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Fix A Puncture – Remove A Bike’s Rear Wheel With Quick Release Skewer

Before you remove the rear wheel, select the gear that uses the least amount of chain; The fastest at the back, the slowest at the front. Open the brake. Rotate the handle on the quick release skewer through 180 degrees from the closed position to the open position. Stand behind the bike with your head […]

Laying in a Box of Snakes | Overtime 9 | Dude Perfect

Hey, T. Yeah. You ready? Yes, I am. Welcome to Overtime 9. Chad, enjoy this one. Oh. Oh that’s nice. Let’s head to the intro! Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser, Dude Perfect’s in Overtime. Tall guy, beard, twins, purple hoser now were headed onto Overtime. So we’ve got Cool Not Cool, Absurd Recurds, Smelling […]

How To: Remove and Install Bike Wheels

Knowing how to… Is there supposed to be another word in there? Start over. Knowing how to remove your front and rear wheels is an essential part of bike ownership. Today, we are going to walk you through that process. If you’re removing the rear wheel, first give your chain some slack by shifting to […]

Security Hacks For Protecting Your Bike From Being Stolen On Your Ride

(dramatic music) (mysterious music) – Now before I get on to the actual video itself, I’m just gonna point out this isn’t scaremongering or anything like that, but sadly, we do have some unscrupulous people among us who want to steal our pride and joy, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve worked nice and […]

Crush a Diamond with a Hammer? | Dude Perfect

What’s up, guys? Ty here, from Dude Perfect…. …and today we got a brand new series for ya. But don’t worry, we’re still gonna continue the way we celebrate trick shots. YEAHHH!!! (Giant Basketball Trick Shots) Bang! Coby will keep losing battles. (Stunt Driving Battle) Coby’s the loser! AHHHHH AHHHH OHHHHHH! HAAAA We will continue […]

How to do rear wheel jump on a bike

Hello everyone and welcome to this tutorial there I will try to teach you how to do back wheel jump on a bike. Okay, first of all you need to find the balance on the rear wheel. Just keep the rear brake locked, also the front wheel if you want to. Bend your knees and […]

How to Identify Bike Parts | Bike Maintenance

Hi my name is Jesse McDonough and I’m here at Spokesman Cycles in New York City, right by Union Square. I’m a bicycle tour guide in New York and formerly a bike messenger and I’m here to tell you a bit about the bike. Today we’re going to name the parts of the bicycle. This […]