What is the Best Mountain Bike Brand?

Hey dude, I finally have enough money for
a mountain bike. Woo-hoo Tom, Now you can kill yourself in
style. And who says I am going to kill myself? Well, you are a bit of a klutz. Gee thanks, Bud with a friend like you? You
know the rest. Thank You… Hey you will do great. What brand are you going to buy? Which brand do you think is the best? I think the best mountain bike brand is Giant. It comes up everywhere list after list as
being one of the top brands. what makes it so great? It has smoe of the best suspension. It is
durable. It steers well is made well, and will never
let you down even on the toughest trails. Wow, you sound like a commercial. Well, Thanks, I did study advertising in college
you know. What about Trek? I heard that is a good brand
too. Well, you have been doing your homework Tom,
you may be almost as smart as me someday. I bypassed you long ago dude. You think so huh? What about Trek? You didn’t tell me your opinion. Well actually in surveys of mountain bikers,
the Giant name comes up time and time again as the best brand. Bikers are impressed with the fact that it
can handle any type of trail with ease, and has off road and on road variations. The big question is is it affordable? That is all relative. You can expect to pay
between a few hundred and a few thousand for a really good mountain bike. Well, I guess I am going to go bike shopping.
You free to come with me Jim? Well I can, or you can probably order one
from the website. You could ask customer service any questions you have.