Ted exercises with an indoor cycling bike dvd to lose weight – Day 15 of 90

Hi America this is day 15 of Ted’s Blog I had a nice weekend up in Calusa, Duck Hunting on Saturday and Sunday went with my son and daughters boyfriend had to get the decoys since it was the last weekend of duck season. That’s a lot of work! It’s fun, getting out there in the wild in nature.. you got the beautiful mountains and tress the ducks flying over head, the geese.. and it’s just something that I’ll always think of as I’m working and sitting down at my desk, thinking about what it’s like being outside Right now, I’m riding to the Cheese Factory Video of America’s Best Bike Rides and I’m about 45 minutes into the ride I’m averaging about 120 as far as my pulse goes and I’m riding between 14 and 16 mph on the bike trying to keep up a good pace and I’m finding it’s a lot easier right now for me to keep going at a good steady clip so I must be getting in better shape, I feel it, my legs feel better definitely my heart’s keepin up, keepin up a good pump and I’m just feeling it all through my whole body you know I’m trying to not eat as much now. I’ve only had one meal today. It’s about 5 pm right now I find that a little less food inside my stomach makes it easier for me to work out. I don’t mind having a big dinner after I work out But I’m not trying to fill myself up anymore. These workouts that I’m doing the Americas’ Best Bike Rides series, If you’re living in a place where it’s 20 degrees below zero outside this is perfect for workin out and feeling like your outside, see clear blue skies, nice roads that don’t have ice all over them and snow piled up on the sides, it just gives you that feeling of being outside. So, I feel that right now, I feel like I’m riding down this road outside. It’s out heading out towards Tomales Bay which is in Marin County California. And it was 50 degrees outside today and I know like I said in certain parts of the country right now its probably 20 degrees below zero, so this is perfect for people that live in those type of climates. Where you can get out on your stationary bike inside your workout room or down at your gym, put the video in and ride and enjoy yourself. And I would really like to see more people using our videos, This is day 15! Ted’s Blog and thanks for watching America… Hi America, this is day 15 addendum, this is after I’ve been riding for about an hour and 10 minutes and I’m totallly exhausted right now, sweat’s just pouring off and this is how I’m burning multiple calories every minutes, it’s gotta be I told myself I’m gonna finish this ride and I’m about ten minutes from the end right now, Tomales bay is coming up and I’ve been pumping this as hard as I can, take a litte break just going slow right now..but boy! I tell you.. for me to finish one of these rides, it just get my…gets my full attention Day 15 singing off!