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Q+A YO! (PART 2)

Hey Patreon members Steve Whipple THAT’S ME for WHIPFIT. Johanna and Kate you have questions, I have answers so I’m gonna answer them so then you can get the information and do what you need to do with it okay I’ll start with you Kate. You want to know about spin shoes yes spin shoes […]

Support: Standard Bike Installation on a Tacx® NEO 2T

Today, we’re going to show you how to mount your standard quick release bike on a NEO 2T For this process, you will need to remove the back wheel of your standard release bike You will also need the NEO 2T with your cassette installed and the quick release Make sure your NEO 2T is […]

Mid Winter Bike Check | Road Bike Maintenance Tips

– The winter is a harsh time to ride, and nothing will bear the brunt of the elements more than your bicycle. Follow this quick guide to keep your wheels spinning sweetly this winter. So now that we’re inside in the warm and dry, we’re going to take a little bit of time to run […]

How To Roost A Corner | Mountain Bike Skills

– Welcome back you beautiful people. Yes it’s time to do some roost! How to roost coming right up. But we need to find the perfect turn. Just like this one right here. Look at this, it’s perfect, it’s loose. It’s what we need. We need loose and inside looseness too. Let’s get on with […]

How to start with Bike Personal Coach, Bikevo

Congratulations you now have your own personal bike coach, Bikevo Bikevo is the only program that allows you to train all six qualities fundamental to improving endurance and power. We’ll start with a simple evaluation test to assess which type of cyclists you are. Just input your crank length and wheel circumference then connect your […]

How To Use Nutrition To Enhance Your Cycling

(upbeat energetic music) – Nutrition plays a vital role in better training strategy, and what you eat has a direct impact on your performance. Cool, Hanks on a good day. – We’ve all heard of the infamous bonk and its unwanted effects of running out of energy too soon into a ride. – So hopefully, […]

Trek Allant+

Meet Allant+, the e-bike built for riders who want more: more distance, more style and more fun. We designed Allant+ to be a smart solution for commuting and cruising. It’s capable enough to replace your car and fast enough to make every ride a thrill. Bosch’s newest motor assists up to 28 miles per hour, […]