Today on BCpov My top 5 rides of 2018 Nice Sick Wow This is so good! Sick! That was awesome! First up, Number 5 A solo ride, on the North Shore, in the snow I actually called in sick to work so I could do this ride I noticed it had snowed in the mountains and I wasn’t going to let that opportunity pass Nice I’m always up for an adventure and the snow is promising After a slow hike up the mountain Alright I dropped into “Ladies Only” a classic on the shore So far, not too bad Dropping in, my brakes sounded like a drunk orchestra but on wards I went It was still fairly cold out so the conditions were still pretty grippy Yes! Nice! Alright, now we’ve got the pond and the teeter totter If I fall in the pond, it’s not a good thing Oh, I made it! Shockingly, somehow I never crashed during the whole ride But I definitely chose my features to ride Ya, I think I’m going to pass on the gonna pass on the drop Any skier knows that snow can have a huge range of types depending on the tempature and it’s no different for mountain bikes aw, it’s so slushy here now Oh, it’s definitely slippery! I love snow rides when the conditions are right But I think most people would stay home on days like this but what a beautiful time to go for a ride It’s amazing in here right now For number 4 we head over to Japan After spending two months there, this ride turned out to be one of the best After previously meeting some new friends at a downhill race They invited my wife and I to see some of their favourite trails in Nagano And boy were they good! Sick They took us to 5 different trails, each with their own flavor And to make things even better, it even snowed on one of the trails! Sick! With unbelievable flow, the riding was truly world class Can you tell I like riding in the snow yet? The last trail we rode was absolutely covered in leaves Axle deep in fact It makes for interesting riding when you can’t actually see the trail Oh my god This may have been the perfect way to end our trip in Japan Number 3 has gotta be bikepacking in the Chilcotins with BKXC Brian and come up to BC from California to ride and I was tasked with showing him some of the best trails we had to offer Oh my god, it’s so magical in here such a task would be incomplete with out a trip to the Chilcotins A bike packers paradise this is the place to get away from it all absorb some unbelievable views and ride some world class single track Rowdy! With 3 days and 2 nights planned we had a big adventure ahead of us We glided through meadows Hiked over mountains Splashed through creeks and conquered ridge lines I actually get emotional talking about this place I love it that much After 3 days 95 km of trail and 3000 meters of climbing We could finally call the adventure complete What a place I love this, this is this is my happy place At number 2 in the list, we have Fuijten bike park in Japan With rain in the air, my wife and I did not expect much at all But boy were we mistaken We had such a blast there First off they were playing 80’s jams on the chairlift So every ride up was a chair dance party Secondly, the dirt was unreal Ah, man… This is so good! Being at the base of a volcano Mt. Fuji in this case Made for some amazing conditions in the wet and on top of all that They’ve built these wonderful flow trails that only seem possible in Japan In most other places, these trails would become giant rain ruts We had an amazing time at Fujiten And that ramen lunch did not hurt things one bit Yuka: Tasty Tasty! At number one, we have one of the most notorious trails in Canada Dirt Diggler Classified as a pro line This trail is not for the faint of heart and I knew that going in After reluctantly joining a birthday ride with some locals My anxiety was super high once we got to the top Ah come on.. With a mix of fear and trepidation, we dropped in And I crashed Why am I crashing? Wow, I was off to a bad start and we haven’t even gotten to the trail yet We finally got to the entrance of Dirt Diggler and I couldn’t bring myself to drop in I was not used to riding in these loose conditions All the locals were sending it easily But my confidence was in the pits F*ck, it makes me nervous Well, ya and for good reason! Ya.. Ya, buddy, you got it, pedal, pedal! It’s so loose down there What had I gotten myself into? Ya buddy! The biggest feature on the trail, was the black lung A coal chute Holy Sh*t A super loose and committing line Once, you’re in, there is no turning back Okay Oh, god Sick! That was awesome! Having finally sent the line, the rest of the trail wasn’t too bad Although, still pretty rowdy That’s cool We got to the bottom and celebrated Making it through one of the rowdiest lines definitely deserved a couple beers This was my best ride of 2018 Oh! and what do we have here? an honorable mention and the honorable mention goes to Japans half pipe trails Ah, so sick And because it wasn’t just one ride, but multiple rides Ah, sweet Japans half pipe trails are littered across the country These ancient trails many created 1000 years ago Were made by local people dragging sleds up and down the mountains This valley is massive! Over time they formed these beautiful half pipe trails that we can ride today When we planed our visit to Japan We had no idea these trails existed but they just kept popping up during our travels As I learnt about these trails I got giddy with anticipation when we had a chance to ride one Ah, I love these They’re calling them half pipes So cool These trails combined with beautiful autumn colors made for a fantastic experience And really defines what mountain biking in Japan is all about And that’s my top 5 plus 1 rides of the year If you’d like to see a longer version of these rides Check out the top comment where you can find links to the full videos 2018 has been an amazing year And I wanna thank you all for watching the videos, leaving comments and sharing I’m at 40000 subscribers now and I feel honored by your overwhelming support I’d also like to give a special shout out to my Patrons I couldn’t do this full time without you guys Thank you Until next time! Stay gnarly