What Is The Peloton? | Road Racing Explained

(energetic music) – Peloton is a French word which literally translates to little ball. Originally, it was a military term used to describe the tight formation
of a group of soldiers. And in cycling, it is
the main body of riders within a road race. Due to the advantageous
effects of slipstreaming behind other riders, they
tend to stick together on flat or rolling road. It is far easier to be
there than out on your own or in a small group. A peloton is generally
led at the front by a team who may be defending a leader’s jersey, or maybe looking to set the
race up for a bunch sprint. It can take various shapes. It might be an arrowhead formation with a string of riders at the back. It may be completely strung out or completely across the road. A peloton is significantly bigger than any other group on the race. Although there can be
more than one peloton, if it’s been split in two. (energetic music)