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Enduro Hillclimb Fails & Funny Moments (AUT & ENG CC)

Fuck you! Help me What? It lies on the ground Pick it up How? Lift from your legs Let’s go Perfect Come on! There we go! You almost have it It is going to fall on the other side No! Oida Should we pull it up No I am going to get up this Hill […]

How To Improve Your Climbing Speed

If you’ve been cycling for some time, or even if you’re just starting out, you might want to work on your climbing to help you keep up with your peers. So, here are a few tips from GCN that will help to improve your climbing speed for that hilly sportive or group ride. Gears There […]

How To Drive On Steep Hills | Learn to drive: Intermediate skills

Driving a manual car on steep hills requires good coordination of the cars controls – otherwise the car can hesitate, stall, or even roll back. We will need to have a good hill start technique, carefully select the best gear to use, and try to avoid coasting downhill. In this video we will show all […]

What Is A Domestique? How Do Teams Use Their Riders?

What is a domestique, and what do they do? Domestique is a French word, which, when used in a cycling context, literally means servant. The role of a domestique is simply to be a helper to their team leader. Some of what the job entails is obvious, other parts are more subtle. The role of […]


Hi everyone, welcome to the new TRICKSTOP video Today I will try to learn pretty special trick – NINJA DROP I will stand on an obstacle, hold my bike in my hands, jump off and land to the pedals and catch my handlebars You could see Fabio Wibmer doing this trick in one of his […]