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The 2019 NTT Pro Cycling || Zwift Academy Winner is…

Nearly 60,000 male Zwifters from all over the world started out on this year’s Zwift Academy, but now only three young men remain. And they’ve come here to Valencia in Spain to the team NTT training camp to battle it out for a contract with the under-23 NTT Continental team of 2020. Mathijs’ birthday’s today. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Indoor Bike Racing | Zwift

– Hey folks, it’s Rahsaan. Today, I’m gonna chat about bike racing on Zwift. Now you can find races around the clock no matter where you are for various abilities. There are two types of races, elite and non-elite. So many of the elite races are procaliber races. Some of the higher professional events are […]

TACX Flow Smart Trainer – Unboxing, Building, Ride Review

The TACX Flow Smart Trainer – Is this the new contender for the cheapest interactive Smart trainer on the market today? Worth having a look at. Today, let’s go through the unboxing, build and my first ride of this lower end unit or entry-level unit. Is this the new stocking stuffer for this year for […]