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Top 10 Post Ride Rituals – Recover Like A Pro

– [Man 1] Your long ride is over, you’ve made your way back home, but what do you do next? Here’s GCN’s top 10 post-ride rituals. One, check your stats. Counting your progress on the bike has never been easier. With increasing number of free apps available on the market, all you need is a […]

FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER. Ep. 1 – Hittin’ the Gym w/ Nino Schurter

– Cape Epic was unfortunately cancelled. But let’s take the time to get some insight, to get fitter, faster and stronger. (rock music) Today I want to show you my normal gym routine. First, we’re going to do a circuit training for general fitness, focus a lot on core and coordination and balance. In this […]

Skills 2 Ride – Balance: 2. Scoot Stride and Glide

Scoot stride and glide This activity will help you to lift your feet up and glide when you start riding your balance bike choose a place to start gliding from grab your balance bike and when you’re ready let’s go push the floor with both of your feet lift them up and see how far […]

Indoor Cycling Technique – Fitness Tips – Westway Sports & Fitness

Hi, I’m Tamara from Westway Sports & Fitness. Today I’m gonna run through a couple of techniques that will help you improve your riding and get the most out of your indoor cycling class. Okay, once you’re riding the main thing is that your hands should be lightly on the handlebar your weight should be […]

Indoor-Cycling Training für zuhause | Sport-Thieme

Hello. I’m Eva and we’re doing the training session together today on the Kettler Speedbike Before we start, we have to make a few adjustments to the bike We start at the saddle We stand next to the bike and to adjust the saddle we have to adjust it to hip height Loosen the screw […]

8 Mountain Bike Pre Ride Checks

– Hello, everyone, here are eight things you should definitely bear in mind before you ride your bike, every single time. (whooshing) (upbeat music) It sounds crazy, (whooshing) but every single time I ride my bike, I always check the pressures beforehand. I also make sure the chain is lubed. Now, air pressures can go […]