The Funniest Mountain Bike Crashes | GMBN’s September Fails Of The Month

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Yes, it is that time of the month where we round up all
those fails and bails and we pick our favorite ones. And we scrutinize them
and we get to show you what our favorite ones are. Let’s kick it off with the first one. (laughs heartily) Oh my God, right. This next one, I’ve just watched it. Zane, take a look at it. Man, this guy was pedaling, I thought he was doing
some street but there this pretty crazy steep ass dirt jump. And he didn’t know what
to do, get off his bike or do a press up with
some sort of position. Oh my goodness me that, wow, I like that. He didn’t know what to do, let
go, or just try and ride out. He did both and he rode out. Wow, BMX tracks. Yes, they are fast. Yes, you have to pedal. This my friends, is Kahn. – Yeah, I poofed pretty hard on that. – Yeah you did. – It looked good. – This is not Kahn, sorry, Cale, Kyle. – Kyler – Yes, you have to pedal your nuts off to clear some of these gaps. Now Kyler is doing
exactly that but he pulls, yes, a little bit too hard. Ah, but he manages to roll out of it. I don’t know how he does it. It’s humongous! Whew! Trevor. Look at him, he’s in that tree. Yes, it is narrow. He’s even saying it’s narrow. – Oh, it’s just the narrowness. – But what a hell of a tree that is. Look how big it is! He’s riding in it. It’s like a bathtub, it’s huge! Now, it’s time to send it. What he doesn’t realize
that, yup, the dirt. Look at him getting spat
off the front of his bike. He nearly KO’s himself on that tree. Now look at the slow mo, wow, lucky man. – Look, I’m jumping. – Woo! Nick, I hope you’re all right dude. Look, he’s coming in. It’s a small jump again. And look, he says in the air – Look, I’m jumping. – What does he say? Yes, he says, “Look, I’m jumping.” And then, wow, it’s the biggest face plant onto the next jump ever. But just cuts so sharp, I don’t, he’s all right, it does say he’s fine. He does say he’s fine. Don’t say you’re jumping mate. I hope you’ve got teeth left. If not, that’s a very
expensive dentist bill. – Ho, whoa. (grunting) – (laughing) Okay, from Nick we’re
moving straight on to Jason. Jason, this is a cool yard. I’ve always wanted to have
dirt jumps in my yard. I used to, but I had to get
bulldozed because I built them too big and someone
got a little bit cross. Now Jason, that is one way
of looping out, for sure. If it wasn’t for that bush, I reckon your would of had a sore coccyx. That was full gas, and
was that whisky throttle? You know on a motor bike you
just go (motorcycle engine). Now, it’s time for this man. Forgot his name, Jared. Look at this. – (shrieks) (horn honking) – Listen to this. – (groaning) – What is Martin’s favorite noise? He loves being winded. His mate Brandon ran over to him, he said he was fine but
he was a bit winded. – (groaning) – Moving on. – Halo, halo. (mumbling) – Shut up and just do it. – (grunting) – (laughing) Whew! I don’t know who this
is, this unknown rider. He sent it in, but there’s
nothing in the description, no nothing but he is fun. It looks like he just
starts two meters away. They’ve build this horrible
wooden thing with a puddle in the middle and his mate just said, “Just do it.” Look at it, it’s like an ostrich burying
his head in the dirt. This is Liam. – That’s me. – This is you Liam. (horn honking) – Yes, big time. That’s big time. That one my friends, this
one’s coming from Liam. Not Liam there, Liam, this is not you. Liam, this is out in the
French Alps somewhere in a bike park, I’ve heard of this place. But look at this, there’s a few riders doing the chicken line. They’re missing out on this jump because they’re a bit nervous
because it’s quite big. Here comes Liam, uh oh. He nose bumps the top,
then lands in manual and then dies. Not completely die, but, that was a hell of a save. Ah, it’s come to a swift brief end with that Fails and Bails of the month, thank you very much for watching. I loved it. But thank you so much for
sending in all your fails for our slight entertainment. Everyone was fine. No one’s hurt. But everyone was wearing
the right corrective, protective gear. Helmets, pads, and all that jazz. Now, if you want to get
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for next week’s next shows. See ya later! That was a fail. That was a fail. – That was a good one.