The cheapest electric bike test and review!

Hi guys, as usually its me just a voice over
and you are watching review machines. There is common knowledge – when you are
choosing something never choose the cheapest thing, it never works. But today we will make an experiment! Now we will find the cheapest electric bike
on Aliexpress, buy it and see what we will get for this money. When we type electric bike in the search we
get numerous results, but we don’t want to buy a real trash, so check the sellers
reputation and amount of orders first of all. So we have some interesting variants here,
but the cheapest this one. What we have here, electric bike, 350 watt
motor, 10.8 ah with rear and front suspention. Well sounds interesting. And the feedbacks are quite decent. Well I take the decision, we are buying it! Wow that’s what I call a fast delivery! Here it is, ready to be reviewed. In fact the delivery took about three weeks. When we bought it we paid about 500 dollars,
but when you watch this video the price may differ. Well what do we have for these money. DSY X6 bike super sport fashion sports series
Jaguar! What a modest name for the bike guys. I would call it super power boosted turbo
edition stage two final heavy duty supercharged. Lets have a closer look. You know first impressions are quite decent. Paint and built quality seem fairly good. There are front and rear suspension systems. The frame is foldable. The battery is mounted on the top of the frame. It can be dismantled for charging. The battery itself is lithium 10.8 AH. There are 26 inches wheels, rear electric
motor 350 watts. The changing speed gears and brakes are Shimano,
and that’s quite surprisingly taking into account the price of the bike. There are many devices on the handlebar. At the right we see so to speak an ignition
switch, the throttle handle and a display with light and info about battery, speed,
distance and so on. At the left there are light and signal buttons. And there are standard brakes and gear shift
handles. Well I think its enough of theory. Lets see how it goes. Sometimes to pedal its quite tedious thing…and
that is most important advantage of any electric bike. Frnakly speaking I doubted that the bike would
have enough power for me and my weight 90 kilos. But to my surprise it drives me without any
problem. Certainly you shouldn’t expect some insane
taking off or so on, but if the road is plain, it is quite enough power. Besides I liked an idle run, and to my mind
it is not much harder to pedal on this electric bike than on any other regular bike. So even without a motor you can ride on this
bike without any difficulties. But of course it weighs more – about 30
kilos, it is quite heavy if compare with regular bike. What I don’t like that’s awful noise when
I use brakes. You know the bike looks rather decent, but
when you use brakes this squeak shows everyone that your bike is cheap. The best way to save the battery it is riding
with the speed about 20 km/h. The bike can go much faster of course, but
we will check the maximum speed a bit later. Besides there is an electric assist, it helps
you greatly if you pedal and that’s the right way to climb hills. Cause it is easy for you and it saves the
battery. The frame is foldable I I’ve said, and its
may be considered as a serious advantage. The lock itself seems quite durable and simple. It is very quickly process to fold the bike
and then it takes twice less space and you don’t need to dismantle the wheels or handlebar. The pedals are also foldable in this way it
takes even less space and after all you can put a pair of such bakes in a trunk of any
crossover and that is a great feature! And it is very easy to unfold the bike – few
moments and it is ready to go. There are front and rear suspension, but certainly
it is cheap, so do not expect a luxurious performance. It works anyway, so I think its better to
have a cheap suspension than do completely without it. But lets get back to the practice. Now we see the bike taking off without pedals
only with electric drive. Well there is no any burnout of course, but
it accelerates quite rapidly. But again if you want to save the battery,
help with pedals when start riding. Lets check the maximum speed with only an
electric drive. The road is flat and maximum is 32-34 km/h. Want faster? Use the pedals! Now we are climbing the hill. It is hard to see it, but there is a hill. First I tried to climb on it just with pedals. Well it is quite a tough thing I should say. Now the same hill and only the electric drive. As you can see it goes…not very fast, but
goes. But if you are using pedals together with
the electric assistance – it goes on hill much faster and it doesn’t take much efforts. You see me climbing the hill a way faster
than some other bikers without electric drive. Now lets look for some drawbacks! Welding seams could have been better, they
maybe durable enough but they look slightly slovenly. The manual documents don’t help to adjust
the settings of the computer, there are many settings but how they work absolutely not
clear. There are already some folds on the seat for
even this short time of use the bike. Wiring is also looks slovenly I think it would
be better to make over it properly. By the way many presents came complete with
the bike. Rear light, antitheft cable, a small pump,
fenders and flashlight. I would prefer not to take all this stuff
but to get an additional discount. But maybe there are people who appreciate
no discounts, but presents, its matter of taste. Guys if you saw some other our videos on this
channel, you may probably know that we like offroading. So lets leave the good road! Well of course this time we will not do any
mudracing but try the bike on a slightly rough terrain. And again I have to admit that this cheap
bike goes quite well on this road. So why do we pay more for expensive bikes
if there is no difference? The reason maybe is in durability, it will
be interesting to see this bike after season or two of use. The range is 40 km with one charge, today
we’ve driven about 20 km, but battery was still alive. So I think the real range is about 30 km. Now lets see how the suspension works. We see that front suspension absorbs the roughness
but the rear one works slightly worse. But again I would say that its definitely
not adjustable Fox Podium shocks, but is better with cheap suspension than without it, especially
on a rough terrain. Probably it is not reliable, but only time
can show us if it is so. Well DSY X6 Bike super sport fashion sports
series Jaguar what is our conclusion? At least if you buy this bike you may tell
your friends that you bought X6 or Jaguar – and that would be truth. Frankly speaking when we bough the bike we
were going to make a funny video to mock at this Chinese cheap stuff. But we the more we rode it, the less I wanted
to mock at it. It is a cheap but decent electric bike! Powerful enough to drive my 90 kilos, with
range about 30 km, good idle run and with suspension. The only question is not clear – what about
reliability? Will it be so good after a season or two? So guys if you own such electric bikes – please
post comments with your feedback. If it is really a decent bike or not? Thanks for watching guys, Please consider
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materials here, good bye!