Ted exercises with an indoor cycling bike video dvd to lose weight – Day 9 of 90

HI this is Day 9 of Ted’s Blog and Day 9 today is actually our inaguaration day President Obama was sworn in today and he gave a pretty inspiring speech to the nation and what I got from that is that you know this is going to be a new America and we alll need to help each other make the country better that’s what I’d like to think that I’m doing by doing this blog and making my product America’s Best Bike RIdes you know I’m motivating the American public that likes to exercise into trying to exercise a little more frequently you know a little bit more intensly and um. one of the things that I’ve noticed that while I use our video is that It’s a challenge for me to finish a complete ride the rides are about an hour and ten minutes long and depending on what speed I’m riding at or whatever I find that you know. getting to the end of the ride is a big challenge for me each time that I get on the stationary bike and start looking at that TV or the screen and I think Oh Boy! this is going to be brutal. Most of the time is is becuase I’m trying to push myself and make it as strenuous as I can you don’t need to do that when you exercise but for me that’s what I’m, I’m trying to do I’m trying to burn off as many calories as I can and trying to get myself up to speed and make it seem like I’m actually out there on the road riding and making it as realistic as possible so that’s one of the things I notice when I use the tapes is just the challenge for me to finish and I think with having heard President Obama say that it is going to be a challenge for all of us the next couple of years and I think the more exercise a person does it makes them feel better about themselves and Motivates you to workout the next day. When I am diriving around in my car I’m thinking about what I am goind to do for my exercise program. Either today or tomorrow whether it be going out on a walk you know.. or doing a bunch of situps, pullups just any kind of jumping jacks, weight lifting which is something I have been trying to incorportae at least exery other day into this program so I wanted to keep you informed on what different things I am doing I noticed that my stomach muscles are starting to feel that they have become tighter as I work out each day and I juts think that means that hopefully some of the belly muscle that I didnt have is starting to turn into Belly Muscle instead of Belly Flab Muscle So I just wanted to say Again that for me making it to the end of a ride is a challenge and I think this country has got a challenge ahead of it so you know and it’s a challenge that we can and will meet and I’m gonna try to make my challenge goal of 25 pounds in three months happen and I’d like to hear stories from people that use our videos and hear what how you’re doing using the product and how it’s helping make your life better. So this is Day 9 of Ted’s Blog Signing Out!