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7 Road Cycling Rules Worth Breaking

– The unwritten rules, the source of many an argument. You know what I’m talking about. Ankle socks, hairy legs, black shoes, black socks even. The really important things in the world of cycling. Except they’re probably not that important at all, are they? In this video, we’re going to talk to you about why […]

Bike Shorts: Riding During Winter

While winter comes with some unique challenges, cycling in the snow is still a healthy way to get where you’re going. Here are some tips to make your bicycling commute safe and comfortable: Just like with driving, bicycling in winter requires slower speeds due to snow and ice. Plan on a relaxed, steady pace to […]

What Noise Is My E-Bike Making? | How To Silence your EMTB Noises

– Your e-mountain bike should be near silent when out and about on the trails. You might hear a little whir coming from the motor, you might hear somebody shouting “Cheat!” at you. But those noises are nothing to worry about. There are a few noises that could mean something a little bit more ominous […]

Bike And Bus with The Metro

Combining your bike ride with a bus ride is easy. All MAX and large Metro buses have a bike rack that fits two bikes. Whether you bike for exercise or just for fun, the Metro is happy to join you for part of your ride. Just tell the driver you’re loading a bike. Make sure […]

How To Ride Powder On A Snowboard

Powder Landings: Landing in powder is actually much harder then landing on park jumps but it feels rad when you stomp and it’s pretty soft which provides a forgiving way to try new tricks. While in the air your position should be exactly the same as hitting a park jump then just as you land, […]

How To Replace Clip In Pedal Cleats And Set Up New Cycling Shoes

– Cycling shoes and cleats. The chances are, if you ride a bike, at some point you’re going to need to replace one or the other. If it’s your cleats you’re replacing on a current pair of shoes, that’s really easy. You simply draw around the cleat on the shoe and attach the new cleat […]

Quad Lock Bike Mount 2017

Quad Lock is the lightest strongest and most secure smartphone bike mount It provides easy access to your smartphone and is perfect for road cycling, mountain biking and daily commuting. The Quad Lock bike kit is supplied with everything needed to mount your smartphone on your bike stem or handlebars our patented dual stage lock […]

Commercial S22i Studio Cycle – Powered by iFit Interactive Personal Training

When it comes to fitness, so much of it is about getting results and as important as the results are, so is the journey and that’s exactly why NordicTrack includes a one-year iFit family membership with your purchase.* iFit is personal coaching, virtual classes, destination workouts and programs expertly crafted to give you new experiences […]

RSA Cyclist Safety Bike Door

Always be aware of cyclists when getting out of your car. Use your mirrors and check your blind spots When turning right a cyclist may move to the centre of the lane We all share the road so respect cyclists and always expect the unexpected

How To Calculate Your FTP (Functional Threshold Power)

FTP is a term that you hear a little bit on GCN and it stands for your functional threshold power in this video we’re going to tell you how you can find your FTP or if you don’t have a parameter the equivalent with a heart rate which is your functional threshold heart rate now […]