Ted goes to spin class studio in SF using ABBR indoor cycling bike videos – Day 3 of 90

We’re in San Francisco at the studio of Mchael McCormack a two time Iron Man Champion that has a spinning class Tuesday and Thursday nights and we’re going to go in and take a look he’s using our America’s Best Bike Ride Video right now and we’re gonna invite you in and take a look and see what’s going on in the class we’re going to come walking into the studio and check it out this is not quite a full class tonight but there are still a lot of people here and the people he has here seem to be very enthusiastic about the product and what Michael is trying to offer the people in the class, so it’s totally new and this is something that we want to show the American public how useful it is to trainers perfect example of it right here. Michael McCormack using the product right here (Music in the Background for the exercise class)