The New ROSE THRILL HILL Mountainbike

Hi, I`m Marta and I`m working for ROSE Bikes. Today I introduce you to our new Race Fully, Thrill Hill. This here is the matt black Thrill Hill in size L. The full-suspension race bike is perfect for cross-country racing, as the frame weighs in at only 1800 grams. The complete bike weighs a mere 10 kilograms. It is so lightweight you will simply fly up the hills. Thanks to internal cable routing and an Inline Suspension Design where the rear shock is in line with the top tube and seatstays, the bike impresses with a clean look. Flexing seat stays eliminate the need for an additional joint, which saves weight and maintenance efforts. All bearings used are hard-wearing enduro bearings. A modern geometry and well-balanced suspension ensure a plush downhill ride. The bike is fitted with a 100 mm suspension fork. For more fun on the trail, you can also choose a 120 mm suspension fork though. 4 cable ports allow for different setups. A dropbar remote for the post, a fork suspension remote, a single chainring or a double chainring setup. This bike here comes with an electronic shifting system using a single chainring setup: the XX1 Eagle Axs by SRAM. It has a 12-speed cassette with a 10-50 gear range. The Rainbow Design is especially eye-catching. The AXS allows you to shift gears at the touch of a button. Besides, you can customise the system through the app. The Thrill Hill offers 29-inch wheels and excellent roll-over ability. This will help you fly over every root and save energy. Thanks to BOOST standard and a wider bracing angle, the wheels are extremely stiff for good handling. The tyre of choice is the MAXXIS Icon Skin Wall – for best grip on different terrain. Yet, there are several different options for customisation here, too. If you want to know more about our bikes, please subscribe to our YouTube channel and like it on Facebook or Instagram and we’ll see you next time.