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Why Every Movie Space Battle Is Wrong! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

– Imagine a sci-fi space battle. It’s pretty easy to picture the ships screaming through empty space, shooting lasers at each other. Now, consider a scientifically accurate space battle. Not so easy, not just because there’s never been an actual battle in space but because no TV show or movie has really taken the time […]

Write a Love Letter to Yourself | Man on the Street

-A love letter to myself… -[ Sighs ] -[ Clears throat ] Here we go. -Dear C.B… -Dear John… -Dear Mr. White… -Dear Self… Why did I agree to this? -Do you love yourself? Yes or no? Yes. We’ll keeping working on it. -Dev, I love lots of things about you. In fact, every day […]

From EWS Or Bust To GMBN – With Rich Payne | The GMBN Podcast Ep. 36

– This is going to be an exciting podcast, because, actually, it wasn’t planned to be like this, because you’re about to hear from Rich Payne, who is an EWS Super Star, and as you’re going to find out is our new GMBN presenter. But you’re not supposed to know that until tomorrow. So check […]

Nitron Sport Shock Absorber for Motorcycles

Hello it’s Giles here from HPS and today I’d like to talk about the NITRON Sport Shock Even though this is one of the entry-level NITRON shocks It’s still a high spec., gas pressurised monotube design with many features and a shock which we believe, is by far the highest quality and best value entry […]

How To Use Zwift | Zwift For Beginners

(lively music) You might have seen the videos of us riding on Zwift You might have seen the videos of us training on Zwift And you will definitely, I’m pretty sure, have seen a video of us racing Jens Voigt on Zwift. but if you’re actually not familiar with how you use it, then let’s […]