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Tusk Motorcycle & ATV Folding Shift Lever

– What’s up everyone? I am Chase, here at Rocky Mountain ATV MC coming at you with the folding shift lever from Tusk. So I think it’s safe that say that just about all of us like a little bit of character, a little bit of style for our Motorcycles or ATVs, so if you’re […]

PowerDrift Specials: TORK INDIA: FZ Electric

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of electric motorcycles? Let me guess. Slow, boring and dorky right? Well, what if I told you that this perception of ours is outdated. What if I told you that an electric motorcycle recently whooped the ass of 82 petrol powered Superbikes by […]

E Bike Tuning: Bosch CX der Alpha Motor – RedPed Chip

Dear e-bike tuners, I want to share my experiences with the Bosch CX motor. What makes it special: Even with extremeley high pedal frequency, you still have torque, so there is no limit, so to speak. No matter how fast I pedalled, I could not get it to stop its assistance. With the Steps E8000, […]

E Bike Tuning: Geheimtipp Haibike Yamaha PW-SE mit RedPed Chip

Hallo E-Bike-Tuner, Sie sehen hier ein Haibike mit einem PWSE-Motor. Der Motor ist ein Geheimtipp von mir, der gefällt mir richtig gut, und zwar folgendermaßen: Erstens lässt er sich ganz leicht tunen, weil man da, wie beim PW-Motor, nur ein paar Sechskant-Schrauben lösen muss und dann aufklappen muss, Modul einstecken, zuklappen, fertig, also das geht […]

Top 3 Must Know Off-Road Bike Basics

Hey guys, in this episode we are going to talk about off-road bikes and which one is best for you, so stay tuned. Hi guys, my name is Alicia and here at GN Gonzales we have a passion for riding. We want to educate you to make sure you’re safe, but also promote the motorcycle […]

E Bike Tuning: BluePed für Haibike Yamaha Powerdrive

Hello e-bike tuner. Today i want to show you how to intall the BluePed on your Pedelec. And how to use the associated app for Android. The BluePed is compatible with the Haibike 2015 and 2016 with Yamaha motor. Not with the Giant Yamaha system. With the BluePed you can set the max motor supported […]


Hello everyone as you can see I’m at the Franciacorta racetrack and behind me there are two beautiful bikes these are two yamaha r1 2018 with substantial differences one has been loaned to us by the Pedersoli Riding School and it’s an all-road bike, like the one you buy from the dealer the other is […]

E Bike Tuning: Giant SyncDrive 2018 EVO und CHARGE Display Unterschied

Dear e-bike tuners, here I will briefly introduce the difference between a CHARGE and an EVO display, connected to a Giant 2018 Sync Drive Sport Motor. The RedPed tuning chip is built in, so that the display counts and saves almost everything, comparable to the Intuvia display from the Bosch. This is the total distance, […]