Ted exercises with an indoor cycling bike video dvd to lose weight – Day 1 of 90

It’s sweat time for Ted…Almost there. I’m ten and a half miles into this thing heart rate’s been averaging about 140 ..and uh..sweat rate averaging 100% so I’m there So anyway..Here we go..Day 1. ..Let’s Go kick Ass America!! Hi Everyone. My name is Ted Van Midde, I’m the president of Motivational Athletics and the Co-creator of America’s Best Bike Rides, I created Motivational Athletics and Americas Best Bike Rides to bring the exercising public something a little more interesting to add to their workout schedule. By adding this to your exercise routine watching our DVD of America’s Best Bike Rides you’re going to find that this exercise period, this hour or whatever you can do for yourself will go by faster, easier will be a lot more enjoyable and that’s the best thing that I can say what we have to offer..Just making exercise more enjoyable. By watching my video as I exercise I found that not only do I exercise harder and faster but I concentrate more and I concentrate more on my exercise program and I want to help you get yourself healthy as I am trying to do for myself. It’s a new year and I’ve made a lot of promises and one of them is to get myself in shape. I’m 5 foot 10, 47 years old and I have not been on a good exercise program for the last ten years. I’m starting TODAY on a program where I am going to give you the information that I have done on my exercising, put that on my Blog and you’ll be able to see how I’m doing on my exercise program Just to look at me..You know.. Here I am 47 years old…Probably drink a little too much, don’t exercise enough sit down at my desk and do stuff like that where I used to be a lot more active. You get a little older it’s hard to keep the weight off. When I graduated from High School I weighed 160 pounds, and I was probably a few inches shorter but here I am now 47 220 pounds, you know..and I’d sure like to get on the other side of 200 I’m gonna feel a lot healthier, my body is going to feel better and my mind gonna be more active, My mission statement for Motivational Athletics is – Motivate One Person, Change One Life, Change the World. Everyone should have exercise in their life..whether it’s walking outside, just walking up and down stairs,if you’re an older person and you can’t go out and run a mile a day..Try to walk a mile or if you like the stationary bike or if you have a stationary bike available to you, climb on a stationary bike and exercise or a recumbent trainer. You can burn from between 550 and 600 calories an hour riding a stationary bike at a normal speed. Get on a stationary bike, ride it 3 or 4 times a week. Mix it up a little bit go on some walks, I want to make this a three month transformation where Ted is going to get himself down to under 200 pounds, I’d like to make 195 my goal in the next three months and I’m gonna be doing that by exercise, mixing up my exercise routines, stationary bike, gonna do treadmill exercises, I’m going to do weight lifting, situps, pushups, just a little bit of everything, and I’m also going to do a diet program, you know..I’m not going to take everything and eliminate everything, but I’m gonna try to get myself on a routine where I’m treating my body right..and trying to make myself happier, healthier and make this new year one that I can be proud of..come with me on my journey watch me in the next three months