Top 10 Electric Mountain Bicycles with Pedal Assist Technology (2018 Buying Guide)

Welcome to Automotive Territory! If you are a little into bicycles, you must
be aware about the full-on war on the internet between the hardcore bikers, who only accept
tough pedaling with no compromises, and those who prefer electric bikes while accepting
all of the benefits of pedal assist or full electric riding. We are not here to judge, is it totally up
to the rider to decide what type of bicycle experience he or she wants to get. In this episode we just wanted to acknowledge
this newly emerging class of two-wheelers and specifically its off-road division. The following mountain e-bikes are mostly
the all-new top of the line models of their respective manufacturers that can provide
thrilling experiences to their lucky owners. But before we start this off road adventure,
make sure you have subscribed to our channel and rang that notification bell! Enjoy the ride! Rocky Mountain Altitude Powerplay 70 Instead of using a motor from Yamaha or Bosch,
Rocky has decided to create its own system with the major goal in mind to retain the
same geometry of a regular mountainbike. Moreover, this company is the first to implement
the technology of inline torque sensor that ensures instant delivery of power to the pedals
that hardly requires any getting used to, since Altitude Powerplay 70 rides nearly the
same as any other two wheeler. It is equipped with one of the most potent
powertrains in its class which is a 250W 48Volt motor that drains charge from a large 632
Wh battery, that allows longer and more dynamic rides. The carbon frame has adjustable geometry thans
to Rocky mountain Ride 9 link. The rest of the package includes Fox 36 fork,
Fox Performance Elite shock. Trek Powerfly 9-LT Plus All new top of the line 2018 Trek Powerfly
9-LT Plus comes with Bosch CX 250W motor and a 500 Wh batterypack that is seamlessly integrated
into the aluminum frame, allowing low center of gravity. The motor is working in pair with the super
wide Sram EX1 8 speed drivetrain, and the toggling between four power modes is unnoticeable
compared to having an automatic transmission on a car. The battery is removable for charging, but
could also be replenished through a small access port on the side, without the need
of detaching it from the bike. The suspension is represented by a specially
designed Trek RE:akitv technology and the front fork is an e bike dedicated Performance
36 Float GRIP with 150mm travel. Adjustable geometry of the frame enables further
customization to fit rider�s parameters. Haibike XDURO AllMtn 10.0 It is the toughest electric mountain bike
from Haibike and it easily holds its own on the market. xDuro AllMtn 10.0 is powered by a mighty Yamaha
PW-X 250w that is connected to the 20 gear Shimano XT. The large 500Wh battery from Yamaha is good
for storing 40-110 miles of pedal assisted riding. The combination of the front fork Fox 34,
rear shock Fox Float DPX2 and Magura�s MT7 brakes make this bike a great all-rounder
that can tackle any challenges. We also have to highlight some of the more
affordable models like 9.0 and 7.0 that get equipped with Bosch motors and integrated
batteries and by some accounts achieve better handling, due to the lower center of gravity. Focus Jam Squared Plus Pro Very often riders do not use up the whole
charge of the battery on a short riding day and end up carrying extra battery weight for
nothing. The engineers at Focus came up with a very
clever idea for Jam Squared and introduced a modular battery to reduce the weight. A 380 Wh battery is placed into the downtube,
however for longer trips you can attach an extra powerpack to the frame and double the
range. The installed Shimano Steps E8000 motor makes
250 W and 51 lb-ft of torque ensuring dynamic performance. The gear package consists of a RockShox Revelation
RL 140 mm fork, RockShox Deluxe RT rear shock, 29 inch wheels and 2.8 inch plus tires. Specialized S-Works Turbo Levo In 2018 Specialized Turbo Levo goes Carbon
and receives further upgrades with a new motor, suspension and revised specs. The pricing for the base trim of FSR starts
from $4,500 and goes all the way up to $9,500 for the S-Works modification. If the less expensive options come with partially
aluminum frames, S-Works is all Carbon which due to Specialized�s refined techniques
offers higher durability and safety than Aluminum. The major difference between e-bikes from
this manufacturer is the use of motors from Brose, in particular Drive S. This model is
geared with a tandem Specialized Turbo 1.3 250W electric motor and 504 Wh battery. The fork from �hlins, RXF 36, rear shock
RockShox Monarch RT3 and tires from butcher are just a few of Turbo Levo�s advantages
over the competition. Scott E-Genius 700 Tuned The E-Genius has been a member of the Scott�s
family for a couple of years now, but for 2018 it has experienced a major upgrade. The usual Bosch motor was replaced by a 250W
Shimano E-8000 coupled with a 500Wh internal battery. The power is channeled to the Shimano XT Di2
11Speed. The front shock is now 150 mm and is represented
by a FOX 36 Float Factory and Fox Nude Trunnion serves as the rear shock. Scott E-Genius 700 is praised for using a
well-protected and discreet display unit to show the information about the riding conditions
and the state of the battery, but at the same time the bike is criticized for having too
many buttons, shifters and switches. Moustache Samedi 27 Trail 11 Carbon This Carbon mountain bicycle comes from France,
from the fast developing manufacturer Moustache that has been producing ebikes since day one
of its inception 7 years ago, so you can definitely count on a quality product. Moustache�s task is to make any climb seem
like a descent going the other way. That is why besides your feet, it is powered
by a fairly common 250 W Bosch Performance CX powertrain that obtains the charge from
a downtube integrated 500 Wh battery. Trail 11 is the owner of a carbon frame with
balanced geometry for easy handling. Among the other ingredients this rider is
made from are ultra-performing and lighweight Rock Shox RCT3 fork, Moustache Grip control
Ultimate rear shock and Shimano XTR 11 speed drivetrain. Lapierre Overvolt AM900 Carbon This is the first electric MTB with Shimano
drive from the French manufacturer Lapierre. The most noticeable design peculiarity of
this bike is the position of its 500 Wh battery. Rather than being integrated into or attached
to the downtube it is mounted on top of the motor from Bosch. This engineering decision makes the front
of the bike lighter and easier to lift, which positively effects overall handling. Rear shock Rockshox Deluxe RT with 140 mm
travel and the front fork Rockshox Pike RC are responsible for making terrain less brutal. And finally, the carbon frame is quite a nice
entry to the Lapierre Overvolt�s impressive resume. Giant Full E+ The new Giant Full E-bike is manufactured
from a lightweight and durable Aluxx SL aluminum frame, that incorporates a 140mm Maestro suspension
system and complemented by a Rock Shock Lyrik RT3 160 mm fork. This particular electric bicycle is fitted
with the SyncDrive Pro motor, manufactured by Yamaha and tweaked by Giant themselves. It has 5 levels of pedal assist with 360%
increase in the power mode. The bike is kitted with a Sram EX1 drivetrain,
Rockshox suspension setup which is a 160mm-travel RockShox Lyrik RCT3 up front and a Super Deluxe
RC3 at the rear. The 2018 lineup of electrified Giants varies
between 45 and 60 hundred dollars. Cube Stereo Hybrid 160 HPA SL 500 Cube E-bikes have become a rather popular
option for mountainbking due to a rather wide selection of options, with various equipment,
colors and prices for any wallet size. The latest top of the line performer in the
Cube�s stable is Stereo Hybrid 160 HPA SL 500. It is painted in the �Action Team� colors
and can meet any demands of endure riding. The integration of Bosch CX motor and intube
battery allowed to keep the riding feel of a regular mountain bike. This setup works in tandem with the drivetrain
from Sram EX1 8speed, that was specifically tuned to match motor�s torque and ensure
smooth gear shifting. The Fox 36 Float fork and Float DPX2 shock
secure effortless trailing, while Shimano Saint hydraulic disc brakes keep you safe
at any speeds. And a little bonus. Focus Raven Squared With the weight of only 14.1 kilos or 31 pounds
Raven Squared is probably the lightest electric mountain bike on the market. It sets a new direction in the development
of e-bikes offering handling identical to a regular MTB. The unique partnership with the a German engineering
company resulted in creation of a supercompact removable module that includes a motor and
a small 250 Wh battery that fit right inside the downtube of the frame. Of course you will get shorter range, but
weight savings are totally worth it. So what do you think about our lineup? Did we miss any of your favorites? Lets us know in the comments below. Please note, we do agree, that the prices
may seem a little bit off-putting, but you can always consider buying more affordable
options with humbler specifications. To find out more information about electric
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