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Ribble CGR | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Ribble CGR, a bike Ribble claim can do it all, with CGR standing for cross, gravel and road. That’s a bold statement backed up by a high spec and a very loud paint job. The bike features a 105 groupset featuring the RS505 hydraulic disc brakes giving great stopping power in all […]

2х2 full wheel drive electric fatbike! Ice and snow!

Guys today we will test the full wheel drive electric fatbike! It may a seem an usual bike with big wheels, but in fact it is like a real atv which is probably able to tackle even ice and snow. Is it really so? Lets find out! Stay with us, we are to start right […]

What Is The Ultimate Winter Bike? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 56

(whooshing) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week, we’re talking tools, crowdfunding projects, the ultimate winter bike, plus your upgrades and the bike vault. – With no further ado, let’s do it. – Ooh. (upbeat electronic music) (whooshing) – Now, a really clever tool that’s just come out is from Clever Standard, […]

Cube Nuroad Pro | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Cube Nuroad Pro which combines the best qualities of Cube’s road race and cyclocross bikes and it’s designed, according to Cube, to take the long way home, which means that it’s equally adept on toe paths gravel trails and wet winter tarmac. That flexibility is enhanced by the very wide treaded 36 […]

Whyte Wessex One | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

Whyte is a brand that’s perhaps better known for its mountain bikes than its road bikes but the company has used its off-road expertise to create this, the Whyte Wessex One as well as its other road bikes too. Now we previously reviewed the highest spec Whyte Wessex SE and absolutely loved the way that […]

Canyon Inflite 9.0S | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Canyon AL Inflite 9.0S. Now, the Inflite AL is actually Canyon’s aluminium cyclocross frameset and it’s been kitted out in this case with road going components to make it ideal for riding in harsh conditions. Cyclocross framesets actually make for excellent winter road bikes and the reason for this is that they […]

Trek Domane ALR 4 Disc | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

So here we have the Trek Domane ALR 4 Disc. Trek has built a winter bike utilising its innovation in comfort and reliability. Clearly at no cost of the looks either with this sleek paint job and Tiagra groupset and these tubeless ready Bontrager wheels. Trek has transferred its ISO speed tech through its highest […]

How To Make Your Bike Survive Winter | Winter-Proof Your Road Bike

(intense drum beat) – Winter is a time we should embrace our riding and not hibernate, and by that, I mean unless the weather is, well, truly apocalyptic, then there’s no reason why you can’t still get out and ride. But in winter, the roads are typically dirtier, wetter, saltier, and darker than they are […]

Specialized Allez Elite | Winter Bikes Special | Cycling Weekly

This is the Specialized Allez Elite. Now, Specialized claims that this is the best bike you can buy for a £1000 and based purely on looks alone it’s certainly a contender. But it’s more than just a look at, the new Allez frameset has been redesigned this year to offer an all-round geometry with greater […]