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FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER. Ep. 1 – Hittin’ the Gym w/ Nino Schurter

– Cape Epic was unfortunately cancelled. But let’s take the time to get some insight, to get fitter, faster and stronger. (rock music) Today I want to show you my normal gym routine. First, we’re going to do a circuit training for general fitness, focus a lot on core and coordination and balance. In this […]

5 Electronic Shifting Hacks For Cyclists | Maintenance Monday

– Undoubtedly, one of the best things about electronic gear shifting on bikes is that it just works almost faultlessly, all the time. However, if you are lucky enough to have electronic gear shifting on your bike, are you actually getting the most out of it? Well, if you watch this video you will do […]

9 Incredible Roads You Need To Ride

– [Narrator] They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Now that may well be true, but we’re still going to have a go at finding some of the most beautiful roads to visit with your bike. Many of which have been suggested by you. Let’s take a look. Stretching some 240km’s along […]

Zwift Game Updates: March 27th 2020 Changelog

10 a.m. On a Saturday morning here. So happy weekend if you’re watching from Australia or New Zealand Or happy Friday, if you’re still in the u.s. A few hours ago We saw an update drop for Zwift with a few extra features Which I thought I’d talk through today given there are a lot […]

MTB Riding Position Tips w/ Elliott Heap | CRC |

So here we are first how to video and obviously for the conditions that we’re in, i’m in my back garden in Wigan and basically what I’m gonna do over the next few weeks is do a couple of how-to videos on what you guys wanna see. I have my own coaching company Ride MTB […]

How To Pace A Sportive With A Power Meter

– Power meters are a fantastic tool for training and also a perfect tool to get the most out of your event, as well as getting the best out of your own personal fitness. – That’s right, so, we are going to give you some tips fairly shortly on how to do just that, using […]


Hi everyone, today we are in Prague, we took our enduro bikes We will do some urban riding here in Prague and we will see how many times we will get fined We are at the Prague Castle right now, we haven’t ridden yet so we will see I think we will get banned really […]

She Asked To Go For A Ride Today

scooter what are you doing you want to go for a ride? oh yeah ? whew! that is a good day of riding. huh,lover? you got to love it and we did some social distancing didn’t we scooter wow you’re good boy scooter what’s the matter boy what are you doing you want to go […]