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Is Suspension On Road Bikes Just A Gimmick? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 68

(bassy explosions) – Welcome to the GCN Tech Show. – This week, we’ve got loads of new tech. New bikes, custom shades, the bike vault, your upgrade, plus our main talking point, is suspension on road bikes just a gimmick? Can of worms, that jon. – It is a can of worms. – Can of […]

Direct Mount vs Standard Mount Rear Derailleur | GCN Tech Clinic #AskGCNTech

(intense music) – Welcome back to the GCN Tech Clinic, I’m sure you all know the drill by now, what it’s all about, but if you don’t, here’s a little reminder. So if you’ve got yourself a bike-related problem, so something’s not working, something’s annoying you, you want to know how something works possibly, leave […]

megaspin 220 Wheel Balancer

Introducing the megaspin 220 Wheel Balancer from Hofmann Megaplan… ..a neat, compact & ergonomic solution to your balancing needs! Complete with an easy to organise tray for your wheel weights and fitted with many great features Virtual Sonar & Automatic Measuring Gauge comes as standard! Glass Touchscreen System for innovative, simple and durable user experience […]

Bicycle Tips & Maintenance : How to Buy a Hybrid Bike

Hi, this is Jeff from the Two Wheeler Dealer, and I’m going to talk with you about how to purchase a hybrid bike, and different things to consider when shopping for them. First thing, there’s two main types of hybrid bikes. One’s going to have a twenty-six inch wheel, which is going to be this […]

Fix a Flat Bike Tire

A flat bike tire is bad news, but luckily, fixing a flat is simple. Just follow our easy, step-by-step process, and you’ll be back on the road in no time! All you’ll need to change that flat is a replacement tube or a patch kit, and two tire levers. The first step is to remove […]

4 Revolutionary Riddles Resolved!

This video contains the answers to my four revolutionary riddles, so if you haven’t seen the riddles yet, you should probably watch them before you watch the answers. It’s OK; I’ll wait. Just click this card up here. [Ticking clock sound] Now, when I filmed the riddles, I also filmed the solutions at the same […]

5 Great Road Bike Upgrades For Under $50

– Have you got some spare cash laying around and you fancy upgrading something on your bike? Or maybe, a loved one asks you, what would you like for your birthday? What can I get you for Christmas? And you’re struggling for some inspiration. Well, here’s five great upgrades that you could make for under […]