Volta – This is more than your average electric bicycle – Kickstarter Video

This is us. Well, this was us. When life revolved around bikes.
Then, we turned into this. The point is we’ve known each other since kindergarten
and life still revolves around two wheels. So much in fact, that we set up a company together
to make awesome bikes at a great price. That was in 2010.
Since then we’ve grown. We’ve gone from taking a gamble on a truckload
of bikes we thought people might want, to producing a ton of bikes
we know people want. We’ve got all the grown ups stuff,
like a big team, an office, and a warehouse full of bikes
ready for delivery. So now with a mission to get more
people on bikes, we’ve designed one that can revolutionize your world
of urban transportation. Ladies and gentlemen, we’d like
to introduce the Pure Cycles Volta. We know, there are plenty E Bikes on the market.
There’s heavy ones, pricey ones, kind of funny looking ones. We even had a crack at making one for Yabba Four,
but we weren’t quite satisfied. So we scoured the globe and assembled
a team of engineering gurus. With Fang and his friends, we figured out
how our bike would have a 40 mile range on a single charge, how the battery would fit stealthy
into the top tube, the motor into the rear hub and how our bike would be one
of the lightest E Bikes on the market. We also did this: “Alright Oscar, walk towards me bro.” So once again I introduce to you, the Pure Cycles Volta.
This bike is simple and smart. We know it looks smart but we mean it is smart.
It even has its own app featuring GPS tracking if the bike is stolen, a work out log and
smart modes to maximize battery life and give you your desired level of output. Power regenerates with breaking, an integrated
smart light to switch on and off automatically. This bike is peddle assist, stripping away
the unnecessary buttons and [inaudible]. And while you are in the kudos of looking like
you’re working out on the way to the office, the breezy power assistive riding means
you won’t even have smudged your makeup. Being urban dwellers ourselves,
we recognize that space is at a premium. So we wanted to design a E Bike that
not only packs a punch on the road but can be fit into a tight space or carried up
to a fifth floor apartment if necessary. Surely a bike as smart and fast and fun as this
is exuberantly expensive I hear you say. Well, not really. Our bikes will retail for around 2,500.
But for our backers, we’re cutting the price by $1,000. Making the Pure Cycles Volta one of the most
affordable E Bikes on the market. But what good is a special backer’s deal if it takes
years to get your E Bike? It’s no good at all. That’s why we’re making you a promise.
If you back this campaign, you will get your bike by the end of 2017.
Guaranteed. How do we know we can pull this off?
Because we’ve got the best guys on the job and because we are a lot better at making
quality bikes than we are at Karaoke.