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How to Load a Kid’s Bike on a Bike Rack – Softride Bike Racks

See – kid’s bike…itty bitty front triangle…even fits on a Softride bicycle rack. One arm through the front triangle, and one arm underneath the down tube of the bicycle, between the headset or the fork and the frame. Tricky part is just threading the straps, and then attaching it. With a little bit of creativity, […]

Alumina 3 Bike Rack Intro – Softride Bike Rack

This is the Softride Aluimina 3 bike rack. It’s a lightweight aluminum rack. The base weight is 12 pounds, so it’s easy to install and de-install from the rear of your vehicle. This is a hitch-mounted rack that attaches to the inch-and-a-quarter and two-inch receiver hitches with the equipment in the box. The arms are […]

How to Attach the Straps to the Arms of a Softride Bike Rack

Alright, we’ve installed our Element bike rack into our receiver hitch. We’ve put the arms on, and now it’s time to put the straps on. It’s a good time to do it because we have a sturdy platform to work with. These straps come out of the box a little bit tight sometimes, so it […]