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Mountain Bike Buying Guide | Halfords UK

Here’s the Halfords guide to choosing the right mountain bike for you. Before we begin, have a think about exactly what you’re after – speed or comfort, tricky off-road riding or flat smooth rides. These will all affect your choice so it’s important to bear this in mind when making your decision. There are two […]

What Mountain Biking Discipline Is For You? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 121

– Alright, it’s Friday, this is the Dirt Shed Show. – Yes, I haven’t been in here for awhile. – Me neither. – Been in here on my own with Ashton. – You have, yeah? – Nice, so what are we talking about this week boys? – Slope style. – Bit of racing at Trans […]

What Mountain Bike Should You Choose For Your Riding Discipline?

– [Neil] Mountain biking has evolved a lot over a history of about 40 years. There’s all sorts if disciplines now that fall under that mountain bike umbrella. So we thought it would be a good time to explain all the different types of bikes, and what their intended use is. ♪ [music] ♪ So […]