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weird and wonderful cycling records. We’ve got replaceable tire treads, Mercedes Benz bikes, and the
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so that you find out when each of our videos goes live. (beep) – Really sorry we’re not
there with you this week guys, but look at this! – Yep, since you said you
didn’t need us on the show this week, we thought well,
great, we’ll go back out to Alta Badia And film some
how-to videos in the mountains. – Yeah, maybe even get
in a little last minute panic training ahead of the Maratona. – Yeah I was gonna ask you about that. How, is it too late now? We’ve only got a few days. Is it gonna help? – No, it’s never too late, is it? – I hope not, because I really
need to do some training. (laughs) Anyway, we’ve also got some
really fun videos to make, some great how-to, so check out those coming out on the channel
over the next two weeks. (rock music) (swoosh sound) – This week in the world of cycling, we learned that air bags
for cyclists are a thing. – [Lasty] Not
for out your bike, though, for the inside of car doors if a motorist was to open one on you
whilst you cycle past. – That’s right and this
feels like a solution to a problem that probably shouldn’t exist with the correct education
for motorists, perhaps? – Yeah, kind of, we also learned
that’s it’s not advisable to lock your very
expensive bike to a tree. Some poor soul in Germany
found this out recently when having locked
their bike to said tree, they returned later only
to find that the bike and well over half of the tree missing. – That was a bit awful. That old chestnut, cutting the tree down. We also learnt this week
that even architects can have an extreme side. Certainly not saying that
architects are boring, but Neil Campbell is quite crazy. It’s a long running project
called Operation Pacemaker and last week he managed
to cycle behind a car at a speed of 135 and a
half kilometers per hour, miles per hour, I should say, or 217.7 kilometers per
hour for over 200 meters. – [Lasty] Scary stuff indeed. – [Lloydy] Yeah. – This is actually very, very scary. Neil, in fact, already
holds the British record for achieving the maximum
speed on a bicycle under your own power, so while pedaling, and that’s 114 miles an hour. This record is more
than slightly different in that he was towed for
the first 100 miles an hour before the cord was broken. – He was, yeah, that aggressive tow, as it is apparently known in the industry, nought to 60 in six seconds, by the way, was apparently necessary
where he did his attempt, at an airfield in Yorkshire, because compared to other places where record attempts are
made around the world, it’s quite short. And what that means is that
after he’s hit his top speed, which is 140 miles per hour, he’s only left with half a
mile to slow down to zero. – Disc brakes? – Yes, yeah, disc brakes were a given, otherwise he’d be at
the end of the airfield and probably taking off. – Parachute perhaps? – He probably could have used
a parachute, couldn’t he? Well no, imagine opening
parachute at 140 miles per hour. You’d take off the back
of the bike, wouldn’t you? – Yeah, that would be seriously scary. What Neil’s record did
get us thinking though, was there are some
incredibly weird, wonderful, and bizarre cycling
records that aren’t really much to do with racing that have been set. – There are, there’s loads of them. We’re gonna stick to speed to start with and the first one of those
is by Fred Rumpleberg. Now this is the outright world record for the flat surface motor
pacing speed on a bike. Do you want to guess? – [Lasty] 200 miles an hour. – Not quite that much, 167 miles per hour or 268 kilometers per hour
and even more incredible in some ways than the
record itself is the fact that it was set all the
way back in the 90’s. So probably no disc brakes. – No, that is setting the
bar really high, isn’t it? And though, to be fair,
even if a lot of people were capable of riding
at 167 miles on a bike, I can’t imagine many of
them would actually want to. – No, no I wouldn’t want
to, although I probably couldn’t either. To be fair, though, the world record for non-paced speed on a bicycle is almost off the scale, too. And that was set two
years ago by Todd Reicher and he nudged 90 miles per
hour on a fair recumbent. – [Lasty] Using
his own pedaling power. – Yeah, completely using his own pedaling power, which really is remarkable and then the world record
for speed on a bike on a downhill snow
track, well that was set just last year, 227 kilometers per hour, which is 141 miles per
hour, set by Eric Barone. – The consequence of something
going wrong at that speed is just utterly unthinkable, isn’t it? – Yes, completely. – Anyway, on to some safer, but actually significantly weirder records. Dan, did you know there is a
record for the farthest cycled on an indoor trainer in one minute? – [Dan] No I did not. – Well there is and it is
held by Miguel Angel Castro who did over three
kilometers in 60 seconds giving an average speed
of 183 kilometers an hour or 114 miles an hour. – But what are the rules
on the resistance settings for that record? I mean, can you just take
the resistance completely off your indoor trainer? – I think we’re letting
the details get in the way of what could be good entertainment there, but to be honest, I
don’t think I could do it whatever the resistance. – No, no just because of the resistance of your drive train, Lastie. – True. – I’m in the same position to be fair. Right then, I think we should dive deeper into these records now,
perhaps into murky waters. Jenz Stotzner. – Jenz Stotzner? – Jenz Stotzner, he holds
the record for cycling underwater. He managed 6.7 kilometers,
which he achieved by riding 78 laps of an 86 meter course. – Must be good at holding his breath. – He had underwater diving equipment on. – Okay, maybe we should
stop with the records now. – No, no, I’ve got more! What about the speed world
record for a wheelie? – What? – A speed world record for a wheelie. 2001, Bobby Root, 86 miles per hour. Well I’ve been doing some
calculations on this, Lastie, and the wheelie was 10 meters long and at the speed he
was going, that wheelie would have lasted roughly
a quarter of a second. – So, like that basically? – Yeah, basically like that. He basically hit a bump and got himself into the Guinness Book
of World Record Books. – He did well to hold it
at that speed, to be fair, didn’t he? – What for a quarter of a second? – Yeah, I think so. – I might have a go at that. – If you hit a bump at 86 miles an hour. – If I get one of those cars that tows you up to top
speed and then I hit a bump, I’ll be in one of those record
books before you know it and on the deck. Alright then, this is where
we want you to get involved. What are the weirdest
World Records on two wheels that you have ever heard of? Let us know down in the comments. (horn toots) (boing sound) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now and we’re gonna start with some decidedly non-cycling news, but news that we think
could be really great news for a lot of you GCN viewers. YouTube premium, which
was previously known as YouTube Red, has rolled
out some more countries worldwide, so if you’re in the UK now, for example, you can become
a YouTube premium subscriber. What does it mean? Well it means you can download videos from your favorite YouTube channels, you can watch videos from
your favorite YouTube channels in the background, and
you can watch everything ad free too. – Although, if I’m
perfectly honest, Lastie, sometimes when I’m training along to our really intense
indoor training videos, I’m quite relieved when
an ad break comes up for a little bit of relief in the middle of a very hard interval,
but if you’re someone that gets a little bit
annoyed with an ad break in the middle, then this
is most definitely for you. Now, on to actual cycling shorts and it became apparent last week that we could potentially, here in the UK, soon be required by law to
have a bell on our bikes. This was after a debate
in the House of Commons, which was supposed to be
centered around cycling safety and potholes, et cetera,
but soon spun around to pedestrian safety and whether or not cyclists should be required
to have a bell on their bike to warn other road users and pedestrians that we’re coming. – Well you know, I’m not
totally against this one, Dan. I think, like you say,
it could make sense, because you can warn pedestrians, you can warn horse riders, and
you can warn other cyclists as well that you’re about to pass them. – Other cyclists, when was the last time you passed another cyclist
out on road, Lastie? – True in two out of the
three cases I just mentioned. Anyway, if you’re worried about a bell ruining the aesthetics of your road bike, I don’t think you should,
because people are making products out there to
help you get around it. This one integrates a head
unit mount, a GoPro mount, and a bell and it’s called Hide My Bell. – Is it, I recommend that to Si. Speaking of Si, actually,
last week you might remember that he spoke about the
differential in speed between cyclists and
motorists on busy fast roads and it’s since come to our attention that over in France,
they are proposing a law which is reducing the speed
limit on country roads. – Yes, at the moment, the
speed limit on country roads in France is 90 kilometers an hour, which is about 55 miles an hour and the proposal is to
reduce it down to 80 kilometers an hour, so
about 50 miles an hour, however not all good news,
as their counter-petition has been signed by 20,000 people. – Has it really? That many motorist that are annoyed they got to go a bit slower. Alright, sticking with
France for a few more moments and over to Paris, the capital, now. They have recently reported
that since they’ve introduced a number of bike lanes in that city, that they’ve reduced the use of cars by an average 6%. I mean, certain parts, where
they’ve really plowed heavily into the cycle lanes
thing, it’s reduced by 20% which is pretty significant. – That’s incredible, great news! And moving from Paris to performance in the Journal of Medicine and
Science in Sports Exercises, published a study recently
that shows the benefits of sleeping low. Now by sleeping low,
they’re not having a knock at the altitude brigade. What they’re saying is that
you can actually improve your performance by not replenishing your glycogen source before you go to bed. – Not eating before you
go to bed after a ride. I really could do that. Does beer replenish your glycogen though? – I understand that it does, yeah. (rock music) – It is time for the
GCN Wiggle of Fortune, which was very kind to
me this time last week. I had quite a few comments in fact that I’ve never been
happier for the last part of the show. I was chuckling quite a lot. 8% that beer. Pretty strong. Right, a reminder of
what this is all about. Apart from me winning a beer, which I’ve only done once so far, there are some great vouchers
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Hendrik Hogertz from Germany. Very good luck to you because
last week’s contestant won nothing. You ready to give it? You do the countdown. – Three, two, one, go. (beeping) – Right. – Excited? – Well I know it’s not gonna
be a beer this time around so I’m not that excited. I hope it’s a big prize,
because we had quite a few lower prizes in recent weeks. Could it be prize one? – I think it’s gonna be– – I think it’ll be prize one, straight off the back of a
beer, what a double header. – Prize one. – [Both] 150 pounds. – You can do a lot with
that over on the Wiggle online shop and let us know
what you spend your money on and we shall read that
out this time next week and if you’d like to put your name down as a potential candidate, as a contestant for next week’s show, you
know what you’ve got to do. The link to that is in
the description below. – Congratulations Hendrik. – Yeah. (rock music) Tech of the week now and
do you ever tired, Lastie, of having to change your tires for different weather conditions? – Not really. – Would you like to re-tire? – Maybe. – That was a really bad joke, but basically this is
a Norwegian Kickstarter from a company called ReTyre, so whereby rather than
having to completely change a tire if you
want a different tread, you simply unzip, yes
you heard that right, you unzip your old tire tread and rezip on a new tire and at the moment,
they’ve got three options available, completely slick, medium tread, and then a full-on winter tread available. – Now they actually say
that the tire offers low or lower rolling resistance
than standard tires, which we’re a little skeptical of. – Little bit yeah. – To be honest, but one thing that it will presumably offer is a
slightly increased level of puncture protection. – Well yeah, that is
true, double protection. And then we’ve got this as well, for those of you who
like to listen to music whilst you’re out riding your bike. It comes from Domino Sport and they claim it will fit inside almost
any helmet that’s currently on the market. It then gives you surround
sound music and audio courtesy of Vibro audio
technology and micro-vibration pulses. – Yeah, it’s very cool and it’s something that we’ve seen with
bone-conduction headphones, but of course they may not
integrate with your helmet that well, depending on
the helmet that you have, so this could be a
really big step forward. Another feature that I like, Dan, is the built-in karaoke microphone. ♪ Bread of heaven ♪ ♪ Feed me now and nevermore ♪ – Yeah it’s got a microphone built in so you can ride along, sing along to I don’t know, whatever
your motivational song is. – Sweet Child of Mine, Guns and Roses. – Okay, there we go. Record it, send it to your friends. Actually, that’s not entirely true. It’s a microphone for phone use. – Well if they smash their
Kickstarter campaign, I think they could be on to a great thing because it does integrate
into your standard good-looking helmet. It’s gonna be a winner, isn’t it? – Yeah, definitely. – Right, moving on to car
brands for a moment now. First up Peugot, who have
co-sponsored that legendary pro team back in the 80’s. They have just launched
their first e-bike, perfectly integrate into their new SUV, can have the 5008 or the
(speaking in foreign language) over in France there. It’s got a maximum range of
25 miles off a full charge and a maximum speed of 12
and a half miles per hour, but it weight in at 18.6 kilograms. – Yeah, so it integrates with the car and this e-bike is really
designed to take you the final mile or two or
kilometer or two to work after you’ve parked up. Perfect for you, Dan,
because I know you park a little way away from work because you don’t have to pay for parking. – Yeah, that is true, I am quite tight, but I should point out that I live too far away from the office to actually
commute the whole way in, but yeah I don’t want to
pay eight pounds for parking all day when I can just
ride a couple of miles. – You have ridden all
the way in to work once. – Yes, never again. I’ve never been so
shattered in all my life. I think I’m quite under-fit. It was only 60 miles. Anyway, sticking with the car bike theme, Argon 18, a Canadian manufacturer, just opened a distribution
center over in Germany and have now partnered up
with the German car brand Mercedes Benz to produce
a high-end range of bikes. First off the production line are these, and despite being really high-end, they only come with Ultegra Di2 or Ultegra Mechanical rather than the flagship Dura Ace. – The bikes have got
something about them though. They do look very Mercedes Benz, this one especially with its
predominantly silver look, fits Mercedes-Benz’s design
philosophy quite well, I think there. – [Dan] And what’s that? – Sensual purity. – And what’s that? – Well, you know, it’s just pure and– – Sensual? – Yeah exactly. (rock music) – Racing news now and more
and more world tour squads have been confirming
their eight-man rosters for the upcoming Tour de France, including last week, Mitchelton-Scott, the Australian squad. The surprise omission there? Their sprinter Caleb Ewan. – Yeah and it was a big surprise, because back in December,
Ewan and the team publicly stated that this year’s Tour would be Ewan’s debut at the race. However, the team stated
in a press release that they had decided to
focus the entire squad around Adam Yates and his GC hopes. – It led many to speculate though, that this omission might
have been down to the fact that he’s rumored to be signing elsewhere for the 2019 season and beyond. That said, Matt Wise,
the sports director there did then come back on record and say that wasn’t the case at
all and he gave an example of Michael Matthews, who they
did include in their squad even though they knew he was moving on to pastures new the following season. However, this is not
uncommon in cycling, is it? Happens a lot, the riders
that want to do that race are overlooked by their
team if they’re known to have signed elsewhere
for the following season and it was quite a high-profile case just last year and the
Frenchman Bryan Cacao was left to watch the race at home in July after his team Direct Energie found out that he was moving on to a
different team this year. – And I think it’s fair enough. You can really see both
sides to the story here, because for a team you want to reward your committed riders
with the opportunities and the biggest races and you want to know that they’re gonna stay for the next year, whereas for a rider like Caleb Ewan in a team like Mitchelton-Scott, which has an increasing and
incredibly understandable GC focus, you might feel
that you don’t have a place there but you can still
perform for the team. – Yeah, not a surprise
perhaps, that he wants to move to Lotto Soudal, which
is where the rumors are that he is going. What would you do though if you were in Mitchelton-Scott’s manager’s situation? In fact, if you were the manager, would you have taken
Caleb Ewan to the Tour for spring stages or would
you have left him at home? You can let us know right now by taking the poll which
you will see on the screen right now. Right, moving on. UCI appears to have been very
busy over the past few months, perhaps even years, because
they’ve just announced a number of reforms that
are going to take place from 2019 onwards. Amongst the notable
reforms include the fact that disc brakes have
finally been approved after a four-year testing process and they’ve also decided they’re gonna ban tramadol and corticosteroids, finally. Also, on the agenda, is
a potentially huge change to the way that the World
Championships are run. – Yeah, this could be massive. So they plan to run
the World Championships every four years as a
17 to 19 day festival. It’s not a 17 to 19 day stage race. It’s a festival including
every cycling discipline you can think of, pretty
much, so road, time trial, cross country, downhill,
mountain bike marathon, BMX, urban cycling, paracycling, track, and Grand Fondo World
Championships, all in one location, all over 17 to 19 days. – It’s a great idea, isn’t it. – I like it. – It’s a huge cycling festival. I’d really look forward to that, but we’re not wishing
to be negative, Lastie, I can see some logistical implications to a 17 to 19 days festival. Firstly, accommodation. It’s going to be a lot of riders and a lot of team personnel
there for that time. Secondly, where are you
gonna find somewhere that’s got a downhill
course, cross-country, velodrome, urban cycling, and
a road racing circuit, too? And I’m also concerned
about the finances of this, because I know that some of the
hosts of World Championships in recent years have
struggled with their budget, not least Bergen in Norway
this time last year. They’ve had to resort to crowd-funding to make up the shortfall. – I have to say that’s
somewhat healthy skepticism rather than outright negativity, Don, because I don’t expect
negativity from you. In good news from the UCI as well, absolutely very good news, they have announced that
men’s and women’s events at cycle across levels will
receive equal prize money. – Finally, again. – Yeah, really, really great news there. However, they may want to
look a little more closely at the course discrepancies
between women’s and men’s races. Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig, who
is amongst several riders who are disgruntled that the women’s race at this year’s World
Championships won’t take on the brutal and sure to be
spectacular final climb that the men’s will cover. – No, that’s right, so both
the men’s and women’s races do the same large opening loop, which then takes them on to
a nice hilly small circuit, so far so good. At that point then, the women’s
race comes to a conclusion whilst the men go out and
do one final larger loop which includes the Noddin route, pronunciation absolutely
poor, I am 100% sure, and nevertheless, that has
been lovingly nicknamed the Hell Climb and you can see why, because there are
gradients there up to 28%. – I quite like Noddinvelt,
it sounds really tough. – Yeah, sounds gnarly. – Finally, for racing news, some really excellent
news for those of you who like to go behind the scenes and find out a little bit
more about pro cycling because David Millar’s film Time Trial, which is filmed during his final year as a professional cyclist
is going to be released in select UK cinemas from this Friday. The film’s really intends to immerse you into David’s final year as a pro and it’s already won critical acclaim and awards at various film festivals. If you are happen to be
in London this Friday, David and director Finlay Pretsell will be at a screening
at the Picturehouse, so we’ll pop some details
down in the description. – Yeah guys, sorry we couldn’t actually be at GCN HQ today. We’ve been riding bikes, basically, around Durona, and it’s
been tough hasn’t it? But anyway, big week for
you this week, David, right? – Yeah very big week. After eight years, our film Time Trial finally comes out so it’s very exciting. – Yeah, so make sure you
go out and look it up. World wide release, right? – Worldwide release, primarily UK premier on Saturday and Glasgow, no sorry, Friday, Glasgow Saturday, then cinemas everywhere. – Nice one, make sure you check it out. (rock music) – It’s giveaway time. This week it once again
comes from our tire partners, Continental, who have given us five pairs of their brand-new Grand
Prix 4000 RS Tour de France edition tires for you lot. – They certainly have, so tires
are one of the best upgrades that you can make to your bike and if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning one of the five
pairs, we’ll stick a link down in the description. – We will, just to remind
you, for those that missed tech of the week a couple of weeks ago, these new tires offer 15%
reduction in rolling resistance, they’re also lighter, but they’ve got that black chili compound, so
they’ve got all the grip that you associate
normally with Continental road cycling tires. Before we finish with giveaways, another reminder, actually,
that we’ve got a pair of Zipp 404 Firecrest
wheels which have been recently updated to give away too. There’s also a link to that
in the description below or you could just head
over to our tech channel and watch Si’s unboxing of them. (drill buzzes) – Hack forward slash bodge of the week now and the first one comes
in from James Frankland on Twitter. Saw these little beauties
in same front yard whilst riding Venice Beach in California. Hashtag GCNHack if you’d
like to add your hacks and bodges. Some very, very tall
bikes that I don’t think I’d be able to even reach
the saddle and bars of with a ladder and also a fat tire bike. Won’t wear the tread out
on that very quickly. – I wouldn’t have thought it. I actually really like the built in ladder on the first tall bike on the left. That’s very cool. – You still wouldn’t
find me mounting that. – I mean, in principle, they
are bodges, aren’t they? But clearly, quite a lot of
work and quite a lot of thought has gone into them. – [Dan] Yeah, I don’t know if
anyone’s actually riding them though are they? – [Lastie] Maybe they’re a hodge. – [Dan] Yeah, great new term Lastie, you been doing it five years, never thought of a combination of the two. – [Lastie] Hodge, right. This one is from alewolfcycling. He says, “Why do I bring
a roll of dental floss “in my day pack? “Because amongst other uses,
it makes for the lightest “washing line in the world.” – [Dan] Well that’s cool, isn’t it? – [Lastie] When you’re
caught by heavy rain and the sun came out, the mood was high and the clothes were dry. – Yeah, we had a dental floss hack a couple of weeks ago, maybe
a bo, might have been a hodge, I don’t remember now, but either way I think we both were
wondering why on earth you’d take dental floss out with you whilst you’re riding, but
there’s one of your answers, for you bike packers out there. That looks like a great hack to me. Take some dental floss
with you in the saddlebag or top tube bag. And next up, this from trimanitas over on Instagram. He is a paracyclist and has had to make some special modification to his bar, so that he is able to brake with one hand, both front and rear, so
that has got to be a hack. He literally hacked his bike so that he can get into the best position. – [Lastie] Yeah, that’s very cool. – [Dan] It is. Next up, so this is from Aaron Terrazas who sent this, clearly tried this before, but says, “My previous
finish was off-center and it bugged me, so I decided
to redo my computer mount, this time with old
carbon T bars, zip ties, a Wahoo fitness insert,
screws and black paint. This version’s cleaner and smaller. – [Lastie] That does look clean and small. – [Dan] Neat job. – [Lastie] That’s actually– – If I was to give you a
little bit of advice, though, it would be to find some way of making the element bolt there go
right in between the bars. Gonna be awkward, given the
twist needed to get it on, but just something to get
your brains behind there. Still a hack. – Not a hodge, it’s a hack. – Bit of advice from Loy
there who couldn’t do that for the life of him. Next up, Chris Hamar
recovered an old E4P saddle with some spare upholstery leather. Anyone can do it, have a go. – [Lastie] Not everyone can do it, I could not do any of this. – [Dan] Says why don’t you
guys at GCN have a competition and see who can make the best saddle. – [Lastie] Yeah, because we’d
make a load of bad saddles to bodges, wouldn’t it? – [Dan] Yeah, he’s done a
very good job of that there. – [Lastie] Hack, fair enough. Next one is from Fraida Leviley who says we found a way to
keep our fans standing upright in the shop. I think it’s a hack. – [Dan] Yeah, it’s a hack. – That sort of looks neat.
– Yeah that’s a hack isn’t it? – [Lastie] Yeah, fair enough. – [Dan] Yeah, I mean, how
else would you get that thing to prop up? It’s a big beast of a fan, there isn’t it? – [Lastie] It is a big fan. – The French tickler,
which is Michael McDermott, incidentally, over on Twitter. No gravel near you? Can’t be bothered by a gravel bike? Save time and money simply
by gluing rice krispies to normal road bike tires. – [Lastie] That’s a hack. – [Dan] It’s a hack from us. (rock music) – Caption competition
now and last week’s photo was this one of two BMC
riders, shoving newspaper down their tops at the Tour de Suisse. Yep, and the winner Dan? – The winner is Nicole Lee with caption, “What’s black and white and read all over? “BMC Cycling.” I see what you did there,
old newspaper joke. – I think an honorable mention
for Ian Bittiner as well. He says “caption to the
tune of Kung Fu Fighting, “everybody was Kung news cycling.” – I saw nobody sings those bits. – Does he, oh sorry, not sorry. – By the way, flatly refusing to do it. – So Nicole, get in touch,
because we’ll get you your GCN Camelbak water bottle sent out. – Yep, send us a message on
Facebook with your address. This week’s picture is of Si, not singing, you wouldn’t be able to do
that in a picture would you? But he’s on, or next to, a penny-farthing. Actually watch that video if
you haven’t done so already. I will get us started. This is Si, would you like
to see my big wheelie? (laughs) If you can do better than
that, leave your captions in the comments section down below and the best one will win a
GCN Camelbak water bottle. – I’m not sure they can beat that one Dan. That was a very strong
effort on your part. – If Lastie starts
chuckling or sniggering, you know you’re on to a winner. (laughs) (rock music) We will shortly be letting
you know what’s coming up on GCN over the next seven days, but first we picked out four
of our favorite comments from the last seven days. First up this, from Jaysal
underneath our GCN interview with Marianne Vos, and again,
make sure you watch that if you haven’t done so already. The most lovely lady in cycling. What it didn’t state though
is whether that’s Marianne or Emma. Emma’s taking it as a
complimentary comment. – Yeah, GCN has liked it, so we can see that we’ve taken this
compliment, thank you. Underneath the penny-farthing hour record, around kind of three and a
half, three minutes forty in, Matheus Barbosa comments,
“someone let that man “go to the bathroom.” – Let’s watch that. (upbeat music) He does look quite desperate doesn’t he? Holding it in there,
speeding towards the bathroom at a rapid pace. And finally, underneath
hacks for climbing glory, we asked you what the craziest
thing you ever done is to get a Strava KOM. NZLKevin88 wrote back and
said, “I used my road bike “for a mountain bike uphill segment,” which made me chuckle because
it’s the sort of thing I would do when I’m getting
particularly competitive and trying to find marginal gains. – That really get you a? – Yeah, if it’s fairly smooth gravel, like Strava gravel, it’s gonna
be way quicker on a road bike than on a, not that I’ve ever tried this. – Not that you’ve ever
messed about on the curves. Anyway, on the channel this week, Dan. On Wednesday, we’ve got how to avoid common sporting mistakes. – We have. On Thursday, we have
got Emma asking the pros what their hardest day in the saddle was. We’ve got a special
edition of Ask GCN Anything all about sport heaves on Friday and then Saturday, Emma’s
back with her haute cuisine. What’s she making this time? – Spinach protein pancakes. And on Sunday, we look
at the best tire pressure for rough roads. Monday it’s the Racing
News Show and Tuesday? – Back in the set for the GCN show. (upbeat music) It’s a change in logo and
that can only mean one thing. It’s time for an update
on the GCN Cycling Club. – It certainly is and one of the things that when we’ve asked you GCN Club members have normally wanted were some discounts in the GCN shop. So, if you’re a GCN Club member,
you’ll be receiving those in a newsletter very soon and you’ll get some discounts on limited edition merch, modeled by Dan and yours truly. And your next pair of
socks are on the way out. – Yeah, they are. Many of you have already
gotten them as we’ve seen from your Instagram posts. Pretty stylish, I think you will agree. If you haven’t gotten
them yet, don’t worry. They are on their way to you. And there’s a little bit of, well, I’m gonna tease you here. Next month’s are quite out there. – They certainly are. So if you’re not already
a GCN Cycling Club member, make sure you click the
link down in the description where you can find out a bit more, decide if you want to join, and sign up. And if you are already a GCN Club member, when you get your new
socks, share a picture on Instagram using the hashtag GCHCC. – Where is your president’s T-shirt? – I’m wearing my limited
edition yellow one today. – Yeah, available in the shop now. In all seriousness, they
are available in the shop and they’ll be plenty more
yellow themed products coming out for you very shortly, too, so keep your eye on
shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com over the next week or so
as they’ll be trickling in over there. That is unfortunately the
end of this week’s GCN Show. Next week it will be the last one before the Tour de France starts. Now I’m getting pretty
excited about that race. – Certainly we are and if
you’d like to check out another video, Si’s
penny-farthing hour record is right there and if
you want to head over to the GCN shop and get one
of these limited edition yellow T-shirts, because
once they’re gone, they’re gone, there’s
a link on screen too. (swoosh sound)