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New Toyota COROLLA Touring GR Sport 2020 Review Interior Exterior

hello guys and welcome back to a new video today I’m right here at Toyota and I have a very interesting car it’s a brand new car that come today right here and it’s the new Toyota Corolla Touring GR Sport and today I will make a full review for you guys I try to […]

The Unwritten Rules Of Mountain Biking

We’ve all been there we started out mountain biking and made some mistakes. Oh, yes, but we’ve got our unwritten rules for you Yeah, let’s look at the things to avoid some absolutely no nose and maybe a couple of trends or keep you looking in the note This is a beautiful full face helmet […]


Right Lower hat McVicker today, we’re riding with a few of the local homies, but there’s this gap right here that our friend Jesse was looking at earlier He said he tried it a few times and looks like he did because he left his mark But apparently the locals are telling me I know […]

Yes, I Can! + More | Kids Songs | Nursery Rhymes | Super Simple Songs

little bird, little bird, can you clap? No, I can’t. No, I can’t. I can’t clap Little bird, little bird, can you fly? Yes, I can. Yes I can. I can fly Elephant, Elephant, can you fly? No, I can’t, No, I can’t. I can’t fly Elephant, Elephant, can you stomp? Yes, I can. Yes, […]

OVERPASS – Gameplay Spotlight

Overpass is an intense off-road simulation, designed to bring tough challenges based on crossing obstacles. This is a spotlight on its gameplay. In the game, you’ll face many types of obstacle. Some are natural, like mud, big rocks, steep slopes, or a combination of those. Others are artificial, built by men. The player will have […]

Reasons to Buy/Not Buy KTM RC 390 | Nice Road Bangalore

Hello everyone, as i started my YouTube channel and named as Ridelogger, many of you may be expecting stunt ride or fast ride anything like that but am so sorry if you are one of them. Here am mostly going to share my bike rides and the places what i show while riding, it can […]

One Fast Dude & More | Nebraska Stories | NET Nebraska

VOICEOVER: Coming up on Nebraska Stories, one of the fastest track riders in the world. The legendary mechanic behind the winning 1958 Monza Roadster. The little known history of Nebraska’s tuberculosis hospital. And carving an niche in crane country. (upbeat guitar) (gears spinning) NARRATOR: Let’s just say it, Ashton Lambie’s a really interesting dude. (rock […]