The Real Amperage of E-bike batteries

Hey guys ! In this video I want to talk to
you about the real amperage of an e bike battery and how you can avoid getting ripped off on
amps by the shops or any other sellers , I am gonna start with a very clean example . I
have here 5 cells which have been removed from one of these batteries and as some of
you know I had to remove the whole paralel group because they were shortcircuit it and
I discovered that each on of the cell have 2200 mah so multiply by 5 it results in 11000
mah which is the total capacity of the battery . But if you have a look on the sticker and
what’s advertised on the website it’s says 13000 mah which is a complete lie , it’s almost
like 1 extra cell of capacity . You see even this cell doesn’t want to stay here . Now
of course I tried to contact the seller and get some explanation for this . I did not
get any reply , but at least I made this video so you guys will not get ripped off like I
got , so here are a couple of things you should know . Some sellers will say that the amperage
of the battery will depend of how much the battery is charged , but that’s not true . The
amperage is always a fixed number and it doesn’t depend of how much the battery is charged
. What it does change , when the battery is charged or discharged is the voltage and as
you can see I have got exactly the same battery , but they are advertised differently . On
this one it says , the normal voltage which will run the power tool , and this one is
advertised with the maximum voltage while the battery is fully charged , so you can
acctualy advertise it as a 17 volts or 17.5 volts , that’s true , you know in sense ; so
you get my point , the amperage does not change . A good way to estimate, the real amperage
of this e bike battery , is to know that maximum capacity of a individual cell used on a e
bike battery will be 3500 mah , at least that’s the limit of a good quality cell , and if
it’s a 36 volts , it meens that they need 10 cells in series to make a 36 volts battery
and 5 cells in paralel in order to make a 17.5 amp battery , so therefore , you can
imagine how meny cells will fit inside the case , like in my example , I have got a 10
cells in series and than 5 in paralel , so therefore there are gonna be 50 cells inside
and if they are 5 in parallel it meens that this battery will have a maximum of 17.5 amps
. So if the seller does say that the battery is a 20 amp you can imediately detect the
lie becasue that’s not possible unless you will use those cheap chineese high capacity
cells which will last maybe 100 cycles , so you get the ideea . Now of cource the safest
way is to remove the case and check the cells by yourself or test them , but as you can
see , all the batteries come with these stickers which once removed the warranty is gone so
, one more thing you can do is to ask the seller , what tipe of cells they use and to
give you some documetation about it and than you can do the research by yourself by checking
this codes or the brand name , so that’s how you can calculate and be sure that there is
the real amperage . Once you ask this tipe of questions to the seller , they will release
that you know what you’re talking about so they will not try to manipulate you and once
you get some documentation about what tipe of cell they use , then you should be good
to go . All right guys , that was it , whare this video with somebody who wants to buy
an e bike or an e bike battery and if you have any questions leave them in the comments
bellow .