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Catch and Cook rainbow trout first time trying trout!!

what is up guys and welcome back to another video so in yesterday’s video we caught three rainbow trout thats actually not bad that’s decent there was the first catch there is number two for the rainbow trouts oh that’s a good one that’s a real good one that is the biggest trout I’ve caught […]

Traveling to Albuquerque New Mexico VLOG

so a bed-and-breakfast is like like a house an air B&B get the whole house to yourself and no one takes care of you but I’ve never got a whole house or self that’s saved you’re on your own that’s crazy hi guys we just made it to Albuquerque and we’re staying at a this […]

Palo Duro Canyon: CCC Trail Part 2

so we ended the last video hiking at palo duro Canyon we checked out the visitor center and hiked the CCC trail I guess we got it when we found the old falling abandoned house we made it to a house epic and some pretty amazing viewpoints the CCC trail is at the very top […]

Behind the scenes of ( Limitless Abhishek )

so hey guys ! whatssup welcome back to the channel everyone ! and hope you guys are doing absolutely fine ! do today we are going to show you the bts of limitless abhishek ! lets see how it goes !! so limitless abhishek project idea it suddenly came itno my mind ! i never […]