The Hottest New MTB Tech At Eurobike | Eurobike 2019 Part 1

Welcome to Eurobike 2019. The home of all bike tech, especially
mountain bike tech. We’re going to be sifting through the 12 halls indoor and a massive outdoor area to find all the best tech. Will you give us a hand? Right, let’s go. It’s, it’s that way, yeah? It’s that way (Electronic Music) (Electronic Music) (Electronic Music) (Electronic Music) As expected here at Eurobike 2019, we’re starting to see SRAM AXS Wireless Transmission on a lot more bikes and you can’t, you can’t mistake it really. Look at that rear
derailleur, it’s a really really cool piece of
kit. Bull slick cassette and if you look closely, oil slick hubs as well. That’s another bit of a
craze we’re starting to see creeping in. Lock-on
collars on certain manufacturer’s grips and
it’s going everywhere. Everyone’s going for oil slicks, that’s definitely more of a fashion trend. By the back of this Bulls bike, so this is a 29’er, classic four bar design, 140mm travel, carbon frame upfront. It’s actually a really
nice looking design. Love that housed shock,
the way that sits into the top tube there.
And that rocker design, that is absolutely solid, the back end are really really stiff and these things. Pentirofo 2.4″ tire and up front where something is quite
cool, I’ve just noticed, I’ve only actually seen
on the Unno bikes before, the Gemini caster bar
and stem. So this is the Enduro one, so it’s a one-piece unit. Now we’ve seen this
previously with the Hixon from Syncros but actually seeing these aftermarket now, on other
manufacturer’s bikes. It’s quite cool, so as
I say, only previously seen these on the Unno
bikes. It’s an 810mm width bar. 30mm stem, weighs
235 grams. I think it looks absolutely
fantastic. It’s got a 20mm rise bar on there, there are other options available. Costs about
€650 there, they’re quite expensive. I reckon if
you can find a setup that suits you, they’re
definitely something that cleans up the look of
the front of the bike. Look at this, in conjunction
with just the twin cables you get from
the brakes, and there’s nothing else. It’s such
a clean looking front end. To me that is what
it’s all about at the moment, making a bike
look as clean as possible. That is mega. Now back
in the retro bike days, having colored tires
was definitely a thing. It all started with the
Onza tire, known as the porcupine which they’ve
ironically re-released. And then it became the
Panaracer Smoke and Dart which came in a magic
compound, which came in a very similar color to this. They were Specialized with their
Storm Controls and their other tires available in
the gray Umma Gumma that later came in red. And
now I’ve just seen this tire from Kenda that
pleases me, so this one’s actually a prototype. It says on there, 26 by 2.25’s, so it looks
a bit more orientated at dirt jump bikes and
stuff, but still you can put these on a retro bike
build or a modern retro classic. Now I’ve often
talked about Cane Creek before. We’ve taken a
look at their forks and their shocks, in particular the Helm which is a multiple adjustable
fork. And it comes with things like adjustable
volume spaces now, but apart of the fork
inside, you can adjust the travel internally
with no additional parts. So, I really like the way the brand works. They’ve also made their
angle sets in the past. Which essentially is an
angle-adjustable headset, by using the gimbal
system. Right, absolute genius, and you can fettle
the way that your bike feels. Now Cane Creek
are forward-thinking, and they’ve just announced
something very very cool. They’re starting to use
these new SKF bearings, but the bearings, they’re known as Matrix bearings, they’ve existed previously. But no one’s actually
tapped into using them in the bike industry and
the coolest thing about these is, these are a
polymer bearings. There’s no case, there’s no gap
between the bearings. They’re self-lubricating,
and nothing can get in to damage these bearings.
They’re completely jet-wash proof, they’re mud-proof, they’re basically mountain-bike-proof.
I think these, come have a look, are the
coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. So this
is your typical kind of bearing case you’ll get
in a cartridge bearing. So you’ve got an inner
and an outer race, you’ve got the seal which is the
black pieces on either side. That’s what keeps
the crap out, but that, more importantly, when
you jet-wash a bike, when you get it submerged in
water, that’s where water can creep in. And of course, the bearings, they’re held in little
tiny cages on the inside here. That’s why that
needs to be kept clean and greased in order to roll
smoothly. Now you can see already where the problem can arise in bearings and that’s why
we need to change them constantly. It’s because
of what we ride in, a mountain-bike in, mud,
wet, grime, sand, all that sort of stuff. It
gets in and it damages them. Now this is an
example of one of these new SKF Matrix bearings. This is actually a marine-use one, this
isn’t a bike one. It’s a bit bigger. But you
can see how this works, you’ve got the bearings
on the inside there. You’ve got the polymer,
so if we get some polymer around the outside of the
bearing so nothing can get in. And the effect
is, when you see this, in bike use, as Cane Creek
use there, this is how it sits on the inside
here. I think this is absolutely mega. This is about as nerdy as it gets for tech. But
genuinely, I’m so so happy this is being used.
This makes my life a lot easier in a British
winter, and I’m sure it’s going to be really good for a lot of other mountain-bikers. Check
them out. So it’s really nice to actually see a set of Selva forks in person. I’ve referenced
these before on that weekly GMBN Tech show. And just look at the actual adjusters
on the top. We’ve seen this in images before. I’ve not been lucky enough to actually try
these out in the flesh. But they look every bit
as amazing as I thought they would, even in
that ultraviolet purple. Now definitely I think,
a marmite color for a lot of riders. That’s
for sure. But something that’s very cool, I’ve just seen, is the compression tuning assembly. So if we just go over here to this,
you can see they offer 7 different behaviors
of compression tuning, and they’re color-correlated,
so you can actually identify them. And if you
look down here you see, you’ve got a green one
here and I’ve got the copper colored one. You can see it’s got a different amount of holes
for oil flow on them. This is really cool to
see parts like this as a custom offering off-the-shelf providers. Super cool stuff. So usually I’d expect to come to Eurobike to see
production stuff. But actually, the guys at
SIX SIX ONE have just let us see some rapid
prototypes of what’s to come down the line. So
we’ve seen more highly ventilated full-face
helmets from many brands out there on the market
and this is going to be their take on it. It’s
going to be called the Halo, this of course, is just
a prototype so this can be an unfinished
sample. In fact, the inside is nothing like the
production is going to be. It’s likely to have
dual-density foam on the inside, so that’d mean
something like EPS AND EPP, of course that has
different characteristics to it. They’re going to
be using Fidlock buckle systems. That’s that
magnetic system. We looked at Fidlock a couple of
years ago here at Eurobike with the Fidlock bottle
system, which absolutely excellent. So their
magnetic buckle is a really good system. I think
they’re going to be working with D3O as well, so D3O make the impact-resistant, it’s
like a highly viscous rubber. Nice and soft,
like malleable but when you hit it, it becomes
hard. So they’re likely to be incorporating that
into the helmet. It’s going to have a retention
system and probably, adjustable face-forming
pads as well. So I think it’s a very cool system. Looks great in my opinion. I think it’s
a nice looking helmet. It’s good to have a
full-face helmet but with ventilation, that means
you’re not going to take it off for those
climbs and other areas where you could still hurt yourself. They’ve also got a trail
focused helmet, but to be honest this is what
I’ve been more interested to see. Now something
else they’ve just shown us as well, another prototype,
although this is a super-rough prototype,
is a recon pad but it’s going to be called the
recon advance. This is the elbow one but they do a
knee-shin pad as well. The knee-shin pad comes
up extremely high on the inside of your leg. Now
the idea is that they’re going to have minimal
retention there. Fits more like a leg-warmer,
something like that. So it’s not going to ride around,
you’re not going to need to pull a big, sort
of, strap-on to keep it tight on your leg. But
the main feature of this is the fact that it’s
going to have a movable slider on the top. So,
the retention straps are not going to be like
this. So actually, they’re going to come through
the surface of the kevlar that goes over the D3O,
in fact you can see the preview hole there
and the idea is that these are nice and malleable
for all-day riding and you can ride them just like
this or you can ride to the top of your gnarly
descent, and then you can put the plastic cup on
so you have a hard cap protection. Of course,
that isn’t full-size and that is not a production
one so it can look very different. But I love
idea of combining soft and hard caps. Because you
can’t beat a hard cap when it comes to all-out
protection for your kneecap, but not everyone wants
to ride in them, because they do restrict movement
and I have to say I do tend on the more flexible
side of things so combining them both could
be onto a winner there. I think that’s really
cool. So keep an eye out for those, that’s the
Recon Advanced coming very soon from Six Six One.
DMR are super famous for building steel dirt jump
frames. They started way back, in the late 90s
actually, with the DMR Trailstar, and then
followed by the Sidekick and all the other fames
they had. I’ve actually held one of each of those
in the past and even back then you could run
them with different sized wheels. They had the really
cool system where you could move the brake
bosses long before we see disc brakes on everything.
Now they still have the Sect available in
the range, it’s a great value bike. I think it’s
about £750, so probably fairly similar in Euros
and US Dollars. But the European market and the
US Market have actually been asking for an aluminum
version of the same bike. So this is a
prototype. It does say “Proto No Photo”, but I guess
this doesn’t count because we’re on video (?) so we’re
going along with that. I have been told to say,
though, obviously this is a prototype so it’s
not a finished sample, the stack height here is going
to be a lot lower, so you’re not going to have
that protrusion on the top so you’re going to
be able to really slam that saddle down. But
pretty clean looking frame, and I think it’s quite
cool they’re doing this, definitely some influence,
I reckon, from Ollie Wilkins and his traveling
fame around the world. But, yeah, I can see
going out of the bike, alongside their famous
really nice riding, I’ve got to say, these steel
frames. And as I just referenced, this is that
steel DMR Sect, so this is a little bit more
about their heritage going back to the steel feeling.
Comes a lot with the 20-inch world of riding
trail, something that the DMR team will actually
still do themselves. There’s something I love
about a dirt jump bike, they’re so clean and simple, the CSB transmission, high-rise bars, the slender-looking frame, nice and stiff but compliant at the same
time. A great value bike by all accounts for under
£800, bit of a bargain by all accounts. We cut
off to Industry Nine, especially when talking
about the hubs like the Hydra and stuff. They’re
renowned for that and their unique wheel builds
but actually, something that always takes my eye
are these quick-release bolt through systems they
have. So, at a glance, it just looks like a fancy
version of what might replace a standard QR15
axle. So this one is a 15 bar 100, for example.
The thing that’s really cool, if I lift this up
and I push this button on the back, and I pull
this, what have we got here (?). So inside
you’ve got some Allen bits to store inside the handle and use this, effectively, to as a giant Allen key. Now you know, it’s really
really cool, housing tools on the bike in an
area that’s literally always hollow. But I
think that’s super cool. Okay so that is part 1
of Eurobike 2019, some of the coolest bits of
tech that we’ve found. We’re here for the rest
of the week so it’s going to be loads more
videos coming on GMBN Tech so keep an eye out for
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