The 5 Minute Bike Wash – How To Clean Your Bike In A Hurry

cleaning bikes can be a real pain but I
hate riding dirty black actually hate it so that’s come up with a way of keeping
my bikes clean that didn’t take ages and wasn’t a faff here’s my five minute by
cleaning routine that I can do immediately after every ride especially
in the wet so my bike never gets really filthy and
I can always set off with a shiny bike the first thing I do when I get in is
immediately filled a bucket of hot water with washing up liquid now some people complain that it damages
the paint but I’ve never found this to be a problem before i start watching
that here is my controversial technique I use
wd-40 as my degreaser i know i can almost hear the disgust from here but
I’m disorganized it’s always on hand and it works for me
so give it a try put the chain in the big ring and the
smallest sprocket at the back and then spray wd-40 on your chain and cassette
and give them a bit of spin now get my bucket hot soapy water and
start getting stuck in with a cast sponge start at the top of the bike with
the handlebars first I’m pretty generous with the amount of
water that i’m using also do the saddle at this point because if any crap comes
off it then I still have time to wash it off
the rest of the part is it drips down actually got the end of a broken brush
to clean underneath my setup still works pretty well even though it’s got a
handle anymore now wash the top tube and the down cheap
the rest of the bike the front of the right now it’s time to
pop the front where that so I can wash it properly and also watch the inside of
the forks and particularly inside the brake calipers we’re all that black crap
hangs around front will next take a sponge and quickly run it over the tire
pressing quite firmly on the brake surface of the rim just to get any kind of black gunk off
the rip and collects if you’ve been breaking then returned to the rim you can do this really quickly and then
the spokes and then finally the hub with the front wheel still out it’s time to do the same with the back
will now rest the bike on the tips of the four blades and on the brake levers
that it’s much better for it then having upside down and it also means you can
clean the grumpiest bit of the bike the rear triangle see these days brake
calipers and then change days particularly the drive side next the
back will approach it exactly the same as the front except give the cassette a
good going-over as well the wd-40 you sprayed on earlier will
have loosened up any kind of oil grease so it should come up really quickly at
the tire on the rim times but the wheels back in now has 12 the last bit the drivetrain while you can clean the rest of the
black the wd-40 well then gently degreasing the chain to
the change down the big ring I take my black donkey sponge and just
start to rock shit like that you can see the straight way comes up
really clean now the chain has been really really thickly coated in old oil
it might take a second going over the wd-40 if that’s the case given us brown real
mac now and it shouldn’t take much to keep this clean because I clean it
regularly a sponge all dick just put it against the jockey wheels
give it a bit split right channels now nearly there remember to the both front and back of
the chainrings back to the chain out clean sponge and just a quick going over
with soap and water and it should be pretty much close to spotless now now that’s all the cleaning done all i
need to do now is rinse all the dirty soapy water off the bike house but we’re
great for that failing that is the bucket of clean
water yeah yeah now for the ultimate cheeks trick use
wd-40 for the lubricant as well as a degreaser now I know every rule in the book says
this isn’t going to work but I’ve use nothing but for the last
five years in the UK in winter doing five hour training rides that says quite
a lot and then use it for the road as well use it for something across the
mountain biking to if you use a normal degreaser the wd-40 isn’t going to work
ill last five minutes and the drive chain but if you use it for both the
greeting and lubricant some reason it seems to work now before you cry foul actually w40
have not paid me to endorse their product so this is just me being a lazy black
rider looking for a cheap trick spray it on your bike on the chain is
set to rail at trailer brake caliper brake caliper try making it part of your
writing routine just five minutes after ride and you always get to ride a shiny
bike will last longer and it will work better and if after that you still think
the wd-40 sucks feel free to complain in the comments
section down below to find out how to do a more thorough deep clean of your bike
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