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I’m gonna take you on a bike ride today Hi!! Karen here Today, I’m going to be talking to you about how to get your bicycle ready for spring and summer cycling There are ten things you can do to get ready for the new season The very first thing that you have to do […]

5 Ways To Make Your Mountain Bike Videos EPIC

– This is how, to shoot your own edit. There’s a few things, I can go into so much about shooting your own edit, because I’ve done so many, but it’s location, being different, having crazy angles, fast, and sun. Which we haven’t got, but we’re going to work with it. (upbeat music) All right, […]

10 Shocking E-Bike Myths Busted

– It has been a prime time for fairy tales lately, and no two wheel sport is more laced with misinformation than e-biking. Time, then, to look into the myths surrounding this great sport. (upbeat music) Utter, utter nonsense. Each sport has its own physical attributes, for example a sprinter is built very differently to, […]

Mate X: The Tesla of Electric Bikes | Inverse

Mike Brown here with Inverse we are in the streets of London trying out the new Mate X electric bike this is the successor to the previous Mate electric bike so you do a half turn with the pedals and the only way you have the throttle gear you will get a boost as soon […]

The Net Gun | Overtime 4 | Dude Perfect

Welcome to overtime episode 4 it is great to have you guys with us today. We have a great show planned To segment, you know two segments you don’t You’re twins purple hoser dude perfect in overtime tall guy beard twins purple *intro* Coach tell them the first one. Let’s start off a little cool […]

How to secure your bicycle

radio chatter radio chatter Hello I’m Special Constable Graham Wagler with the University of Guelph Campus Police I’m here to talk to you to you today about bike thefts on campus within the last year we’ve investigated 47 incidents of bike theft on campus, I’d like to talk to you about how we recommend that […]

What’s inside an Electric Bike?

(saw buzzing) – Welcome back to What’s Inside? I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and today is going to be rad. – Rad, why is it going to be rad? – Because we have ebikes. – Ebikes, you ever heard of ebikes? You ever seen these things? We have some very cool ones for you today. […]

2 Major Street Bike Basics You Need To Know

Hey guys, in this video we’re going to talk about street bikes. We got cruisers, we got sport bikes and which one is best for you, so stay tuned. Here at GN Gonzales we have a passion for riding. We want to educate you so you are safe and also promote the motorcycle industry. In […]

What Should You Eat during a Bike Race? | Road Cycling

Eating while you’re riding is just as important as a meal you have before getting on your bike. When you’re riding recreationally and not racing, you have more options to choose from. You can make a sandwich, you could eat nuts and fruit; you could have bars such as this, which are a little bit […]

Review: Kalkhoff Integrale 8 Electric Bike

Hi I’m Brett from The New Wheel. We are a San Francisco electric bike shop and I’m with the Kalkhoff Integrale 8 today. This is a brand new bike from Kalkhoff. It really is the culmination of a lot of the design and integration work that Kalkhoff has been doing over the last five years. […]