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MTBNB: The Mountain Bike Explorers Web App

We are mountain bikers. We conquer the mountains to feel the thrill of discovering new trails. Like you, we think that without a local we are missing the most of our ride. MTBNB sets your mind free. Wherever you want to ride you will find local buddies who will share what make their part of […]

Absolute Cycling during Rush Hour

I invented a cycling computer that is capable of measuring speed, distance, and location in a much more accurate way than current systems. Additionally, it’s a full-featured cycling computer, so it is capable of measuring your heartbeat, your power output, all of the functions you can expect from a high-end cycling computer. Harm is now […]

Brompton and Bicycle Trailer Cyclone IV Chubby

Bonjour, je suis Hubert Van Ham de Radical Design. Aujourd’hui je voudrais vous montrez notre remorque Chubby. La remorque est livrée dans ce carton, plutôt compact. Facile à envoyer et aussi à ranger à la maison. La housse de pluie. Ceci est l’attache qui vient sur le vélo. Je met celle-ci de côté car la […]

Peloton — Fin i farta

PELOTON — NICE ON THE MOVE My name is Aimar Niedźwiedzki. I am one of the co-owners of Peloton, which is a bicycle bar in Torggata. The reason why bicycling became such a huge interest to me was because of Italy. I get a lot of inspiration from there, ergo it means I’m also interested […]

3 Foldable Bike Helmets Invention Ideas

Most cyclists don’t wear helmets, and it costs lives; I commissioned a survey to find out why, and what I found shocked me. 88% of people agree that their lives are at risk without wearing a helmet, but the reason they don’t wear one: “helmets are cumbersome”. So, I set out to make safety easier […]

Amazing Catches & Bicycle Kicks: Müller vs. Süle feat. NFL Stars | Game Recognize Game

-One more time. -I’m scaring myself here. -Brilliant! Brilliant! -What’s up! What’s up? Hey, everybody. MJ Acosta here with a special matchup forGame Recognize Game.Now, today we have a two-on-two matchupfeaturing Thomas Muller of Bayern Munichand Cam Jordan of the New Orleans Saints.They’re squaring off against Niklas Sule of Bayern Munichand Equanimeous St. Brown of […]

3 Amazing Wall Mounted Bike Rack Invention Ideas

Hi, this is Jurgen. 2014, I launched with the help of Kickstarter: DaHanger, a bike storage rack for the modern design. During my campaign, I got a ton of feedback and questions from you guys, and some of them, I do remember like they were yesterday. Hey check out our Kickstarter…. Awesome! How many bikes […]

A new way to keep moving in busy cities

Rush hour traffic is loathed the world over. So imagine swapping your car for another form of transport like a bike when things get sticky. That’s the thinking behind Ford’s “Handle on Mobility” experiment. Designed to deal with the realities of getting about in busy modern cities. The e-bike slots into the back of the […]