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Riding Whistler’s Unreal ‘Dark Crystal’ Trail | GMBN Epic Rides

– Oh my Gosh! First lift, single line. Obviously, cause I have no mates. Oh well! This should be fun day. I can’t wait! There’s a new A line bit, They ‘ve been fixing everything. Ooooh! Nice! Ticket-time! (denied ticket sound) What? Ticket inva… Oi, what’s going on? – Oi, you there! You’ve tried ten […]

ZWEI STÜRZE im Finale – Red Bull Joyride Crankworx Whistler!

hey guys what’s up welcome to the 2nd joyride video that was Jakub Vencl dropping in, training is about to start 3h session coming up, its pretty windy tho its the day before final and we still have to do a lot of stuff pumped…. you can’t film a serious video around this guy hahah […]

Blake’s Canyon Sender DH Bike Set Up For Whistler Bikepark

(upbeat electronic music) – Ha ha! Man, we are super high up here on the Whistler Mountain. We’re in the clouds and I’m gonna give a lowdown on how I set up my downhill bike, specifically for the bike park. So let’s head out of the clouds. For me, I’ve picked a downhill bike. It’s […]

Meine TOP 3 MTB TRAILS im Whistler Bikepark!

little shortcut through the woos, approaching a steep rock drop hey guys what’s up, I am going to show you my top 3 favorite Mtb trails in whistler bikepark today i am with Jakub Vencl, my rose bikes team mate first line is already a pro line, D1 third place! I sm following Jakub, lets […]

Broken Rear Mech? How To Get Home | Mountain Bike Maintenance

– If you’re riding bike parks long enough especially gravity based parks at Whistler you’re gonna get a mechanical that’s gonna pretty much gonna end your day. Smashing a rear mech off is gonna happen. Luckily, being a gravity based park you can totally get away of not having a mech or chain on your […]

How To Ride Braking Bumps | Mountain Bike Skills

– One of the things you’re gonna have to deal with riding in bike parks is braking bumps. What are braking bumps? Well, it’s this washboard sort of surface that you see on the approach to fast turns. And the reason braking bumps are there is simply because people are grabbing a handful of brake […]

What To Pack For A Bike Park | Mountain Bike Kit & Equipment

– Unlike your typical weekend away mountain biking, coming somewhere like Whistler does involve bringing quite a lot more kit if you want to get the maximum out of your riding trip. So, with that in mind, I’ve literally just pulled my bike out of the bike bag before setting up. I’m just going to […]