – Tomorrow, it’s gonna be a
pro bike check with Blake. (upbeat rock music) – Ooh, nice. And then on Sunday, it’s a box video. What? – Box drive train. – Oh, I thought it was an unboxing. – So it’s another alternative to stran mesh mano. – Box drive train, okay. – On Monday, it’s a maintenance video and it’s how to make a mudguard for free. – Tuesday, we’ve got 12 basic jump skills. – Everyone needs to know them. And then Wednesday is
how to ride corners fast. Really fast. – And on Thursday, we’ve
got our regular Ask GMBN. – What about Friday, Martin? – Friday it’s the Dirt Shed show, Scott, so don’t stress, we’ll be back next week. Yes, if you’d like to see
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