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Training on Zwift – IRONMAN Champion – Jan Frodeno | Zwift

It is ridiculous. I live in a cycling paradise. I live in a running paradise. I’m 38 years-old. I’ve gone around the world with my sport, and I’m trying to be Level 47 on Zwift. There are a few parts to my first encounter on Zwift. One was a serious road rage incident — which […]

Zwift Game Updates: March 27th 2020 Changelog

10 a.m. On a Saturday morning here. So happy weekend if you’re watching from Australia or New Zealand Or happy Friday, if you’re still in the u.s. A few hours ago We saw an update drop for Zwift with a few extra features Which I thought I’d talk through today given there are a lot […]

Inside Cycling’s Lockdown – Hope In Dark Times | The GCN Show Ep.376

Hank: Welcome. Simon: Welcome. Manon: Welcome. Florian: Welcome. Oscar: Welcome. Mayalen: Welcome. Conor: Welcome. Giorgio: Giorgio. Ollie: Welcome. Bernie: Welcome. Doi: Welcome. Kunihiro: Welcome. Mario: Welcome to- All: -the GCN Show. Dan: Welcome to the GCN Show. This week, we are going to be looking at the very best of cycling humanity in the face […]

What Do You Need To Start Cycling Indoors? | GCN Turbo Training Top Tips

Speaker: There are loads of great reasons to cycle indoors. It’s really time-efficient. You can fit it easily around your other life commitments. You can also train in a way that you just can’t on the road and it doesn’t usually rain inside. There are also some really rubbish reasons to cycle indoors such as, […]

11 Things I Wish I’d Known About Zwift

(dramatic music) – There were so many amazing features on Zwift, are you sure you know the best ones? – Yeah, whether you’re new to Zwift or a seasoned veteran, here are 11 things you’d wished you’d known about Zwift. (upbeat music) – Zwift can seem like a pretty big place, so how do you […]

How To Race On Zwift Like A Pro | Tips From An Indoor Cycling Champion

Interviewer: Custom kit, white shorts, national champs bands. James Phillips: Hey, you’ve got to be a national champ to wear that kit, good boy. [music] Interviewer: You’re on Zwift and you’re fully set up. Now, how can you take your racing to the next level? Coming up are the pro tips from James Phillips, the […]