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What’s Your Bike’s Handlebar Width? GCN Asks The Pros At The UAE Tour

– Many cyclists these days tend to be opting for slightly narrower handle bars than usual, although not everyone is adopting that. So, let’s ask some of the pros today whether or not they do, and also, how did they go about choosing their handle bar width? Come on. (dramatic music) How’d you go back […]

How To Find Your Perfect Tyre Pressure | Hard Vs Soft Tyres

– Are you worried or unsure about what tyre pressure you should be running on your bike? Just got into the sport or maybe lookin’ for a quick way to improve, well, here it is. (smashing sound) Right, understanding the grip your bike has with the terrain and how tyre pressure affects that will give […]

How To Set Up Your Cockpit On A Mountain Bike | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– OK, welcome to another GMBN maintenance video. In this video I’m gonna be talking about how to set up your cockpit. I’m gonna be going through stem length, bar width, bar roll, setup of your handlebars, onto the grips, and then right through brake lever. It’s all about making sure that you have better […]