Track Cycling in Denmark – Red Bull Mini Drome 2013

The market has grown a lot since the smaller bike shops and bigger markets started selling the fixie bikes. To me it’s “just” a bike that’s a little different compared to the normal bikes. They are a bit more fun to ride. You get that – that special feeling off riding a track bike. There will be a lot of people there and people that I haven’t met before or seen before, so in that way it’s a really cool happening.
It’s great that an event like this, can gather so many fixie enthusiasts in Copenhagen. I have never seen something like this before, it’s so cool to have the mini drome here. I have never tried it myself. Well my technic is – When I entered the track I only thought about, ”flooring it” and to stop thinking to much about all the guidelines and track marks or anything. You have to lean into the track and don’t be scared to crash and make sure not to get to high on the track. It looked really hard but as soon as you get into a rhythm it’s all smooth.