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Korean electric bicycle market flourishes with help of office workers

Bikes are more than just a good way to break a sweat…, for some, it’s the main mode of transportation when punching in for work. For any office worker suffering from quadriceps strain after tackling steep slopes in their daily pedalling, electric bicycle is a godsend. Cho sung min explains further why it’s becoming one […]

Peloton Bike || 5 ways to STAY MOTIVATED!!

So you just bought a peloton bike its new and exciting and you can’t wait to see it touch it and exercise with it But eventually that excitement starts to wear off and you start skipping workouts One workout turns into to two turns into three and so on and before you realize it you’re […]

Electro bike Air33-Top electric bicycle

meet the electric bike air 33 the air 33 is an ultra-lightweight eco-friendly foldable electric bicycle it isn’t just another bicycle it gives you options the electric motor and battery allow the bike to work in three ways traditional peddling hybrid pedal assist and completely electric get your daily exercise during your community or don’t […]

How To Get A Job In The MTB Industry | Mountain Bike Careers

– We’re quite lucky here at GMBN that we’ve been able to turn our passions about mountain biking into our jobs. But how can you do it? And what sort of jobs can you look at getting to make your life all about mountain biking? Well, you’ll be surprised just how many opportunities there are, […]


HEY IT’S FRED!! AND TODAY, I’M GOING TO JUMP INTO THE POOL! COME ON, IT’S GOING BE SO MUCH FUN! [screaming] Yo, wassup Jake Paulers! Today, I’m going to be destroying a pool! And by destroying a pool, I mean, I’ma throw a bunch of trash in there And light it on fire! AGHHHHHH [Music] […]

Cycling Tour from Narkanda to Jeori : Episode 2

Hello guys, welcome back to honeybee adventures today’s the day 2 . I am at Narkanda,look at the view ! Isn’t it beautiful My name is Akshay it’s Day 2 cycling from Narkanda. We are going to Rampur Bushahr . Lovely View Here ! It’s mostly all downhill, my bike is parked there. Okay, let […]