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The Dam – An Extreme E Bike Climbing Challenge | World’s Steepest Climb

– Here on EMBM, we’ve definitely been pushing the boundaries when it comes to climbing. Things kicked off when we hit the Slab in Bristol. (rock music) Then we headed to North Wales to attempt the Rock. That was a monumental climb. (rock music) We always say, “That’s it”, but we keep coming back for […]


all right what is going on guys it’s JJ here back with another video today we are with so in today’s video we’ll be doing an extreme kicking challenges video last video that we did was mainly focus on kicking stand we did a little bit of clapping pads but today we’ll be focusing on […]

Steel Vintage Bikes | GCN Checks out Berlin’s Coolest Bike Shop

Manon: We’re here in Berlin. Hank: We’re going to show you guys the coolest bike shop. It’s got a bike shop, workshop, cafe, vintage- Manon: You could just show them. Hank: Let’s go. [Music] This unique bike shop is full of awesome bikes, coffee and kit, but before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s learn […]

A Complete Guide To The EWS | The Enduro World Series On GMBN

– What has been described as the most complete Mountain Bike World Championship, the Enduro World Series is heading into his eighth year. (techno music) (crowd cheering) (techno music) (crowd cheering) (techno music) (crowd cheering) (techno music) (air whooshing) – This challenges the riders completely, from technical skills, pure strength of fitness to mechanical ability. […]

How To Ride Down STEEP RUTTED HILLS & Trails on an Adventure Bike – Full Lesson

whoa gnarly Hill out on my afternoon ride I don’t want to turn around you may not want to turn around either I’m gonna take you through how I’m gonna get down this hill welcome to MOTOTREK! I’m Dusty Wessels professional motorcycle instructor with West28Moto. gnarly hill… big adventure bike. we don’t want to turn […]

10 Insane Car Records You’ll Regret Not Seeing…

We’ve all seen great car stunts in movies, but what about car stunts in real life? I’m not talking about your crazy uncle who never follows the rules of the road, I mean fearless, talented people who go all out to pull off some of the most daring, crazy, amazing or just plain jaw dropping […]