The First (And Last?!) GCN Show Live! Does Pro Cycling Need A Budget Cap?  |  Ep. 324

The First (And Last?!) GCN Show Live! Does Pro Cycling Need A Budget Cap? | Ep. 324

– From GCN Mallorca, welcome to GCN Show! (dramatic music) – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, for the first time ever, we have a live studio audience! (cheers and applause) – That actually sounded quite, well we’ve got a live audience
now, we’ll wait and see how many are left at the
end of Extreme Corner. (laughter) – That is a very good point Dan. Anyway, it’s very much business as usual. We’re gonna be discussing the new big money sponsor of Team Sky. Does it’s budget actually
have implications for the future of professional cycling. Do we need a budget cap? – [Dan] We’re also going to
be talking about the origins of gravel riding and a
saddle that could potentially literally blow smoke up your ass. – Yes. And we have Wattage Bazooka,
this time it is a suffer-fest. Presenter competition. (upbeat music) – This week in the world of
cycling we learnt that the riders that are going to be
doing the 2020 Tour de France are going to have a rather
rude awakening on stage one. – Absolutely, take a look at this profile. Uphill straight from the gun. Now that looks tough. But it’s nothing compared to stage two! Which has actually go
proper mountains in as well. – We also learned this week
that Julian Alaphilippe is not only an amazing
climber, a brilliant sprinter, but he’s also quite the mover and shaker. (funky music) He might also be the Milan Sanremo winner, but we’re not sure because we’re recording this before the event. – Given that we did not predict
him to win Milan Sanremo, there is a pretty good chance
that he’s actually going to take that victory Via Roma, isn’t it? Now we also learned this
week that Dan is not a zero. Oh no, we all witnessed his final suffer-fest 4dp test last night. And wasn’t he good? (cheers and applause) Yeah I’ve gotta say unfortunately, you didn’t quite nail 300
watts for your FDP, did you? But more than respectable, 286. Which is not far off a 20% improvement. And all the other metrics went up as well, so yeah fair play mate, that was awesome. – [Dan] I’m effectively
neither zero nor hero. – No, that’s no surprise. But anyway, that’s a little bit mean. Right, the big news this week, apart from Dan’s fitness
test was of course, that the rumors about Team
Sky have now been confirmed. – He’s doing the Giro now? – No, that one has still
not been confirmed, or rather it’s consistently denied, but I’m refusing to let it go. But this is the fact that the
new sponsor is gonna be INEOS. So they will become Team
INEOS as of May in fact. But it does present a
potential problem, doesn’t it? – It does, it’s undeniably
good short-term news. – Well yeah, that’s true. – The fact that a new sponsor
has come in to replace the biggest budget sponsor in cycling. And I think it also means
that the current people that are backing different teams and Team Sky and probably going to be
quite pleased about this. But I think we firstly
need to answer the question or pose the question,
about the team budget. – Well yeah, let’s face it. So Team Sky have won six out of the last seven
Tours de France, haven’t they? And effectively they have been able to crush the life out of
the race, haven’t they? – Yes, and they’ve also won
four out of the last five Grand Tours, so they’ve been crushing Grand Tours in general. But out of interest we would like to firstly get the
audience’s opinion on this. Do you think that Team Sky have made the Tour de France less exciting? – Boring, Dan is what you mean. So if you could hold up green for boring, oh sorry, red for boring actually, that makes much more sense doesn’t it. Red for boring, and green for hack. Obviously your card
does say hack or bodge. We could only afford to
give you one, unfortunately. But anyway, there we go. – We’ve blown the budget
on these to be fair. – Right, so. – [Dan] It’s fairly interesting… I’d say it’s reasonably,
slightly more boring than interesting, but almost
a 50/50 split actually. – I’d say slightly more
boring than interesting, but I think you’re right
Dan, a 50/50 split. Now of course, the theory is,
that by having a bigger budget you can of course afford
to buy better riders and then you’d also be able
to spend more money behind the scenes making your amazing
roster of talent even better. – [Dan] Yes, so to an
extent the other teams and other riders barely get
a look in at the Grand Tour, do they these days? – Exactly. – So what is the answer to this? Budget cap? – Budget cap. – Could be a budget cap. Like a level playing field
from a financial point of view between all the different
teams in the world tour. So that calculated investment is basically the order of the day. – Well what the advantages
of a potential budget cap be? – Firstly you would hope for more interesting racing, wouldn’t you? Because the talent would be
spread more evenly across all the world tour teams. – Well that’s right. And more unpredictable racing, which shall we say a more
unpredictable sport in general is better to watch. And therefore you would also
expect to see more people interested in racing, the
viewing figures going up. – Yes, and even away from races. What would be really
interesting is to see how each different team would
allocate their capped budget. So what would they spend it on. For example, would you get
the best coach in the world, or would you pay to see all your riders go the wind tunnels to become more aero. – Yeah. Would you invest your
money in a team chef, or make all the riders
put up with French pasta, which is also sometimes known as soup. – Yes, or would you get
two brand new team buses, all the vehicles that you wanted, the best coach in the world, or would you get Peter Sagan? – Well yeah, it’s a dilemma that one team is going to
have to face, isn’t it? Now you would also expect
cycling therefore to provide a better return on
investment for sponsors, because basically it’s
gonna cost them less and as we’ve already seen, potentially more people
are gonna watch it. – And if there are too many
sponsors as a result of that budget cut, what you could
end up having is leagues where you can promotions and demotions, just like you would do in
something like the premium league. – [Simon] Because you know what
you would happen if the UCI imposed a budget cap though, don’t you? – I’ve got no idea what would happen. – Okay, well so basically, the
world tour would get the rule and they’d forget to implement
it for Pro Continental meaning that you’d be
teams like Team INEOS, registering as pro content on having the same budget as normal wouldn’t they? – Yeah, that’s exactly what Team Sky or INEOS would do, isn’t it? – Yeah. – I think we always need to
think about what the downsides of this could be, and to
start with we have realized and found out that it
might not even be legal in the first place, so there’s
an absolutely brilliant article about this by Stephanie Constand. Who basically said it’s a mine field when it comes to the laws
on this sort of thing. So it might not even be
plausible in the first place. – No and were it to be implemented, can you imagine the policing it? Like forensic accountancy. It’d be an absolutely nightmare. – Ideally, given what we’ve
seen from our audience of what they would like to see,
it might be a good idea, but may not be plausible to start with it. – But there is precedent, isn’t there? NFL have got budget caps,
and then also Formula One are trying to implement it
by 2020 or 2021 I think. The other problem they’ve got
is, just like Formula One, it’s not gonna be popular with the teams. Chris Froome, when asked
about it last year, he actually said it amounted to communism, which I’m not entirely sure
I agree with that, but still! – Alberto Contador was also
asked about whether there should be a budget cap in cycling,
and he response was yes, there definitely should be. And that question was posed to him about two months after he retired. (laughter) – Right then, so given that we’ve got, well in our opinion a few pros, and then also some inevitable cons. Could we ask for your
opinion on this subject? So our audience here, for
a start get to vote first, so if you could hold
up red for budget cap, and green for spend everything you want. So what do we think? It’s red or green. – [Dan] How have you got two cards? – [Simon] Oh, double voting. – [Dan] Green. – [Simon] Green, spend what you like! I think, isn’t it? – Yeah. – It’s close up it’s
definitely spend what you like. And what about you at home as well. So you of course get to vote. If you click on the screen now, there is a poll, and we will
come back to this next week. And of course let us know in
the comments section as well, exactly what you think about it. – Next up, we have our weekly
GCN inspiration segment, which is of course your
chance to win one of three Wiggle vouchers, all you need
to do is submit your photos, either using the uploader,
a link to which you can find in the description below, or using the hashtag
gcninspiration, over on Instagram. We’ve picked our favorite three this week. – Oh yes. – So, I was going to say
no particular order, but… – There is a definite order, Dan. It’s called third, second, and first. (laughter) So, third place this week is this absolutely belter
from Peter, check that out. (cheers and applause) We did always say didn’t we
that when GCN inspiration was launched that you didn’t
have to have an amazing view. But often we seem to pick
one with amazing views. – [Dan] We realize that
what we said at the start, we didn’t actually stick to, so we’ve deliberately picked one with graffiti in the background. – [Simon] No but this is cool, ’cause that’s a great bit of graffiti it’s a lovely bike and actually
that is kind of inspiring ’cause riding your bike doesn’t have to be in amazing places. Like, most of my riding
is done in between cities. So that sums it up to me
mate, I’m all over that. – Yeah, I think that’s a great photo. – Yeah, I do too. It deserved a win. – Well done, £50 of Wiggle
vouchers on their way to you. £75 this week goes to Ben. I’m not gonna try to
pronounce the surname, but he has taken this photo. – [Simon] Ah, look at that Col de Braus. That one is a pearl. If anyone has ever ridden
the Col de Braus they’ll know that that section of
switchbacks, utterly amazing. – [Dan] I’ve never ridden it! – [Simon] Yeah that is a great photo. (applause) – And then, drum roll please. (thudding) They haven’t got drums,
but they’ve got laps. – Yes. – The winner of £100 of Wiggle
vouchers this week is Bella! – [Simon] Wow! Look at that. (cheers and applause) – [Dan] Yeah, as you’re quickly
learning, we are suckers for sunrise and sunset photos and
that is a brilliant example. – [Simon] That is, sunrise
magic on this morning’s ride, Western Creek, Australian
capital territory. That is an absolutely pearl there. A deserved winner of the big prize. £100 of Wiggle vouchers. As Dan, if you do want to submit
a photo to GCN Inspiration, then you either use the
hashtag gcninspiration, or you use the uploader. (trumpets blaring) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We are going to start cycling
shorts with news that has come out of Boulder. So the pros closet which started
out life as an Ebay store, which was selling pros
secondhand clothing, has now become a sort
of legitimate company, with an online shop that
sells secondhand equipment. – [Simon] Yeah and what’s
interesting at the moment, is that actually they’ve
just launched a program for certifying used bikes,
and then guaranteeing a buy-back scheme for 18
months after your purchase. As you know, we’re a big fan
on secondhand bikes here on GCN with Jon’s Cheap Bike
to Super Bike series, has been absolutely brilliant, an it shows just what you can
do with pretty amazing value, as well as the environmental, sustainability element as well. – I still can’t believe that
Jon Cannings didn’t keep the original paint job which I suggested. – The other lads, they
really stitched me up. – That was a good paint job, Dan. – It was a Celeste, which
he apparently hates. But less so than the one I suggested. Anyway, we’re going to
go from US to UK news, because believe it or not
amongst all the Brexit chaos… – Well we’re assuming
that the Brexit chaos is gonna continue given that
we’re filming this a little bit in advance of when it’s released,
but that’s a fair shout. – Well I think that we can be
guaranteed that there’s still going to be more Brexit news in the… – No not even the cursed GCN
would work on Brexit, would it? – Anyway, we are going
to get on to the news from Carlton Reid who
is a writer for Forbes. So he has said that
apparently, electric scooters might no longer be banned in the UK. Which is fair enough you’d think, except for the fact that they’ve actually been banned for 200 years. – That’s incredible isn’t it? Like visionary banning. Imagine thinking to ban something 180 years before it was even invented. – Unbelievable really. But what was really interesting
was that the same law was passed in the UK in
1835 had to be amended at the point that road
bicycles were invented. – To even allow us to ride on the road. So effectively an e-scooter now is what a road bike was 150 years ago. Anyway, what’s undeniably cracking news is that in the report which
that snippet comes from which is called, and I
believe The Future of Mobility Urban Strategy, cycling is
a fundamental part of that. So hopefully that means good things for bike riders in the UK. – And if anybody would like
to discuss this further, we will happily do so at the
bar, quite a long time later. – Yeah after a good few drinks. Now before we leave
this subject completely, we’ve gotta say the Royal Mail, which is the British postal
service get a big thumbs up from us this week because
they’re currently trialing replacing their cars and
their vans with e-trikes. Which are close enough to bikes that we’ll actually give them
a shout out for that. – [Dan] It’s got to be a good thing! I thought it was a great tweet. So they basically said over on Twitter, look out for them delivering
Royal Mail in Stratford, Cambridge, and Sutton
Coldfield later this month. – Yeah, brilliant! So if you live in one
of those towns or cities then there you go, you might
have an e-trike potting around. – Yeah, keep a look out. Send us a photo if you see them. Alright we’re going to get on to a rumor transfer mill
now, so apparently… – Hang on, what transfer
rumor mill in March? – Yes, I know it’s early. It doesn’t happen until
about May time, does it? – No it doesn’t. – We’ve got one this year. So apparently Vincenzo Nibali
is going to Trek-Segafredo. And the reason that we
know this is because his team manager, at a bar
in Rio, where he is now, has said to Cycling News
that he was apparently already going for meetings
with Trek-Segafredo, over at Tirreno-Adriatico. – Well yeah, and he turned down Bahrain-Merida’s extension
in 2018, didn’t he? So there we go. Alright one last piece of
news from cycling shorts. I’ve gotta give a massive shout
out to Anna van der Breggen basically she is the dominant force in women’s cycling at the
minute, but she’s actually turned her hand to mountain
biking again this year. She’s partnered up with
the former cross country mountain bike world
champion, Annika Langvad. And the pair of them are
totally dominating the race. I think they’ve won every
stage of the race so far, by the time we film this, and they’re currently
leading by 26 minutes. That is, we love a bit of
a multi-talented cyclist, on road and off, and Anna van der Breggen is absolutely crushing it. – It would be a Wattage Bazooka, but we’ve got a different
one coming up for you. – Oh we do. Right, we have been indulging
in one of our absolute favorite past times, which
is trolling Kickstarter for this week’s Tech of the Week. And for this one we’ve got some pretty incredible
ones, haven’t we Dan? – We have indeed. So to start with, we have a
temperature controlled saddle. You’re not gonna believe
this, it’s unbelievable. – Yes. – The proof’s in the pudding
isn’t it, that’s the phrase. Anyway, what it does is it has air vents, and it will blow respectively cold or hot air up your posterior. Which is amazing, isn’t it? – [Simon] Who wouldn’t want one of those? (laughter) – [Dan] Yes, exactly. – [Simon] That is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, there is
still some way for them to go before they make their funding target. The inventor, who’s after 142,000 euros, so far they’ve only got nine. 9,000 isn’t bad though, is it? – No not 9,000, literally nine euros. (laughter) – Nine euros, well if they
add the smoke element, and they can blow smoke up your ass then it might go somewhere. – Good point, Dan. – We might also get some investors here in the room here
tonight, now that they’ve seen this amazing invention. But remarkably, this next one actually has hit some of it’s targets. It’s a tire width changeable tread that can be zipped on and off. So no more changing tires, you can literally zip them on and off. – [Simon] I don’t really
think that’s my cup of tea. I mean, anyone who’s tried to undo a zip and it’s covered in mud will know that you don’t get very
far, do you really? – No, yeah zips can fail all the time. – Exactly, it did. Right then, I also finally happened to see this on Kickstarter. And I thought I’ve gotta
show you because it actually is a very very important moment
in the history of cycling. There is something called The Rough-Stuff Fellowship
Archives, which is a book that is currently out for funding. And The Rough-Stuff Fellowship actually invented the mountain bike, they just didn’t know it, and
therefore they didn’t make any money out of it. And they also mention the
gravel bike 60 years before it became known as the gravel bike. – Yes, or the Groad bike
as Caley Fretz coined it. So this originated in
the UK back in the 50s, so they took bikes where bikes had never been before basically, taking your average road bike and modifying it so it survived
over all sorts of terrain. – [Simon] Yeah absolutely bonkers. Bike and riders survived
and some might say that actually the gravel bike
spirit comes directly from these men and women and
the brilliant thing is, this club is still going in the UK. They actually have a website
complete with a poem, which Dan if I may, actually read out. First poem ever on the GCN Show. – Let me grab a beer. – “I am a Rough Stuff touring
bike, my owner’s pride and joy I have mud guards and a saddle bag, I’m clearly not a toy. I wouldn’t say I’m shiny… – It’s enough…that’s the
end of Tech of the Week! – That’s been the Tech of
the Week for this week. (laughter and applause) – Whoa, before you finish
Tech of the Week guys, I just teleported straight from Mallorca to the Taipei bike show. To bring you all the latest
and best tech from this massive bike show, it’s so big. It’s even bigger than
Lloydie’s Mallorca hangover. So brace yourselves. Tech is coming. – Right I think now is time to… – For Wattage Bazooka! – So the premise of the
Wattage Bazooka this week is very simple indeed. We are going to find out who is the most powerful GCN presenter, over the course of 30 seconds and we knew we wouldn’t
be amongst the best so we’re not doing it, but
we’ve got three of what we think are the best doing it now. – That’s right, so the guys
at Sofest have very kindly rigged up our bespoke 30 second test. So Chris is currently just
warming up before he’s gonna lay down a Wattage Bazooka. Where’s our sign, mate? We brought it all the way from England. Come on, I need to go and get the sign. We do, I need the sign
before you do it mate. Whilst Si gets the sign we will watch Chris gradually warm up. So the order is Chris, then Hank, with James Lowsley Williams, and then finally Sebastian Lucas Haedo, who’s my bet actually, no offense Chris. But we will see what they do. We’ve had some prospective
predictions from the audience. Ranging from 700 to 1,025 I think it was. So we’ll see who is closest,
and also who is the best GCN presenter over 30 seconds. 5,4, 3, 2, 1 Go! (shouts and cheers) 3, 2, 1 Bravo! (applause) – Oh my word I’m so glad
we haven’t done this Dan. I’m so glad. – If you wanna see why I
ever did have a falling out with the green man. (laughter) – Well mate that was a cracking effort. Dan have we got the scores? – The results are in and
they are quite astounding. Chris averaged for 30 seconds, 990 watts. (cheers and shouts) – And we can’t do that, can
we Simon for two seconds. Right, next up we have
our new Spanish recruit, Lucas Sebastian Haedo. He’s only actually recently
retired, so he should be fitter. – Come on Sebastian. (applause) 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go! Go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Come on! Come on Sebastian! 3, 2, 1 (cheers) – Sebastian, that was
absolutely cracking effort mate. Lloyd, have we got results? – We have, it’s all sevens, 777 watts. (applause) – Just shy, but it’s
extremely respectable. Simon and I can do that
10 seconds can’t we. (laughter) Power to weight size, Sebastian
claims that he weighs 68 kg at the moment, Chris said he’s 65. That’s not true, he’s
probably closer to 77. Although sprinting is more
about aerodynamics than weight. – Uphill sprint mate anyway. Right, we’ve got one more challenger, he’s elected to do it wearing Chinos, as only Hank could. (laughter) – [Woman] Where are your socks? – He has replaced his poker shoes, with clipless pedals. But anyway, come on Hank. Oh we need to swap bikes, don’t we? He’s elected for his own bike as well. Right are you ready? Chris what gear do you go for? – Uh, 14. – He’s not gonna go for that one. – We’ve got Hank up next in some Chinos and some casual clothing. Can he beat Chris Opie? It’s a tall order. – It is a tall order. He’s also not wearing socks. So Tom if you can just pan down. We don’t know where they’ve gone. One can only assume he’s about
to go for a run after this. Right, okay. James you ready mate? – No. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Go! Go, go, go, go, go! 3, 2, 1 Oh! – Ah! – I tell you what, Dan in
respect with the outcome, I think that’s probably
the most wattage anyone’s ever put out wearing Chinos. Round of applause for that mate. (applause) – Oh man, I’ve sweat balls. – Oh yes. (laughter) – The results are in. So we already know that Chris
almost got to 1,000 watts for 30 seconds, we know Lucas
Sebastian Haedo did 777 watts for 30 seconds, and we now
have the results of Hank, and we might get to add on 50 watts because you were using
Chinos, but never the less, he did 758… watts for 30 seconds which puts you in third place. Which means our Wattage Bazooka! (cheers and applause) Goes to Chris. – Well done mate. Round of applause for all three. – Next up, one of our favorite points of each and every week. It is Hack. Forward slash bodge of the week. And this week are not going
to be deciding if they are hacks or bodges because we
have a live studio audience to do it for us. Anyway, first up we have
this one from Jesse Winacoff. Seen in San Antonio last week. Full disc wheel, made of duct tape. – [Simon] No. That’s amazing. Oh yes, look at that! Come on, what is it then? A bodge! Oh come on! Surely that’s gonna the most
aero fixie you’ve ever seen. – I think that would work. I would disagree with our audience. – No we can’t, we can’t overrule mate. – Alright sorry. – It’s a bodge. – They might not come to the
next GCN event if we disagree. – They could just walk out right now. Alright, next up. – Half of them have, Si look. – Zach Smith says my
buddy’s cantilever brake to V-brake conversion. – [Simon] Right what do we think. Oh my word! That is terrifying! There we go, unanimous. Oh! One rogue hack over there. Oh put it down, that’s a bodge, isn’t it. An absolute terrifying bodge. Right, we’ve got this one
sent in my Nate Cobbs. Ooh, now that’s pretty tasty. Any home mechanics here
will know that is a home-made truing stand. Is that with like ear plugs at the bottom? Initiative, I’d say. – [Dan] We should probably look at this before we actually do
it live, shouldn’t we? But maybe they are ear plugs yes, but I would say that is a hack personally. But as you say it’s not
down to us this week. – [Simon] That was a unanimous hack. Oh and one rogue bodge! Come on! – [Dan] Alright next up we
have this one from Micah Arts, lost the silicone on the bottle cage, found on the road a tin
can opener where I stopped. – [Simon] Well there we go. So now presuming the water
bottle is not gonna bounce out. That could be a kind of useful fix. Or at least stopping our bottle
bouncing out of your pocket. – [Dan] We’re undecided,
what does the audience think? Well there’s one that’s hack and bodge. – [Simon] I’d say that’s 50/50 isn’t it? – [Dan] I would say 50/50. – [Simon] It’s kinda like, you know, ah. At least they picked up some rubbish. That’s the other thing. From environmental reasons
it’s probably a hack, but for all other reasons
it’s just a bodge. Right, we got this up
next from Henning Shaws. Wow! Look at that! How can that be described as
anything other than a hack. Someone’s put some serious
time into that, haven’t they? And probably money. We should probably ask
the question as well, would anyone ride that? Here, before you vote? No, no riding. But is it a hack or is it a bodge. Split. – [Dan] Would you say bodge? – [Simon] I’d say that’d
be mean if that’s a bodge. That looks pretty cool. Shall we say hack? It was a 50/50 split. That is another hack. – [Dan] So we have kind of an equal split of hacks and bodges. We have a sound effect there as well. Alright, next up and finally
actually for hack or bodge this week, we have this
from Joe Crooks, USA. Sunglasses with DIY vents. – [Simon] No. He’s drilled his Oakleys down. (laughter) Oh, oh. We’ve got some approval! That’s almost been deemed a hack! Well rather them than me drilling into my expensive
sunglasses, but there we go. – There’s no way I would
do that to my Rokas. – Oh it’s been deemed a hack. I think that sound effect was a hack. – This has been completely out of control this week, hasn’t it? – It has indeed. And it’s been quite good! It’s been quite good. Right anyway, if you would like to submit a photo to hack
or bodge for next week of course you can use the
hashtag gcnhack on social media or the uploader we should
know by now the link is in the description beneath this video. It’s time now for caption competition which is your opportunity
to get your hands on a GCN water bottle. All you gotta do is write a witty caption to a
photo that we give you. Now, to give you a bit of a hint, we’re going to give you
the results from last week. So this is the photo that we gave you. And the winner is Trevor
Norman with caption, “Could you give me a wee push.” Genius, well done Trevor. (applause) – I see what you did there Trevor. This bottle will be
winging it’s way to you just as soon as you send us
your address over on Facebook. Right, the photo that you
can get your teeth stuck into for this week is
coming up for you now, it is this one of Sam Oomen, the best young rider at Tirreno-Adriatico, finished just less than
a week ago in fact. I am going to get you started. – Go on mate. – You ready for this. – Yeah, yeah. – That looks like a bad omen. – Ooooh. That’s what happens when
you read out a caption in front of a live studio audience mate. (laughter) Oh dear. If you think you can do better, we suggest you can, then I would definitely get your caption in the comments section
underneath this video. And I’ll take that away from you Dan. (laughs) – Next up we’re going to go
through three of our favorite comments in the past seven days. Before we tell you what’s coming up on the channel for the next seven days. – So this first comment
actually I’m very glad that they sent it in. This is from Peter Kloczkowski. (laughs) Peter, peter. The point is they finished
second in the weekly inspiration last week and we talked about
whether it was slippy ice or grippy ice. Anyway, they put us out of our misery. The ice definitely wasn’t grippy, in fact it was slippery as hell, and very different from the one that you found in Sweden, Simon. Although he sounds like
he’s familiar with that kind of grippy ice, Dan. He said it took several
tries to catch the pic and each time I had to just
roll down in a straight line trying not to lean to either side or touch my brakes prematurely. So there we go. That was how he finished second
in the weekly inspiration. – I still can’t get my
head around grippy ice. – Mate you gotta go to Sweden in January and you’ll find it I’m sure. – Alright, also underneath
the show last week we also had this comment
come in from Lisa Rogers. As Si thinks the bunch sprint
finishes with 19.73 riders as the average from Alanson Romo, I’m wondering what the .73 would be. Would that rider have the same
height as Emma, or shortened? – Well yeah, that’s fair
enough but perhaps the comment that replied from Roichi R. The .73 might actually be more like Dan, not really there in terms
of power or fitness. (laughter) Although we know that’s not fair now. You’re at least .83 so there we go. But no, to build you up
Dan, that isn’t fair. Kymbo72 as commented under the same show, do we have to keep seeing Dan flaunting his huge pecs each week? Now I’m not entirely sure
what they were watching, but anyway there we go. Huge pecs mate, well done. – Well if I did have huge
pecs I would flaunt them. Anyway, coming up in
the GCN Show this week, sort of the forthcoming week then, we have on Wednesday
How to Ride the Rollers. Then coming up on Thursday we
have Top Five Fastest Bikes. I could do with one of those. – Yeah you could. – And then on Friday as
ever is Ask GCN Anything. – Then Saturday, quite close
to our hearts right now, given that we’re in Mallorca. It’s Ollie’s Sa calobra Challenge. So he set himself the goal of going sub 30 minutes on that savage climb. Everybody in the audience will know that, because we’ve all got it in our legs, literally from today. So find out how Ollie got on on Saturday. – I don’t want to give anything away, but you went flat out today and
you didn’t break 30 minutes. – No I didn’t break 30
minutes, thanks for that Dan. Then on Sunday it is the finale, can you turn a cheap
bike into a super bike. We give you the answer in
a full feature over on GCN. Then Monday racing new show. – Racing new show and then
Tuesday we’re gonna be actually back in the set without a
live audience unfortunately, because they’ve been fantastic tonight, back for the GCN Show. – Well we are getting towards
the end of the GCN Show now unfortunately but there
is of course still time for Extreme Corner and
this week it is utterly mindblowingly extreme because it is highlights from Darkfest. Which has just taken
place in South Africa. (rock music) Well there we go. That was Extreme Corner
ladies and gentlemen. And that was the GCN Show
so thank you very much for sitting through it and
being such amazing sports and taking part as well, so please, a round of
applause for you guys. (applause) – Amazingly, we’ve gotten
all the way to Extreme Corner and we’ve still got a few
people left in the building. – Yes, let’s not tell the
people at home that actually we filmed the exit of the
show and exactly the same time that we filmed the intro
the show, shall we. Right anyway, thank you to you
at home for watching as well. If you would uh, come on in Hank! Come on in mate. Come on in. – Right for you watching
the video at home, we’ve had sort of interval entertainment from Hank over here. Come one Hank! (cheers) Anyway, if you would like
to watch another GCN video right now, then why not check out Dan’s zero to slightly above average, or indeed Hank’s Rad Race video as well. Thanks very much for watching. – Here and here.