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Downhill Bike Or Enduro Bike | Which Is Better?

– Welcome back, you beautiful people. And guess where we are. – Whistler. – Yes! – [Neil] If you’ve ever been here, you’ll recognize this view. You’ve probably been here and taken selfies like we just have. – We just have done that. (camera shutter clicks) – Yeah, and today, Blake, we’re riding downhill bikes. […]

Mountain Biking Top of the World in Whistler, B.C.

Yeah! Woo! Alright, so today is Top of the World So we started at the Whistler Village gondola. Took that up Now we’re here, we’re getting set for the first little part. We still have another chair to go But, uh, I’m ready. Got the full-face helmet, never worn the full-face helmet before. Borrowed it […]

Frickin E-Bikes… Jordan Uphill Turbo Boostmaster!

today I get to go on an e-bike ride with some legends Wade Simmons and Richie Schley we also go Bryson and Bryson junior from DVO suspension and this other guy sorry I forgot your name but we’re all on e-bike’s today I’m borrowing an E-bike from Norco so we’ll get to see how that […]