What Is The Most Important E-Bike Feature? | EMBN Show Ep.41

– Tonight’s show we’re
gonna be taking a look at racing, speed, and
a World Series update. – And adventure, let’s not forget that mountain biking is about the freedom to explore, not just a
bout against the clock. Oh, and the Haibike FLYONs are ready to order, they’re out the door, so we’ll be taking a closer look. – Can’t wait. (electronic beat) – Chris, I’m really excited, the new Haibike microsite
is out for the FLYON, which means the FLYON bikes
are now available to order. You know, this is a
highlight bike of 2019. – [Chris] Big one for
me as well, definitely. – [Steve] Yeah, cannot
wait to get my hands on one of these bikes, right? – [Chris] Yeah, it
looks really good, that. 180 mm of travel runs,
it’s got the FLYON motor, 120 Nm core.
– That’s a lot. – Imagine what we could do on that thing, slab, that’s a thing of the past. I think we’re gonna climb up
the Shard I think, this time. Get some toe clips ready. – I’m gonna hold you to
that, you reckon we can take that FLYON up steeper stuff
than we did previously? – [Chris] Possibly, yeah. – [Steve] Whoa, that’s gigantic torque! – Another thing I’m looking
forward to with that bike is that built in Skybeamer light, I’m gonna get the night riding in. – [Chris] Which means we
can do the Slab in the dark! – Oh my God, I didn’t think of that. That would be amazing too, yeah, really looking forward to getting those. – Yeah, and of course, you can see, ’cause you got the light and everything, it means, you know, night riding, it’s all ready to go, right? – Yeah, definitely. – But for me, I think
a really important part of the new FLYON is the new geometry. So, the size of this
change quite significantly this year to last year, so for example, at six foot I’m now
thinking, am I a large, or am I an extra large, because – I’m always on that border too, yeah. – Yeah, because now, you know, on the current bikes,
with the Bosch motor, that’s for 2019 as well, you’ve got reach, which is a good indicator of size. Large is 460, whereas the XL is 483. On the new bikes, the large is 467, and the XL is 497, which
means the size on these bikes, you know, there’s something there for people over six foot as well. Now, I don’t want to make, we shouldn’t really make generalizations about reach. Reach is a good indicator,
it’s not the be-all and end-all on fit, because of such things as bottom bracket height and
the way the suspension works. But yeah, it’s gonna be
really quite a juggle to get the right size on that bike. – I think I’m going for a large, I always like to go for that in between. I like you know, as you
know, jumping around doing a bit of extreme
stuff, I find the XL for me is a bit of a big old bike to truck around, whereas I know you prefer that big comfortable bike
smashing those miles up. – Well you know, I think
I’m probably gonna be, I’m looking probably for
a large as well, I think. Especially on the FLYON– – You gonna be joining me on the big jumps and stuff then, by the sounds of it? – Absolutely no chance. But another thing to think about is the wheel base and the
chainstay on the new FLYON, especially with the 120 Nm motor. So they’ve gone from 460 up to 470, which means that’s gonna be a one hell of a good climbing bike,
it’s gonna give you more stability on the
back, plus the wheel base, the wheel base has gone up. You’re looking at, I
think, a 1290 wheel base on the size large, that’s a long bike. – Yes. – Would help you getting
to break that 100K speed limit which you failed to do! I can’t believe, you haven’t got the right to come in the office,
99.4 kilometers an hour. – [Chris] I know, nearly there, but yeah, maybe that new FLYON will
help me out with that one. – I can’t believe you got the cheek to come in the office.
– Or maybe, or maybe you can come with that extra
weight and smash it for us, we can talk 120K. – It’s all about the ballast, Christopher. (Chris laughing) – So let’s talk about racing. This weekend saw the eENDURO
series take place in Varazze. – Yeah, Varazze in Italy. This was the last round of the series, and lots of big names at this event. – Big entries. – Curtis Keene from
Specialized, Miranda Miller, the 2017 World Downhill champion. It was actually won by
Italian Simone Martinelli on a Rocky Mountain, but
continuing the racing theme. Now last week, we had a
behind-the-scenes look at WES, which is a Monaco based organizers who are gonna be holding a
world ENDURO series next year. Now, the guys from eENDURO
are actually running their own eENDURO world
series next year, called EEWS. – [Chris] Lot of E’s going on here. – [Steve] Lot of E’s going on here. But I’m gonna give you more of an update from Luca and Franco Montierro who are the characters
behind this, next week, but it seems that these
guys are more towards the sort of Enduro racing.
– Yeah, I saw that. – We covered WE last week,
which is more probably more cross country Enduro tour orientated and obviously, I’m gonna come back onto WS later in the show, but yeah, I’m really excited about the Italians because those guys are
mad for Enduro racing. – Yeah, they love it
out there, don’t they? Big scene. I think Donny was out there
at the weekend of last week at the EWS and he could not believe the amount of eBikes out
there floating around. – Yeah.
– In finale. – Yeah. Basically, the EWS is more
eBikes than normal bikes. Mental. – So, it’s not all about racing, Steve. There’s lots of other things
going on around the globe. Out in Brixton, we saw
a big eBike open day. It was really cool being
there floating around from Guido Tschugg on his
Husqvarana around the festival, on the trails, ripping
through the streets, pit stop strategies, there’s
this cool little vid. – Yes, It’s Richard K coming from Guido, who used to be a four cross
racer, World Masters champion. Clearly, he’s having a
great time just cruising around the tracks in Brixton. I was there in the summer with Shamano and it’s quite a hub
of activity that town, some amazing trails there. – [Chris] Looks it from the video. – Yeah, exactly, as Guido
shows on his Husqvarna. Chris, really exciting new niche. You’ve got Ask AMBN coming to the channel. Cannot wait because I wanna
know what you guys think about all aspects of
eBike, whether it be speed, motors, wheel, gears. – Bikes, absolutely
anything to do with bikes. – Anything, terrain, where
in the world you can ride, we wanna know your questions. So, it’s coming soon, right Chris? – Yeah, definitely. If you wanna know more about
eBikes, as Steve’s mentioned, just drop us a comment
below, hashtag EMBN. Sorry, hashtag AskEMBN, and we’ll get back to those comments, compile a list of those up,
and we’ll get back to them, answer them all in one big new show coming in a few weeks.
– Yeah, do you know what? AskEMBN, I can’t wait to
get stuck into that one. – Yeah, definitely.
– Fantastic. Well Chris, so good to be back on – Good to have you back. – Good to be back on home soil. This time last week I was
in the Noida Peninsula in the middle of nowhere with Hannah Barns and we got a video on that trip, coming up on EMBN very soon. Chris, such a rugged, remote environment, so different to the Alps in Switzerland. It’s pretty mental. – Switzerland, let me stop you there. Swiss, we got the awesome new DT Swiss F five three five one four to give away. – That’s a super clean fork.
– Yeah, yeah. – We’re giving one of those away? – We got one of those to give away. Tell us about it, Steve. – [Steve] You want me to talk about it. – [Chris] Yeah, come
on, you know your stuff. – Well, it comes in a
variety of travel option. Also, it’s 27 point five, 29 wheel size. Like I said, all the dials
are very hidden on it. – [Chris] For a clean looking fork. – Once you’ve set the
S spring on that fork, It’s pretty much good to good. However, this is a really
couple of neat touches on it. In the front axle, you can remove that and there’s a little adjuster
there to adjust your remote. – Oh, like a little Allan key? – To adjust your rebound.
– Yeah. – Built in mud guard. – The list goes on. – List goes on.
– That’s sounds cool. – Yeah, and we’re giving
one of these away. I can’t believe that. – If you wanna learn
how to win one of those, there’s gonna be a link in the screen now or in the description below. So, enter in that, win this awesome fork. – Can we win one? – I’d love to. (electronic metallic zapping) So, it’s time for feedback. Had lots of good comments this week from all the recent videos. Steve did a great one with Jess last week: heavyweight versus featherweight. – Yeah, absolutely awesome. Honestly, just blown away by the feedback on the range feature,
which I did with Jess. Now, lots of science-based
answers too to our feature and honestly, I’m loving some of the stuff you guys have come up with. – Kelvyn Bettridge, he says recharge, swap batteries, and repeat. – Shwop? – Shwop batteries and repeat. – Absolutely, we could do that. – What would that be,
about different batteries? What you thinking? – Well, it comes down to
this, to Mythix23 who say that not all batteries are created equally and that’s a good point, really, so we should do that an feature, but check this out, this
one though from Knut and Knut says, it seems
the climb in the end was the most demanding
section of the ride, with the highest power input/output. When the motor has to
dish out a lot of power at low battery voltage,
the battery will have to increase the current. If the motor is demanding
more current than a low state of charge battery can
deliver, voltage will drop rapidly and the system will shut down. If you’d reduced the load in the end, ridden on flat terrain, the
difference could very well have been much greater. – I can see that for sure. – So, this is important. It’s like when you ride
at the end of a charge. – I had that exact same
thing on that big ride I did, that 100 kilometer ride, that last climb, I had two bars, and all of a sudden down to one mile range left.
– Yeah, I mean, as Knut concludes, it’s
really difficult to interpret if the difference between
the results is big or not. If the load is considerable
higher on the last section, then the difference
between the lightweight and heavier rider will be higher than the difference in distance indicates. There’s so much to think about, yeah. But Chris, this is a great
comment, this is from Lee Dove. – I read this one and I don’t even know. We need our top level scientist
here for this formula, but go ahead.
– Well, this is what Lee says. – Try and explain this.
– Lee says that the speed, velocity you climb at has
much more influence than mass. Kinetic energy, formula here,
so weight has a linear effect but velocity difference is squared. So, if the system weight is 14% less, then the best you should
get is 14% more range. So, given all the other variables, 10%-ish is to be expected. – I would say 13%, wouldn’t you? 13%? – Well, Lee’s basically
saying the result we got is actually not that far
out, even with that formula, which he gave, which is way over my head. – And my head. – So yeah, I think the bottom line is that we actually did that right,
me and Jasper did the ride, we did the same cadence, we
kinda sorta change the gears, so we were in the same gearing and it’s a fact on the ground, right? So, I think we should revisit
it and we should go in eco and we should go on
the trails to try that. We should also same the same battery, do a recharge on the battery,
and also the next step we’re gonna do is a ride
with the same watt output, so there’s much, much more
to go on this subject. But Chris, this week has been
all about the speed, right? – [Chris] Yeah, definitely. Yeah, I did my 100 kilometer
per hour speed attempt. What was it, Steve?
– Attempt. That it is. It’s an attempt, right? – [Chris] Yeah, so you got really close. If you haven’t seen the
video, go and check it out. – [Steve] It’s only ’cause
I was too scared to do it. – [Chris] But that was
crazy and that was literally the fastest I’ve ever been off road and that’s a pretty
scary moment on my bike. – [Steve] I’m a bit concerned about those poor, old sheep there. – I was concerned about
hitting one of those things. I wouldn’t be here if
I’d hit one of those. – I can’t believe you even
considered hitting it. – I definitely wouldn’t be here. – But anyway,
– But you probably would have had a good Sunday
meal out of one of those. We had loads of comments, as usual. Got Bossmanaatii here
saying, using a massive hill and still way slower than
my eBike going uphill. So, this guy must be going
100 kilometers uphill. So, I’m really interested
to see what eBike he’s got. That must have a huge motor. – Yeah.
– I’m guessing a throttle. – The thing is, right, here on EMBN, we deal with mid-drive
motors, 250 watts, right? – Mountain bikes. – Mountain bikes. I don’t think… We’ll come out to speed a
little bit later in the show, but yeah, there’s eBikes that
can go 120 kilometers an hour. – With a throttle. – With a throttle. – But we’re not doing that,
we’re talking about pedaling. – But you didn’t even pedal. You were freewheeling. What’s that last comment there, Chris? – We’ve got Mark Collingwood,
he’s a regular on the channel, always comments good stuff, as well. We’ve got, bloody good effort, Chris. – Is that you giving yourself
a gigantic pat on the back? – Pat on the back. So yeah, cheers, Mark. That was an epic ride and it was scary and I really hope it does
come across on the video. (electronic metallic zapping) – Right, it’s time for In Depth. Chris, I think your speed
feature has really stirred a hornet’s nest about
speed and I wanna talk about it in depth with you. Obviously here at EMBM, we ride
mid-drive bikes, 250 watts, 25 kilometers an hour
restriction here in Europe, but in the US, it’s 30 kilometers an hour. Now, you’ve obviously got eBikes, which are faster than that, speed pedal X, but in that instance, you
need to have licensing – Insurance. – Insurance. – Number plates.
– Lights and blah blah, blah,
– Restrictions on where you can go.
– Yeah. Nevertheless, you’ve
proved we do go beyond 25 kilometers an hour, whether
it be under our own steam, or whether it’s gravity-lead
from when you’re dropping off the side of a mountain
and stuff like that. But there are electric bikes out there, which do go faster than
25 kilometers an hour or certain kilometer an
hour, throttle controlled, or pedal assisted. – Yep. – And yeah, myself and
Josh, we came across a guy in the forest of Dean not so long ago, who built his own bike, which
was, I think it was 1000 watts and it did 100 kilometers an hour. – Right. (crosstalk) – Yeah, but you know,
these bikes are out there. Let’s not pretend they don’t exist. But my question to you, Chris, is how important is speed to you on an electric mountain bike? So, I wanna get you to put
your answers on the postcard and we’ll discuss it. How about that? – Yeah, sounds good. – So, we’ve taken 10
minutes, half an hour, to look at what we feel are
the most important features on an eBike and where does
speed come on this list? So Chris, what was your… First of all, you said number one is natural mountain bike feel. Explain that. – So, I like to get on
that eBike and feel that – No, mountain bike’s fine. – Mountain bike, an eBike,
whatever you wanna call it. Get on my bike and feel natural on it. I don’t wanna feel like I’m
stepping on a motor bike and twisting that throttle. I still wanna be pedaling
through the woods, enjoying the countryside. – But you know what? I think you nailed it there. I think eBikes are
becoming recognized more as mountain bikes as the weeks go by. – Definitely, yeah. – Aren’t they?
– 100%. – I think conventional
mountain bikes, again, shunted that way, and I think eBikes are definitely more mountain
bike than ever before. – Yeah, for sure. And yours? What’s one of your biggest things? – Number one for me is battery range. – Yeah. – I guess it’s influenced by my time in the Scottish mountains last week, but I like to be able to go out there without the worry or anxiety of being able to come back home. – [Chris] Yeah. – So you know, I think looking at 700 watt hour batteries, that means there’s no end. Basically, if you’ve
got a 700 watt battery, it means that you’re gonna
get tired before that bike is. That’s really number one on my list. – That’s good, yeah. – Yeah, number two on yours, Chris? – Motor characteristics was next or second thing on my list. I just like the way that
motor engages and disengages. It still, as was mentioned earlier, it feels like a regular bike. You just got that added
kick if you want it but you can ease off and just spin along like kinda on a regular bike. – And I guess also, once
you go beyond that 25K, you can pedal through that
zone and you’re doing it under your own steam, right? – Yeah, so that’s really important for me. – Yeah, totally.
– Number two for you? – Suspension. I think an eBike has to have suspension. I’m done with hard tails, myself. I mean, they’re great if
you ride forest trails or tow paths, but if you’re
getting in the mountains and you’re riding a mountain bike, then I think suspension,
about 150, 160, 180, is a must.
– Definitely. Yeah, for sure.
– Yeah. Number three. – Silence. – Absolutely.
– I love riding my – Absolutely. – You know, when I’m out on my bike, I just like to be riding
along, I know it sounds cliche, but hearing the birds,
looking at wildlife, earthy stuff like that. I love just looking around
and seeing that stuff out on a ride. – Well, hold on, so you’re
doing your 60 foot gap jumps going, oh yeah, a sparrow. Yeah, yeah.
– A deer, a bird. Oh look, a buzzard down there.
– Sparrow or pheasant. – Flying over those sparrow hawks. – I get ya. – No, but just going along silent, that’s what bikes is about for me. It’s not all about riding along (making motor noises) I’m done with that.
– Yeah, totally. – On motorbikes.
– And do you know what? A lot of eBike motors are
becoming more and more silent. – Yeah. – As the years go by. – Number three. – Number three on my list is geometry. Pointless having a motor and a battery if your geometry’s all off. – Yeah. – You can’t have the
bottom bracket too high ’cause it’s gonna affect
how the bike corners, the bike can’t be too short, so that means the stability’s affected, sizing, you’ve gotta
have a bike that fits you because fatigue, if the
bike’s too small for you, you’re gonna become fatigued very quickly. So yeah, number three
on my list is geometry. – Yeah. – Four, Chris. – So, what I love about eBike
compared to the other bikes is just being able to get
straight out my front… You know, on a mountain bike,
if you have one of those e-pedal, well, like the
e-motorbikes basically. – Yeah, speed pedal X.
– Yeah. On the eBike, I’ve
obviously got no insurance, no number plate, things like that. I can just wheel it
straight out my front door, ride along a path, get on the road, go straight to the trails. I’m not blasting around,
scaring the neighborhood. – [Steve] Exactly, yeah. – [Chris] It’s just a normal bike. – [Steve] Yeah, you’re not
doing ridiculous speeds, so I think it’s really
important that 25K an hour is really important. – Number four for you, Steve? – Reliability. – Yeah, that’s a big one. – Don’t need to expand on that, really. And number five on yours, Chris? – Speed. I think that’s really important. The eBike speed on the trail. – So, speed does come in your list. – Definitely comes in. That’s the reason I ride eBike, just to keep that flow more than anything. It’s not necessarily
speed, it’s just flow. Like if you ride a regular
pedal mountain bike, those boring, flat, single track. You get a motor on that, just
have a little bit of speed, that trail becomes alive. It’s no longer just a
little boring bit of trail. – I guess what you’re talking about is you can technical
little hill climbs as well. – Yeah, yeah. – So you’re going up, you’re
doing that, you go down. (crosstalk) And the fact is you can do more trails. – Exactly, in the same time. – Exactly. – What’s number five for you then, Steve? – Well, you’d be surprised,
but I think aesthetics. – Definitely. Something good to look at.
– I want a traditional, mountain bike silhouette
and I think, as I said, it’s become increasingly that way and I think when people
buy mountain bikes, they by them for how they look. – [Chris] Yeah. – [Steve] That’s how it is. – [Chris] It’s gotta look pretty. – Exactly. So, there you go. That’s myself and Chris’s top five and it seems that speed, not
really top of our list, really. – Exactly. We’ll be interested to see what
your top fives are as well. List them below, comment as well. We’d really like to
hear what you guys think and those important things about eBikes. – Bang on. (electronic metallic zapping) A couple of weeks ago, managed
to bump into the Orange crew down in the woods and have
a look at their Orange Alpine eBike and this is what we found. Made in Halifax, designed in Halifax, the Orange Alpine six
E, 170 mil travel front and 160 on the rear. All aluminum chasse. It houses a Shimano E
8000 motor and battery with 70 Newton meters of torque. Now visually, I don’t
know, it’s up to you, but in terms of geometry, this
bike is absolutely bang on. It really is pin sharp, especially when it comes to descending and that’s because of the number involved, 64 and a half degree head angle, 342 millimeter bottom bracket. The core on this bike is amazing. In terms of the component-ry, well, the bike comes in three models. You’ve got the probe, RS, and the factory and that’s shown in the spec on this bike. This has got lyric up front. This is the RS and it’s
got a Monarch shock. Stands, rims, Probe four
hubs, Renthal handlebars, Reverb seat posts. It’s a really nice finish
you get on this bike. Okay, moving on to French shores, Chris you were taken with
the Lapierre E-Zesty, right? – Yeah, the ultimate
2019 model looks amazing. This bike has got one of the big removable Fazua battery and motor. – [Steve] Fazua. – [Chris] 18 kilograms, this
bike, basically, the frame, and their idea of it, you
can remove that battery and ride it as a standard motor bike. – [Steve] 18 kilos, that’s not far off what Enduro bikes were
four or five years ago. – Mental.
– What’s your thoughts about riding without
a battery on an eBike? – Riding without a battery on an eBike? – Yeah, yeah. – Where did that question come from? – That’s what they’re saying
about this Fazua thing, it’s like the idea of it, you can ride it as a normal motor bike, 18 kilos, or slot that battery in, and obviously gonna be slightly heavier. – It’s a great idea. It’s a great idea.
– It’s multi-use. – I think it’ll be that
transition for some people between a mountain bike and an eBike. – Or maybe if they’re riding
a standard mountain bike with friends, you could
be riding with them. – Gives you no end of options. You can ride it without a battery, you can ride it with a
battery and the motor off, or you can ride it with a battery. – Universal tool. – Sky’s the limit. Sky is the limit. Actually, the sky is no limit. (electronic metallic zapping) – It’s time for the Climb of the Week. What have we got, Steve? – This week is from Wales
and it’s a fantastic video by Emmer Davis and his wife, Maynor. This is their assent of Wales, as high as Mountain Snowdon and it’s an epic ride and
I think this really does epitomize everything which is
great about e-mountain biking. You’re in the mountains,
you’re gonna technical climb, you’re gonna summit,
you’ve got incredible views from this peak. What do you think about it, Chris? – [Chris] Does look
really cool, doesn’t it? Going from that bright blue sky all the way up to the snowy,
actually riding in the snow. – [Steve] Yeah. – [Chris] Blasting, going past
those analog acoustic bikes on the way up, that poor
guy pushing his bike up and then they’re just riding past. – [Steve] Emmer. – [Chris] Emmer. – [Steve] So actually,
there’s an access restriction on Snowdon, which prevents
you going up there between the hours of 11AM and
5M certain times of the year, but yeah, when you can get up that place, ’cause obviously there’s a train that goes to the top of Snowdon and
it’s a very busy place, so I think it’s important
to respect that access to this special mountain,
but Emmer’s a local, he knows every step of that trail and 45 minutes to get up to the top. I think it takes the train over an hour to get to the top of that. – Faster than a train. – It’s hell of a fast. Hell of a fast. (electronic metallic noises) – So, it’s time for Elec-Tricks. This is where we show you how to do those little cool tricks on your eBike. This week, what have we got? – This week, well, on
Elec-Tricks this week, we have Chris showing
you how to do a stoppy. – Check it out. (dirt grinding) Welcome to Elec-Tricks. This week, we’re taking
a look at the stoppy. So, the stoppy isn’t
actually that much good out on the trail, but what it is good for is letting the front brake modulation, finding that balance point, and finding that point of no return where you go over the handlebars. It’s also a really cool
one for showing off in front of your mates in the car park. This is how we do it. So, for the stoppy you
need to find a piece of flat ground first. Advanced is to use it on a slope, but dial in the technique,
you need to find that flat bit of ground first. What we do is we come into
it with good forward speed, your sort of jogging pace, just start pulling on that
front brake a little bit, just trying to lift that
back wheel off the ground, kind of like when we’re doing an end-o. So, if you can do the end-o,
stoppy is basically adding a lot of speed to that, but
modulating that front brake as soon as that bike comes
into that end-o position. Just coming in, good forward speed, switching that for,
learning that front brake, five points, goes nice and slowly perhaps and then you just need to add
a little bit more speed to it, and then if you’re
getting the grips of that, getting that balance
point, feeling confident, take it to a downhill slope, ’cause that momentum will
carry you forever downhill, makes the trick a hell of a lot easier. (dirt grinding) There you go. That slope made that
trick 10 times easier. Just build up in little tiny steps. Once you’ve got that stoppy dialed in, it’s time to take it to the extreme. (dirt grinding) (electronic metallic zapping) – And it’s time for Ghetto Tech. – So, this is really neat. We’ve got Sam’s from
Lowe chuck this one in. This is the ultimate tool for getting this that bike featured in the Bike Vault, it’s a portable bike stand. Check this one out. – [Sam] So basically,
it’s made of aluminum, weighs less than a kilo,
it’s the same sort of size as my power tube battery, slides around, fits underneath the crank
and holds your bike up. (electronic metallic zapping) – Right, it’s now time for Instabangers and what have we got on
Instabangers this week, Christopher? – [Chris] We’ve got Jasper Penton here. He’s on Cannondale,
he’s on that Moterra LT chucking it around. – [Steve] Is he still in
your place on the team? – [Chris] Looks like it, yeah. He’s a real wild man on a bike, but this time on his,
like I said, Moterra, chucking that eBike around
like no one else can. – [Steve] Boy, you
mentioned earlier actually, he looks very similar to Brandon Semenuk. – [Chris] Actually, he’s
got some good style in there and there could possibly be – That’s king size talk. – UK’s answer to Brandon
Semenuk, star-wise. – Don’t forget the kit,
don’t forget the EMBN kit. I’m in the air conditioned room. Chris is obviously a little bit cold. – Sweating now.
– Feeling the seasons. But yeah, check out the EMBN shop, T-shirts, hoodies, hats,
you name it, we got it and helps us keep all those cool videos coming to you guys at EMBN. (metallic grinding) And we’re running. And we’re running on
the eBike Vault party. What’ve we got? – You got Chris sending
in this Scott eBike 720. – Can I stop you there? Are we gonna be able
to ride up that volcano in the background? – I’ve just scrammed
that in the background. – Saint Austell Corner. – Corner? – Chris, let’s get through this Bike Vault and let’s get our asses
down to Saint Austell and get up that back.
– It’s been on my radar, Saint Austell, actually. Loads of big – Time to get off the radar,
time to get up the back. – But let’s get back to the bike. – Oh. – What are you thinking? – I’ve got time, I’ve got time. It’s… You name it. – Super nice.
– Super nice! – Next one. – Ooh yeah, I like that. Where is that? – You’ve got Greaser sending
in his Haibike Enduro seven point zero in Slavonia. – Nice. – Just having some fun in the mountains. – I think, yeah, I’m
giving that a super nice ’cause that opens up
loads of possibilities to where he’s located. – Super nice! – Ooh. Crikey, is that a load of processing? – HDR, bit of HDR going on here. A bit processed you think? So, here’s the problem.
– Where is this? Northumberland? Northumberland does not
look like that, all right? There’s blue sky. – It’s nice.
– Deep blue sea. – This is nice. It’s a nice, nice
– Nicely nice. – Kielder Reservoir, nice. – Should we move on? So we’ve got a Venta here. – I was probably a bit
mean in that last one. It’s actually a nice photograph, but we can’t go back. Anyway. – She’s got Merida eONE-SIXTY
here, lower Austria, 60K north of Vienna.
– Now sometimes, you can take a shot
from the back of a bike and it makes it look good,
sometimes it doesn’t quite work. I don’t think you’ve got
the best out of your bike in the situation, I’m sorry. It’s a nice.
– Yeah, I agree. Nice. Moving on, that.
– Chris, do you mind if I just put my arm around you like that? – I’ll just snuggle up to you. – Yeah. Giant. This looks like the
Welsh hills, doesn’t it? – Bath. – Oh, it’s Bath. Oh, my god. – Two minutes away from here, Steve. How can you mistake that? – Well, it’s super nice, isn’t it? Super nice.
– It is. – Go on.
– Steve, I think doesn’t he… Yeah, he lives around here as well. Pop into the office. – All right.
– Nice. – Steve the decorator. Sorry, Steve. I can’t even read that. – Use your glasses. – Steve the decorator. Non-biased, there you go. It was a super nice. – That does look good. – Steve, we need to go
for a spin some time. Give us a shout. Give us a shout. What have we got? – Specialized or any
of the Keneva must come with a processing kit
for your camera, as well. – Yeah. – So, you’ve got a Keneva
here, sent in from Paul, Forest of Dean, just
chilling at his local quarry. – Look, let’s get
something straight, right? I live in the Forest of Dean and the Forest of Dean
does not look like that, so it’s a nice, but
what I will tell you is it does have that amount
of airplanes go overhead ’cause I’ve got the planes live app. Check that out. – Plane geek, aren’t you, Steve? – Come on, let’s go, it’s a nice. Ooh, brace some Metterra. – Don’t see too many
Metterras on here, but yeah, looks good, nice bike, nice
backdrop, the Long Mynd. I was actually up there
to do my speed record. – Yeah. – Just in the background, Caer Caradoc? Come on, Steve. – Caer Caradoc. Now, what is that? Is that a nice or a super nice? – I like it. I’ll give that a super nice. – Course he is ’cause he
used to ride for Cannondale. He doesn’t wanna piss them off. (alarm wailing) – Nice.
– Too dark. – Too dark.
– Too dark. – It’s nice.
– It’s a Charge. – It’s nice, it’s nice, move on. – Really?
– Yep. – All right. – Again, another shot from behind. – He’s got a Focus Jam 29
– Scotland. – Scotland. – I do like that. – Best miles for miles he’s ever had. – Do you know what, fair dues. That’s super nice. He’s enjoying himself, right? – First ride on the eBike. – Yeah. Sorry, can I just give this super nice? – All right, moving on.
– Focus. – Mick here, Focus SAM
two, 2018 in Sweden. – Sweden. – New parts on his bike. He’s been a bit color coordination, pedals, grips, fault leg, rear mud guard. This one looking pretty cool to me. Nice pedals, level, nice backdrop. – Clock’s ticking, Chris. – Super nice. (siren wailing) – That’s it, we’re out of the Bike Vault. (metallic grinding) Keep sending those bikes in,
definitely gonna feature them, bit of a backlog as always,
but we will feature them, keep sending them in,
EMBN Uploads Service, all the details at the
bottom of the screen and keep sending them in. We’d love to see your bikes. – Were we a bit flippant
on that Bike Vault. – I think you were quite harsh. – Sorry. (electronic metallic zapping) – So, what have we got coming
up on the channel this week? Some cool stuff, I think, Steve. – Up on the channel this week we have got the Into the Wilderness with Hannah Barns, which includes some
amazing, amazing scenery in the middle of nowhere,
like I mentioned, we crossed the wilderness, we got a boat to cross the mainland, we went on the Harry Potter
Express back to Fort William. – That’s good. – It’s all-time. It’s absolutely all-time. It was actually a bit scary. Put us into some pretty… There were a few moments we
had, I can assure you that. – I heard you broke one of our cameramen, as well on that trip.
– Let’s move on. Also, we’re at Roc d’Azur
mountain bike festival in France this week and next week’s show is gonna be brought to
you from that location. – Can’t wait. – Don’t forget, there’s some
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