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How Much Does Weight Effect Mountain Biking?

– So I’ve always been a fairly skinny guy, and I used to be super dedicated to my training when I raced full time, but when I go and ride with friends some of them are larger, and it always looks to me that they’re working much harder. Yes they might not have as much […]

How To Prepare For Your First Mountain Bike Race

(intense music) (bike tires riding on dirt) – I’ve probably done my fair share of mountain bike races in the last 20 years. I’ve made a lot of mistakes, that’s for sure but I’m gonna give you some tips on how to approach your first race. (upbeat jazzy music) So first thing to do really, […]

Brand New Mountain Bike Tech From The XC World Cup Rd3 Nove Mesto

– So we’re here at the Novo Mesto round of the World Cup, and it’s the third round of the XC World Cup and we’re here in the pits to check out some of the very best XC tech. Let’s go and have a look. (light music) So we’re here at Novo Mesto, and we’re […]

Anton Cooper’s ProCaliber Team Issue | GMBNTech Pro Bikes

– For this pro bike check, we’re checking out Anton Cooper’s TREK procaliber team issue. (upbeat music) So at the heart of Anton’s bike of course is the procaliber team issue frame, course there can only be one colour for that, is racing red, looking absolutely glorious here out in the sun. Now, it’s a […]

Trail Bike Vs XC Bike With Annie Last

– [Neil] Cross-country bikes need to be good at an awful lot of things. Above all, they need to be really fast climbers, but they also need to be good at riding down in technical sections. – [Annie] So let’s have a look at how my cross-country race bike differs from Neil’s trail bike. ♪ […]

Cross Country Mountain Bike Racers To Watch In 2019

(loud crashing) – The race season is fast approaching, many of the top riders are out in warmer climates doing training camps. So, let’s take a look at the riders to look out for in 2019. And I start this off with the riders who are almost certain to perform. Jolanda Neff, she won the […]