We Develop a Bike Frame / E5 // Final Kinematics

Now I would like to explain you the final kinematics Our intentions in detail and what makes it look promising At first the Anti Rise value The bike is set with 30% SAG As it should be when you are riding it. That´s where it matters most THE SAG ZONE Here the bike has 85% Anti Rise For the moment we concentrate only on the anti rise graph. How does it behave through the travel As you see it´s pretty stable And fully compressed also very stable It almost does not move We could set it up.. The means the geometry under rear braking stays conserved and the bike is pretty predictive to ride. Now we can look at the Anti Squat The Anti Squat starts pretty high But again we want to know how high is the Anti Squat is SAG position 30% SAG Than the Anti Squat is 125,3% Further our Ant Squat is Gear Optimized If we shift down the Anti Squat drops 36T COG the Anti Squat drops 34T COG the Anti Squat drops 14T COG the Anti Squat get´s close to 100% And at the 10T COG the Anti Squat is 100% Why this is awseome? It means plenty of support when climbing and chainless feeling in the DH gears. That point will give an amazing performance to this bike. Another intresting point is different chain ring sizes! Let me set the chain on a medium gear. 21T Cog OK Now the chain ring is set on 34T which is a lot for 29er Respect for those who can pedal that. So let´s set it up for an more average rider 30T chainring on a 29er, I believe that would be my max too. Now you can see that the Anti Squat value almost didn´t move. It moved only 3% up If you would have switched from 34T to 30T on a conservative bike the deviation would have been about 10% That you would actually feel. If you go even smaller with your chainring the Anti Squat increases. So our deviation is very low. Why? Othe Idler Pulley bikes have even less effect. But we fixed our idler pulley onto the chain stay Why did we do that? It simplifies design and production And futher we could optimize the Anti Squat curve through the travel We wanted the Anti Squat to drop after the pedal zone (SAG) But we didn´t wanted to lose the support suddenly. So let´s see what happens when you are riding You are riding and you have an impact the crank slightly kicks back. But now the Anti Squat is lower than 100% which means that if you bottom out. The crank does not react anymore. Shock Progression is another subject but we can also have a quick look at it The leaverage ratio starts at 2,85/1 And ends up at 2,175 That means about 30% progression We will add a second positio with less progression So you can also use standard air shocks. I hope you enjoyed it and that you understand why we believe that this is going to be good. See you next episode where we will look at the 3D modelling and than the production process will start. Stay tuned and subscribe!! If you didn´t already and tell your friends. See you !!!