Top 10: Best Exercise Bikes of 2019 / Best Spin Cycling Bikes for Fast Weight Loss / Home & Office

now you can bring better health into
your life by bringing swing Fitness into your home
introducing the new Schwinn 170 upright bike it blends an intuitive design with
user-friendly technology to make your cardio workout smarter smoother and more
enjoyable the new 170 makes your workout smarter thanks to a sleek new console
that’s loaded with features like Bluetooth connectivity which instantly
syncs your time and distance calories and heart rate with our free Schwinn
trainer app you can seamlessly connect your workout results to your favorite
apps and 29th preset fitness program and 25 levels of resistance to choose
from challenge and motivation are right at your fingertips with the new 170 your
workout feels smoother because swing quality and comfort are built right in
solidly constructed from the ground it features upgraded pedals with wider
platforms and straps a contoured padded seat and adjustable handles with forearm
rests plus its high speed high inertia drive system makes for easy startup and
quiet consistent workouts with the 170s dual backlit LCD displays you can keep
an eye on your progress while reading a book listening to music or watching
movie and fully charged thanks to its built-in USB
port with the addition of Bluetooth the 170
is we are compatible opening up a whole new three deeper
or without ever leaving your home all of which makes your cardio workout more