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Le migliori moto sportive 2019 [sub ENG]

Did you enjoy it? Surely you did! Watching a sportbike exceeding its limits on the track still remains one of the most popular video trends on the web. The maxi sportbikes are always getting closer and closer to becoming superbikes. Extraordinary machines for few and dream bikes for the most part of the people, they […]

2008 Yamaha R1 Custom Race Bike Review

what’s up everyone I’m bill I’m with Cali moto TV also with Cali trackdays we’re here with my good buddy Darrell carpenter we’re starting a new little segment and Darrell is stupid enough to let me ride his o8 Yamaha r1 that is just absolutely ridiculous so there let’s go through the bike let’s talk […]


Hello everyone as you can see I’m at the Franciacorta racetrack and behind me there are two beautiful bikes these are two yamaha r1 2018 with substantial differences one has been loaned to us by the Pedersoli Riding School and it’s an all-road bike, like the one you buy from the dealer the other is […]