Shortly, we are now on Abano mountain pass, and the road is pretty … mm.. how do I say it.. dangerous! very narrow and occasionally, no space for two cars to pass together. so, we have to stop from time to time to let the traffic pass us. the name is definitely justified – the most dangerous road in Georgia, if not world. shortly, Anton and I are planning a short 3-4 day tour around Omalo… Thanks! we selected several tracks, that we liked on the map and we want to try them out, therefore we planned everything out packed up and drove up here. I have never seen such road anywhere. I don’t know… extremely narrow with a river… the place is beautiful, very beautiful, we’re still in shock, can’t wrap our heads around it. but, at the same time, we very tense, ’cause … the road is meant for just a single car in width… this narrow! several journalists have visited this place from all over the world from different countries, so to speak BBC has been here as well, you may have seen it. so far, we’re okay, driving… Don’t know what’s gonna happen later. The weather complicated our plans. as you can see, there’s fog outside, and now we have arrived, to the highest point, If I am not mistaken. Hello! the highest point is 2800 meters (9186 ft), roughly, considering the margin of error. you can see the cloud for yourself Damn, so cooooollldd let’s see. nothing interesting. going back to Anton. going back to the car, can’t see anything, better to arrive to Omalo sooner… maybe even we will be able to squeeze in a short track tour depends on the time of the arrival. its 2:00 pm right now. let’s go! the main road is behind us. we have come down from the pass and now we are near the village Khiso looks a lot like, right there, on the top… after circling the mountain, we’ll arrive to Omalo. and eat, ’cause we’re starving! so hungry! oh, it’s so heavy. turned off, its horrible…. I’ll learn from my lessons and let Anton lead the way, cause the last time I was following him, he hit the brakes right when I was inches behind him, he enjoys doing that. roots. the seat is too high for me. we cut the track short. heading back to the main track, for cars. hopefully, there will be no cars, so far so good. turn on the auxiliary force woah, did it halt! skill show from Anton! great, we have arrived at the bridge, I know this bridge, I saw it on the map… look at the number of lizards! I hope my wheel won’t go down in one of the holes. dragging me down with it… shortly, here we’re almost done with the first pass, this bike is crazy, it almost made me do a wheel wait, let me try. wait, 1, 2… woah! ok, no, Zaal, what you don’t know – you don’t know. this is Shenako and following that path, we will arrive to Diklo. it’s a pretty, polished village. In a very beautiful place. Anton is leading! I am not used to these plus wheels. ’cause.. mud, more mud. more mud. the grip is awesome on the plus wheels. wait, I gotta put up the seat. this is what I was talking about. when I said that it’s not this one, dropper. drop one, trail, this device shows everything, I don’t know if you can see, there are 3 positions: eco, trail and boost. therefore, it helps you with rotation with different forces. which is pretty nice. it’s very beautiful, very… these villages, grouped here and there… each village has its own entrance, as if you’re entering a different city each time. extremely beautiful. this is where we’re heading. to the ruins. Old Diklo tower. -We play football plenty of other games. we were just playing one. -Yeah, I saw that. -where do you play football? – there, towards Omalo, there’s a small stadium. -One of the goals is missing the top. – you’re playing without the top part? -no, one only one is missing… – what do you got on your hand? there. – my third eye. -where? -close both of your eyes and let’s see if you can see with your third eye? what am I doing? – aha, means you cant’ see. – we also ski and roll around. – where do you ski? – we sit on bottles and go down a small hill. – we all have bottles, each of us. – I gotta come here …. – yeah, when we go up the hill, we sit on them, on bottles… – the cars tamp the track. this is the first time that I interacted with kids in a mountainous region I am really happy , in such unattainable places kids are taken here for vacations, to the places where they were born, parents teach them, where their ancestors are coming from… it is very rewarding I really like it, this is the place the kids will learn loyalty, friendship, being together I think… I really hope this dog won’t run after us. doggy, what do you want? some doggies like us, some don’t. we like all of them. okay, I gotta put the seat down… I am gonna fall off I won’t even see it coming. very slippery … sorry, I have to carry you here. we’ve arrived to the destination point. it’s such an amazing feeling being here. It’s so tranquil here. can you hear this? it’s awesome, just awesome. Anton is overwhelmed too, he loves it here. right after this, it’s Dagestan. there’s the border, that’s it. here’s Georgia. this is Diklo, we are on old Diklo tower ruins. It’s gorgeous here. now we gotta go back, to Omalo – catch a rest, it’s 8:00 pm , in an hour, we’ll get our food. we are pigs, and we gotta get our bite. bit of a bad passage down guys. but it’s ok. its ok. the correct line-choosing in essential. correctly placing your foot important as well. and 10 000 dollars in your back account one nice yacht, electric-bike and yeah, fine, one good Chakapuli (Georgian dish, try it, its YUMMM!) oh, this track is serious…. -LY full of shit! they’re doing their job, you can’t tell’em anything. its us on their territory, enjoying ourselves, on our bikes. and they, they are working their hearts out, serving the village, keeping it safe! respect, doggies! wall-ride! damn, its speed is building up. damn it! I really hope it was not what I think it was. nope, I mean it was, but it did not stick to us. Anton organizes electric-bike tours in Tbilisi. apart from being a really nice guy – kind, good-hearted, friendly, etc. at the same time, as I have said before, he is a champion of Russia in downhill and enduro-riding. he can teach a lot of great stuff, if you wish so, you can contact him I will link his website in description. you can visit, look around and chose one of the many tours suggested. well, Omalo and Borjomi is for SURE! you have to try it and see! just NEVER drive so close behind him because you will die! keep your distance. we’re down. what can I say about today. We arrived to Omalo , for the first time for myself and Anton. traveled just fine, nothing out of ordinary happened. except the fact that I landed the drone somewhere else far from our location, but on the road and we had to go back and pick up the drone, but that’s fine. luckily, it was not hit by a car before our arrival. then we came to Omalo, around 4:00 pm, settled down in a great hotel I’ll show you that as well. then we went to the restaurant, ate a lot, cause the road really took a toll on us. and then went off to Diklo. It was awesome! the kids…. it’s like, you’re riding, and there’s nothing around and then BAM – 10 houses, fenced, and there’s the civilization – the kids, people, cattle, dogs… it was great! then we moved to the old ruins, near the Dagestan border then we got back to the hotel. we ate sooooo much! I don’t think I have eaten anything like this before. Now I gotta go, have some sleep, cause I am really tired. 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