What Are The Best Ways To Lose Weight From Your Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 34

– Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week we take a look
at a brand new Brompton bike, as well as checking out what upgrades you’ve been buying for your bike. – And our big talking point this week is what are the most cost-effective ways to lose weight off your bike? (energetic electronic music) Before we get on to our
big talking point though, let’s look at what’s hot in
the world of tech this week. – Well firstly, off the back of Emma winning that Brompton World Championships, is there nothing she can’t do? – Don’t know.
– I know, yeah. Anyway, they’ve just released a new bike with the Nine Streets,
which is named after a really stylish, cool area of Amsterdam, which is called the Negen Straatjes. Now, we’ve never actually
heard of that place, have we, which is surprising, being the style icons that we are. – Yeah, that is very surprising, yeah. Brompton opened a store in
this area over a year ago, and this is the first bike that they’ve released to commemorate that. And each bike has a
unique two-tone paint job, meaning that no two are the same. Each one’s unique,
which is pretty awesome. – Yeah, I do like that. And I think that paintwork absolutely stands out so well, doesn’t it? Because Brompton, let’s face it, are quite a conservative kind
of brand or bike, aren’t they? I mean, when you see one in
the street you look at it, “Oh cool, Brompton,” but you don’t really look at it that much. But that one, a real head-turner. And I think it’s a beauty. And anyway, would you ride one? – Yeah, I’d definitely have one. But if I had one, I’d talk
like this all the time. Yeah, riding my new one, that’s Brompton. – Oh yeah, the Negen
Straatjes from Amsterdam. Yeah.
– I love a Brompton. – But yeah, if you want
to send us in one or two, then we’ll happily ride them to work. This week then, we’re gonna talk about the best ways to lose
weight from your bike. And this is really close
to our hearts, isn’t it? – Yeah, I mean, making your bike lighter is really satisfying, because
it offers a noticeable and significant difference and improvement every time you accelerate
or ride up a hill. And you can really feel it. So we want to look at some of
the more cost-effective ways to reduce the weight of your bike. – But let’s also look at some
of the least cost-effective ways to save weight off of your bike. I mean, obviously this does
depend on the current situation you are in with your
equipment at the moment, but areas such as frame,
groupset, and wheels, they can save you a lot of weight. – They can, but they’re not often the most cost-effective ways. They’re the most obvious places, but if you consider, say, a
medium-level carbon frame set versus a premium carbon frame set, the difference in weight is
typically around 150, 200 grams. – Yeah, not a lot, is it? – Yeah, but you often pay 1000, 2000 pounds more for that frame set. So although you are saving money and the frame’s arguably
a bit stiffer, often, but yeah, it’s not necessarily
the best way to save weight. – [Jon] Right, then when are we gonna save some weight first, mate? – Well Jon, I am a big fan of latex. – Hang on, yeah, me too. Snaps good. – So in all seriousness, latex inner tubes are a great way to save weight. – [Jon] They are. – Now typically, a latex tube
will weigh around 60 grams, which you compare to a
standard butyl inner tube, which weighs around 100, 110 grams. So you can instantly save
about 50 grams per wheel. – Yeah, 50 grams, 15%. – Yeah, now they typically
cost twice the price of a butyl tube, which
can seem a bit expensive. But in a pounds per gram or euros or dollars or whatever your currency is, if you think of it in a
pounds per gram basis, it’s a really cost effective way to lose 100 grams off your bike. What’s not to like? – There are a couple of
disadvantages, actually, ’cause I’ve used them in the past. Firstly, you have to pump up
your tires every single day, or every single time
before you’re out riding, because they do tend to leak a little bit, don’t they?
– Yeah, they’re porous. That’s right. – Which is a little bit
of a pain sometimes. What about tires? – That is an excellent point. Why am I still wearing this? – Yeah, get it off. So weird. – So it’s quite likely that the tires that came with your bike are
not the lightest available. – No. – Now, a good example would
be Continental’s Grand Sports. They’re quite a common stock
tire fitted to new bikes. And they weigh around 270 grams a tire, in a 25 millimeter width. – It’s quite a bit of weight there. Take for example, this, the Grand Prix TT. 180 grams, that weighs. So straightaway you could
save 150, 200 grams, just on your tires
alone, which is gonna be less rolling resistance,
which you’re a big fan of. – Well, it is, yeah. That is a faster tire than
the Grand Sport, for sure, so you’ve saved rolling distance. But I think it’s also worth factoring in that often with a lighter
tire, it’s not always the case, but sometimes that can mean less longevity and decreased puncture protection with a lighter tire as well. So it’s worth just factoring that in. You might not want to put the
lightest tires on available to humanity if you’re gonna
be riding through winter. – Yeah, exactly. Save the silk track tubular tires for the Siberian pine of
your local velodrome instead. Now, what about in the
area of comfort then? Because bar tape adds a
surprising amount of weight. And on the market,
there is even specialist lightweight handlebar
tapes that are available for those weight weenies of you watching. – Yeah, the difference in
weight between different types of handlebar tape can actually
be really significant. But I have another way. And that is to wrap it
in a more minimal way. So when you wrap your tape,
the amount of length you use can vary significantly,
depending on how much overlap you actually have when you wrap it round. So if you just overlap it
with the minimal amount, compared to a full, like yeah. – Like that.
– You can save about 25 grams. But also, think about
how much tape you wrap along the top section of the bar as well. Maybe don’t wrap the entire top, or don’t wrap the top at all
if you’ve got an aero bar. Saddles are a really cost-effective way to save weight off your bike. Now, if we take, for example,
a Fizik Arione Classic, it’s a stock saddle on
a lot of high-end bikes. But it has aluminum rails,
it weighs around 235 grams, and costs about 119
euros as a retail price. Now, if you were to
upgrade that to Fizik’s top of the range saddle,
which is the Arione 00, that saddle weighs 140
grams, which is really light. Now, it does cost 350 euros, which is very expensive for a saddle and represents a really
significant upgrade for anyone. But again, when we think about it in terms of this cost per gram basis, it’s still a more cost effective way of losing weight off your bike than say, going for a premium frame
over a mid-level frame. – It’s a lot easier to
change as well, isn’t it? A saddle compared to a frame,
just to lose some grams. And then you can go even more extreme. Selle Italia, they’ve got
a saddle called the C59. Now apparently that’s meant
to stand for 59 grams. You had one, didn’t you? You weighed it in.
– Yeah, at 61. – But that could well be
his scales, who knows? But when you’re trying to make
a product as light as that, obviously there is a little bit of room for a bit of variation. How about getting out the
saw, and also your Dremel too? – Yeah, you’ve opened up a can of, well, you’ve drilled into
a can of worms there, Jon. The art of drillium, well, it’s the practice of drilling holes in your components in
a bid to save weight. And this was a lot more
common back in the day, when steel frames were commonplace. And basically, people used
to completely go to town. They would drill their frames, their handlebars, any
components they could find, all the while treading the
tightrope of structural integrity while turning their
bits into Swiss cheese. – Yeah, now this was
something which was actually most popular, I guess, with
time trialers, wasn’t it? – Yeah. – Because they were putting out
a more even amount of power. They weren’t like road
cyclists or road racers who were jumping here,
there, and everywhere. Obviously putting through quite a bit more stress through those components. And like you say, handlebars,
frames, cranks, brake levers. You name it, people were going through it. And while it’s not
really gonna be very good for the manufacturer’s warranty, is it? – You wouldn’t think so, no. – Let alone aerodynamics. Any other mods? – Yeah, I chopped, I got the saw out and I chopped the drops off a really expensive pair
of handlebars once. – Oh no, go on. – Well, it did save weight. I saved 25 grams, but that, admittedly, was quite disappointing, considering they were a really expensive pair of Fizik 00 handlebars. I probably wouldn’t do it
again for just 25 grams, because of the lack of
versatility that you had lost. But you know, you only live once. Thought I’d try it out, you know. – There we are. Paint, paint, now you can save
a lot of weight with getting rid of paint, can’t you?
– Yeah, you can. Yeah, paint, I’ve taken
paint off a bike frame before and saved over 300 grams. – That’s a lot. – Off the frame and forks,
strip all the paint off. You can save a lot. And there are a lot of
companies, actually, up and down the land, and in different countries
as well, I would imagine, that will offer this as a service. You can have all the
paint taken off your bike if you really want to go there. – But what we’d like to
know is from the viewers, what have you done to make
your bike really light? – Yeah, just send us in, using
the uploader which is below, any modifications you’ve done
to make your bike lighter. ‘Cause what we’ve talked about is not– – Is the tip of the iceberg, really. – Yeah, it’s by no means
an exhaustive list. We want to see things that you’ve done, ’cause we bet that some of you guys have done some amazing
things to your bikes. – So first up this week is
a new helmet from Limar. And I’ve never actually heard a helmet marketed in such a way. Apparently it’s a gravel-specific helmet, or for gravel lovers, at least. So the Air Star has been designed and developed for gravel lovers in mind. Well, I can’t really differentiate
what makes it so special for gravel riding, as opposed
to a normal road helmet. But anyway, let’s take
a look at the details. – Yeah, so the Air Star is part of Limar’s new Air Revolution range of helmets. And although Limar isn’t
making any specific claims about the exact aerodynamic
performance of this helmet, I mean, it certainly looks fast. It’s a nice looking lid. – Yeah, it does. So despite not having a
massive number of vents, it’s been designed with
the Venturi effect in mind. So for those of you who
don’t know what that is, basically it’s where the
air is exiting the helmet. Kind of like the halfway point, there’s a load of turbulence
created by the incoming air that’s already coming into the helmet. And that in turn increases the suction flow of that air coming in. So it’s kind of like a vacuum, but a natural effect, if that makes sense. That’s probably the
easiest way to explain it without doing loads of science in here and us having our hair going crazy. – Well, that is pretty cool. But for me, the coolest part
of the helmet is the little light that’s on the
retention dial at the back. Actually something that we’ve
seen on other helmets as well, but I think this is a really neat one. And it’s just a nice little way to improve a bit of visibility and safety. – Yeah, now the Morse
Cage is a collaboration between Wolf Tooth
Components and King Cage. And this is gonna help
particularly smaller riders who have problems currently
accommodating water bottles into a smaller-size frame. So the common alternative at
the moment to the Morse Cage is in fact a side-loading
water bottle cage. So you just slide it in. – Well, it’s also taller riders. You don’t want to have
to bend down as far. So the Morse Cage offers
vertical adjustment, 36 millimeters of it, in terms of how high you want to fit your bottle. And it does this through its dot dash dot mounting mechanism, hence Morse Cage.
– Morse code? – Get it?
– I get it, yeah. And lastly this week, Muc
Off have just released a new women-specific chamois cream. This one is said to be pH balanced. It’s enriched with shea butter, aloe vera, and sunflower oils to
moisturize as you ride. – Yeah, it contains pro vitamins and it’s antibacterial,
which is really important for stopping you getting saddle sores. And it contains no parabens as well, which I don’t know what they are, but apparently they can
cause skin irritation, which you definitely don’t
want in your delicate areas. – No, definitely not. And to be honest with you,
it sounds like they contain all the good things that you’d want and none of the bad things that you wouldn’t want.
– I quite want to try it out. – [Oliver] It sounds great, I want some. – More tech next week. (drill whirring) So last week, Si and Ollie
introduced a new section for you. And that was Screw Riding
Upgrades Buy Upgrades, something which I’m a huge fan of, because I love having bits of
bike tech and bling and kit. And well, to be honest, I just like getting
something new for my bike. – Yeah, we had lots of
really awesome submissions, and they were–
– Yeah, loads. – So go click on the link
below, use the uploader. – Send in yours.
– Some of our favorites sent in this week, without further ado. So we had one from matdivalife. Treated themselves to a
pair of Zipp 304 wheels. So that is a 404 at the
back and a 303 at the front, which is really cool, ’cause
a bit more aero at the back but a bit more stability
in crosswinds at the front. So we like that. – [Jon] Yeah, love that sort of upgrade. – [Oliver] On his BMC T machine. And that looks really smart. – [Jon] Yeah, that does
look cool, doesn’t it? Yeah, I’m a big fan of that. – Great photo as well,
against a concrete wall. Top marks for that, that’s good. – We’re stepping into Bike Vault territory if we start rating photos. – But yeah, quality upgrade though. – Yeah, what else we got? Was it adamofkc got himself a new pair of ceramic-bearinged
aluminum jockey wheels. Now in the the past, I’ve done this. And at the time it increased noise between the chain and the jockey wheels. It did irritate me a little
bit, to be perfectly honest. But since then, I’ve
actually refitted some, and I’ve just got on with it and accepted the tiny little bit of extra
noise which you can get, for the extra bling look. And that does look bling, gold. We like gold chains, we
like bits of gold on a bike. If I had my way, my bike
would look like Mr. T’s neck, covered in gold, covered in bling. – Adam from Antwerp is
the next one we’ve got. He sent this bike into the Bike Vault a couple of weeks back. – We liked that, didn’t we? – Yeah, but now he’s told us the story. So he bought this Merckx
with an old Chorus groupset, and what he describes as
the sexiest wheels ever. – [Jon] Actually, I
described them as that. – Well, yeah.
– They are. – Campi Shamals. But that bike had flat bars on it, which was a violation anyway. Here’s what he’s upgraded it to. – [Jon] Basically he’s gone
retro, but with a modern– – Twist on this.
– There we are. – [Jon] It’s just right, isn’t it? But I like the fact– – [Oliver] I do like that, yeah. – [Jon] He’s shown the
upgrades he’s bought for it, hasn’t he, in that picture? – Yeah, I mean, that’s top marks. If you’re gonna be submitting this into Screw Upgrades Ride
Upgrades in the future, you get extra points if you show us the before and the after. We really like that, that’s really good. And don’t forget to submit your upgrades for next week’s show, where
there’s also gonna be a prize. So now each week in Screw
Upgrades Ride Upgrades, we’re gonna give away to the
best submission a GCN apron. – Yeah, exactly. So you can work on your
upgrades wearing a GCN apron. And well, we couldn’t
give one away this week because, well, it wouldn’t
be fair, would it really? Because we didn’t say so. So yeah, as of next week, GCN aprons. And our decision is final. – Yeah.
– Yeah. You can’t argue with us. Bike of Week time then. I love this bit. But first of all, let’s reveal
the results of last week’s, where we put Jakob
Fuglsang’s custom-painted Argon 18 Gallium Pro, that’s so tasty. Up against the Dutch TT
champion of Team Sky, Dylan van Baarle, that Pinarello Bolide. And well, this is
extremely, extremely close. – Yeah, it’s one of the
closest ones we’ve had. – Yeah, I couldn’t quite believe it. 51% of the votes, yeah,
it’s that Argon 18. Whoa, imagine we had a draw. We’d have to just run over, wouldn’t we, roll over week?
– By a lottery, yeah. – Yeah, just roll over,
keep rolling it over. – So this week, right,
a lightweight battle. So we’ve got the BH
Ultralight of Amael Moinard for the Fortuneo-Samsic team. We had a video of that
bike as well, don’t we? – [Jon] Yeah, we do, yeah. – So you can check that out. And we’re gonna put this up against James Lowsley Williams, our very own.
– Our very own. – James Lowsley Williams’
Trek Madone SLR 9. – 9 disc. – Yeah, so I don’t know why I said it was a battle of the lightweights, ’cause that’s not the
lightest bike in the world. But it’s a very aero bike.
– No, but there’s a lightweight versus aero,
and it’s us versus the pros, isn’t it, really? Who are you gonna go for? – Well, I’ve got a Trek as
well, so I’m gonna go for that, ’cause it’s like voting for my own bike. – There’s also a backstory here, because you once rode against
Amael Moinard, didn’t you, and he dropped you, I believe. (laughing) We were talking off camera just now and he said, “Oh, I remember that name.” – Yeah, I rode against,
well, I was out with BMC and we rode up at the Izucar, and Moinard was testing me out. But he was sort of toying with me, like a cat with a mouse.
– Oh, brilliant. Just poking you.
– And about 2K from the top, I’d managed to stay with
him and I was on my limit and I was dying, and he
was probably just zone two. And then he just attacked, and then he rode off laughing to himself, going, “Aha, he’s cracked, he’s cracked.” And I’m just like, oh god. – That’s not very nice, is it? Anyway–
– Vote for the Trek. – No, no, no, vote for
the bike which you think deserves to win up there in the corner. We’ll reveal the results next week, and have two more head to head. I always do that. Now it’s time for the moment of the show where probably most viewers
out there are on tenterhooks, wondering if they’ve made
it into the show this week. – It’s my favorite, it’s the Bike Vault. I’ve got the bell. – Be careful.
– The bell of justice. – No ring. Who wants to ring it this week? You can, good, okay.
– Yes! – Right then, let’s see who has been, well, who’s inside the
bike vault this week, and who gets voted nice or super nice. As ever, you know what to do. Use that uploader tool to
send in pictures of your bike. There’s a link to it in
the description below. And yeah, maybe you’ll
find yourself in here and we will rate you nice or super nice. Let’s crack on. First one this week, Alexander
from Auckland in New Zealand. A 2003 Cervelo Dual. Apparently Alexander,
he bought it as a frame and slowly built it up to race at crits. Also just to have a cool bike. Can’t argue with that. He stripped the frame and polished it, then added bits and
pieces as they went along. That would’ve taken awhile, to
strip like that, wouldn’t it? – Yeah, a lot of good marks
for the stripping there, the paint off that stuff.
– Love a good strip. – I think that’s like our custom thing that we had a few weeks ago. I’m a big fan of that, got
a lot of time for that. And I love the aluminum finish. And a big fan of that
version of Duro eight. – [Jon] Look at the wheels. The wheels look pretty deep, don’t they? – I think for me, the wheels are just a little bit too big,
a little bit too deep. The proportions just aren’t quite right. – To the frame, yeah. It looks like you would
get, well, blown off, blown away, doesn’t it, with that? I think I would. – Yeah, I think it’s a very nice bike. – It’s a nice bike, it’s a nice bike. – But I don’t think it’s quite super nice. – No, no, it’s a nice
bike though, Alexander. Good effort, I do like that. Oh, look at this. Right, so this is sent in from Alistair. It’s actually his son’s
bike, but I reckon– – [Oliver] Glastonbury as well, isn’t it? – Yeah, Glastonbury Tor
in the background there. But I reckon his son actually
wrote the description, because he said, “Dragging
my dad around 50 miles.” It was his son’s birthday. They stopped in Glastonbury
for a bake and butty. 12th birthday today. It’s his Red Chilli Bike,
compact Potenza, 11 speed. I mean, that is a mighty fine bike, isn’t it, for a 12-year old? – When I was junior, I would’ve
loved a bike like that. That looks amazing.
– I was on a bike that they delivered bread on in those black and white advertisements
when I was 12 years old. – Yeah, well bake and butty
on your 12th birthday, and demolishing your
dad round Glastonbury. – It’s a super nice, isn’t it, mate? – Halcyon days.
– Yeah. – You get a super nice for that one. – Yeah, super nice.
(bell ringing) And happy birthday, many happy returns. Oh, another one from
Auckland, New Zealand. – Yeah, nice. – Who’s this then, Dave.
– Yeah, good one. Dave, yeah, he’s got his Klein here. Oversized tubing on this classic custom painted green splash Klein. Almost 30 years of goodness. Those down tube shifters on
there look very tidy as well. So he’s got custom paint,
Shimano 600 groupset. – [Jon] That’s the tricolor
one, that’s bang-on. – He’s also got Biopace
chain rings on there. – Controversial at the time.
– Yeah, controversial choice. But a nice piece of retro tech. And it looks all in immaculate
condition, I have to say. – Mavic, they look like GP4s. I can just see a little bit of purple on the logo if they are. I’m getting a bit geeked out here. Now, this is something which
I miss on modern wheels. See on the rims where they have those worn out patches, where the spokes are in? I absolutely love that. – [Oliver] Yeah, it’s just– – [Jon] Love it. – I mean, top marks, I would say, for keeping that bike
in such good condition. – Yeah, in one piece.
– But it’s a– – [Jon] I think that’s super nice. – Yeah, super nice.
– Super nice, go on. Give her a ring.
(bell ringing) Right, who next? Jamie, Zurich in Switzerland. Look at that for a backdrop. That’s a lovely space, isn’t it? – [Oliver] Yeah, it is. I’ve been there, it’s nice. – Yeah, I’ve been there,
Emma’s been there. Right, Colnago Master Olympic. Apparently it’s got a period
Campagnolo Chorus HB groupset, new custom-built wheels with
new old stock Campag hubs, laced H Plus Son rims wrapped in Conti Grand Prix Classic tires. Of course, they’ve got those
sort of tan wall sidewalls. Taken at the Rapperswil, at
the bottom of Lake Zurich. Although it’s not at the bottom, because that’d be underwater. But yeah, it’s obviously
at the bottom end of it. What do you reckon? – Well, nice Colnago Master, isn’t it? Classic sort of color scheme
on there, big fan of that. I really like the chain
set on that bike as well. – Yeah, it’s in the right
gearing, but something about it. I don’t know.
– It’s just not, it’s just, it’s nice, but it’s just
missing that kind of wow factor. – [Jon] Yeah, that real big wow, look at me, I’m a Colnago Master. – [Oliver] Yeah. – Like come and give me a super nice. That’s what it’s missing. The saddle doesn’t look very high, does it, compared to the bars? But anyway, Jamie, personally for me that’s a nice bike.
– That’s a nice. – Nice for you?
– Yeah, well nice. – Nice one. Right, the final bike this week from Red in Southhampton, in the UK. He custom painted the bike
himself, or theirselves. – [Oliver] Good work. – [Jon] Added classic Zipp 808s. Remember those ones, the big stickers? – [Oliver] Oh yeah. – For the semi-retro look. Had to get the cassette machined,
as they’re a 10 speed hub. So I think they cut out about 1.3 mil from the back of the cassette
to get them to go over it. Ultegra 6800 with a Quarq power meter. Please excuse the front
valve not being centered. What do you think of that then? That stem and head tube looks
interesting, doesn’t it? It’s more like a time trial bike. – Yeah, I mean that looks seriously aero. I mean, that’s, I really
like that top tube stem design, interesting.
– It looks like a big bike as well, a big old head tube on it. – Yeah, I mean it’s certainly
a very aero looking machine. But for me– – Oh, there’s a classic
faux pas there, isn’t there? – Yeah. – Photography is one of
our specialist subjects. We’re not very good at it. – I think he needs, well, Red,
I think you need to practice using the tilt shift
function on Instagram. Because you’ve blurred out your saddle. I’ve seen what you tried to
do, I commend the effort, but you’ve blurred out your saddle. And I think that’s gonna
cost him a super nice. – [Jon] Doesn’t quite cut
the mustard, as they say. – [Oliver] No. – Really nice. Don’t see many bikes in that color scheme. – No, it’s unusual. – Anyway, as ever, you know what to do. Submit your bikes into the Bike Vault. Use that uploader tool down there. And who knows, maybe your bike will get through to us
to rate either nice or– – Super nice. – And when we say super
nice, we ring that bell. So there we are, nearly time
for the end of the show. It’s a sad moment, each and every time. But what’s coming up on the channel this week, I hear you ask. Well on Saturday, I take a look
at the bike of Matty Hayman, who is something of a
legend in the pro peloton. Then on Sunday, Ollie gets to check out how to repair carbon fiber. I’m excited to see that. – Yeah, it’s pretty cool. Can’t wait for that one to come out. On Monday we’re doing how to fit new jockey wheels to your bike. – An essential part of
every rear derailleur, I’ll have you know.
– Yeah, pretty cool. Wednesday we’ve got a tech clinic, and Thursday is gonna be
episode 35 of the GCN Tech Show. – Yeah, and also during
the Vuelta a Espana, we have got a highlights package each and every day, over on Facebook. So you can join Lloydie on there and see what exactly has been going on there. And do you know what,
I’m off there tomorrow, to go and check out some of
the pros’ bits and pieces. So I’ll be there stalking them. So hopefully I don’t get any
restraining orders this time. But also, remember to
check out the GCN shop too, at shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com, because we have a whole heap of goodies and some special products too, during the month of the Vuelta,
or the three weeks, in fact. Stuff like this, very fancy indeed. And now for another great video, how about this time, find
out all about dynamo hubs and what they’re all about with this guy. Click, where should
they click for that one? – Here.
– Here.